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Why You’ll Love Liverpool…The Historic Port City, Home of LFC!

Why you’ll love Liverpool, a Local’s perspective!

Why You’ll Love Liverpool, The Historic Port City, Home of LFC!

You mean you don’t know Liverpool? What, Seriously…? Okay, we understand if you don’t know Kampala! That by the way is a crying shame in itself! 😊 Didn’t your geography teacher teach you anything?

Well, in this post today we’ll help you avoid the naughty corner and share with you: Why you’ll love Liverpool city even if your visit is but a day!

Liverpool is an old port city in North West England, in the region of Merseyside! Some mistake it to be located in Lancashire …But hey easy mistake as it is geographically located in the southwest of that county and all that jazz.

Our new friend was truly confused…She was like, I’ve been up and down this long Liverpool Road in London, so where is your house you guys? Again, easy mistake to make, if you grew up in Africa esp. area code 256, where everything and everyone in England lives in London!

Suffice to say, our friend didn’t get to see us on her short 36 hour transit…plus a wasted trip to Liverpool Road, Islington. Lol…

#SorryNotSorry A quick call would have saved her the trouble…

Anyhoo, that made us think, why should someone take the time to even consider Liverpool as a destination as opposed to a Pit Stop? Today we share with you why you’ll love Liverpool, a local’s perspective!

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First, some Trivia about Liverpool:

Did you know that Liverpool is more than 800 yrs. old? Its bloody ancient for sure.

In 2007 we had the privilege of celebrating Liverpool’s 800th anniversary. And we enjoyed being part of the European Capital of Culture celebrations throughout 2008!  This is when you really see the difference in cultures…Being Afro British trust me they are major…

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According to Wiki Liverpool Borough population was almost 490,000 circa 2016! And the wider Liverpool population was just over 2.2 million in 2011. Making it the 5th largest metropolitan area in the UK.

See why we were kind of shocked when our friend showed a lack of geographical knowledge of this amazing city…But then again, we haven’t yet told you why it’s amazing…

Yes, we are biased, crazy in love locals, but definitely Do take our word for it! 

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If you are a Marine fanatic you will love the fact that Liverpool was home to both the White Star and  Cunard Line. What…again?

You don’t know the infamous White Star Line of the RMS Titanic fame? Well, my friend you will need some lessons in history or simply go watch the movie Titanic. 😊

Meantime, guess why we chose Liverpool over any other UK City as our home?

Footie of course…Shh don’t tell anyone but our Pauli is a fanatic of one of the two Premier League football clubs, that call Liverpool home. Guess which one?

Okay, okay, its LFC Liverpool and the rivals are Everton. You cant blame him, the man loves a winner and Liverpool is the only British club to win five European Cups! So there… 😉

You won’t catch him missing the Merseyside derby for anything.

For me, I am morthe arty farty type and my pull was, The Beatles of course. Trust me I am not alone in this love. Every summer, my new home city of Liverpool sees a ton of tourists heading to the red gate as I like to call it and the Beatles story! 



Plus, I love a flutter and wearing my glad rags to the famous Grand National horse race at Aintree Racecourse or any other horsey event at Haydock…

Well, you could get to spot some birds of prey and some rare birds at the races…esp. ladies day 😉 Oopsie-daisy!

There are so many reason why you’ll love Liverpool, we could wax lyrical all day, but let’s be a wee bit more organised…You coming with?


Why You’ll Love Liverpool – What to Do

Spend the day in downtown Liverpool and grab some Fish n chips, sit by the Albert Docks and watch the ships this time of year through to summer.

You could come down to the suburbs and see the late Ken Dodd’s home in Knotty Ash.

Or stay closer to the city and ponder the two cathedrals connected by Hope Street and the hive of activity that happens along that street all year round.

Including but not limited to the Everyman Theatre, the Philharmonic Hall, a spot of high tea at 60 Hope St. You could spot a Superlambanana or two as you go.

Don’t miss the historical building that is the Blackburn House and as you go further you, will see the famous “Suitcases sculpture” which will have you wonder why?

Why You’ll Love Liverpool…The Historic Port City, Home of LFC!

For a walk on the wild side, how about a visit to the Knowsley Safari Park just 25 mins away from the city centre on a quiet day! The only home to the Ankole cattle we know in UK, gave us a spot of nostalgia when we first saw them.

Get up close and personal with a giraffe or watch your car be dominated by some cheeky monkeys… And if you are lucky, you might spot the new baby Rhino aww!

Lots to see in Liverpool, we hope we’ve whet your appetite to add it to your travel bucket list, so…



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Why You’ll Love Liverpool – Where to Stay?

Okay I can tell you there are numerous amazing and highly priced hotels, B&Bs, and apartments in Liverpool. Not forgetting Airbnbs (Get $25 off your first booking here.) But for this specific post its all about love, right?

So, for us, its…

The Derby Lodge in Liverpool Roby is a Premier Inn, in a converted Manor House with …. beautifully comfortable well- appointed rooms. They have a lovely reception area and landscaped gardens close to the motor way, public transport to town right outside the Lodge.

Why the Derby Lodge?

It’s a personal thing, back in 2010 we arrived home to a destroyed house due to the winter freeze and a burst water pipe. The Derby lodge was our home for just over 35 days and while we were going through one of the toughest times in our life, we felt looked after cared for and pretty comfy in this place.

The food was great, or so our son thought and the grounds are beautiful in summer. We are giving back for the care, love and support we were shown at our lowest moment as a family!

Prices at the Derby Lodge differ depending on what’s going on in town including footie days!

There is a fab restaurant that is rated #2 of 13 restaurants in Huyton on Trip advisor. Allowing you to totter back to your room after a sumptuous dinning experience. 😉

Which brings us to…


Why You’ll Love Liverpool – What to eat

If you like to venture further and see the world go by on the Mersey river, while enjoying good food, and great wine, ChungKu restaurant on the docks by the Jaguar Land Rover shop is the place to go. see how they present the Starter…Yummm nom nom 😉 

Why You’ll Love Liverpool…The Historic Port City, Home of LFC!

Experience a culinary journey with beautifully cooked and presented oriental food accompanied by a drink of your choice.

As you are serenaded by the Mersey River. If you are lucky to visit in summer you will watch the tides come in of an evening and the docks life lights twinkling on the waters. Or maybe you could catch one of the 3 Cunard Queens (soon to be 4) sail by, if the ships are in town!

You can enjoy a very laid back yet top end evening if you wish!

Why You’ll Love Liverpool – Travel Details

As the 5th largest Metropole in UK Liverpool is easily accessible and is within 31/2 hours reach of London, Oxford, and the south coast by road!

By train there are numerous connections to Liverpool Lime Street, depending on where you are at including Virgin Trains, Great Western etc.

By Air, you could either land in Liverpool John Lennon Airport or further out at Manchester Airport. Again, you can take the train from London Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead, Glasgow, Birmingham etc!

Lots of public transportation inside of Liverpool including taxis, Ubers, and even trains! So you wont be stuck anywhere as we were in Tucson Arizona!

So, do you feel us and why we believe you’ll Love Liverpool? Do you feel it calling you? We sure hope so. 

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Well all good things do come to an end, and so is our reasons Why you’ll Love Liverpool, UK! 🙂

The checklist will be updated regularly until its a definitive list of What to do in Liverpool! 

Would you choose Liverpool as a vacation destination? Is it on your travel Bucket list? Like, share with friends and family if you got value and tell us your experiences below. We do the research, Let us inspire you. Why not  start by  subscribing to our blog here and let us know your travel needs.



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  1. Julie, I’d definitely like to see the Beatles’ Story. I know my mum would’ve enjoyed that as well.

    1. It really Is an amazing place that I loved so much I decided to make it my home It’s fun and family friendly too I can’t wait for you to one day experience it

  2. Even though I am a Londoner, I would love to visit Liverpool. I’ve heard great things about it, as well as their fish and chips.

  3. For me, Liverpool = Beatles. haha Seriously, you have made want to go there with your descriptions. My daughters would like to go to London someday so we will not miss a visit to Liverpool.

  4. Liverpool sounds like a remarkable city, rich is incredible history too. I’m a beatles fan and know I’d definitely want to check out the sites there.

  5. I’ve been to Englnd but I’ve never visited Liverpool. I will stop by next time I visit.

  6. Liverpool is an admirable city, I love the facts that you cited – If I am nearby, I will definitely consider to move in. May I also know, how about pet life in Liverpool, are they welcome and safe too?

    1. Hey eliza,
      We Liverpudlians LOVE PETS! I think foe every 10 homes 6 have a pet! So your pets are safe and will be loved on by total strangers 🙂
      It is well!

  7. Liverpool is so beautiful, I did pass through Liverpool while traveling but never had a chance to stop and see the place, would definitely do it on my next visit to England. It is 800 years old, that alone makes me so interested, love visiting and knowing the historical places and facts.

  8. Celebrating Liverpool for its 800 years is totally no joke! I can imagine how rich in history and culture the place is! Especially the suitcase sculptures…now that is intriguing!

    1. hey Dalene,
      You can say that again, We always asked But why? Until we got to now…you should visit to find out why. I shall personally tell you! 😉

  9. Minakshi Bajpai

    Liverpool is such a great place with great history. It is on my bucket list.

  10. My brother in law lives in England and we are going to see him sometime soon. We are going to travel all over England so Liverpool will be a stop.

  11. Liverpool sounds like a great place to visit or live. I like what you wrote about getting up close and personal with a giraffe.

  12. Liverpool is such a great place enriched in really great history and some cracking views. You definitely sell it well.

  13. Surprisingly Liverpool and the UK in general never made it onto my list of travel destinations. I am going to have to remedy that because it looks beautiful.

  14. I have heard a lot about Liverpool from one of my friend. And I feel now I need to see this beautiful place soon. I’ll travel for Anfield and the amazing food .

  15. I have heard about Liverpool but never knew its such an interesting place to be . I would love to visit here . Thanks for sharing.

  16. Thank you for the informative post. I think people think of travel as going someplace new, but who better to give a tour than someone who lives there!

  17. I’ve never been to Liverpool and I sure would love to someday! It’s nice to read why we’ll love it from someone who lives there because you know all about the city! It’s really beautiful!

  18. I would love to travel to Liverpool and I have to pick up your book. I really want to travel more in the UK this year

  19. Liverpool looks a lot like YORK and I went there for my engagement moon. While it was certainly an ADVENTURE that I will remember forever, I do not recommend anyone go in December/January! LOL! SO COLD!

    1. Hey GiGi,

      Liverpool is WAAAAAY different from York…even in weather lol! The eastern part of UK Gets battered by the winds and rains being on the windward side. Liverpool benefits from being in the Northwest and somehow its much warmer, drier and FUN fun Fun so its a city of all seasons…if you can call any City in UK that! 😉


  20. Lauren Ashley

    I’ve never been to Liverpool, but I do have a bucket list, so I’m definitely adding this place!

  21. I absolutely adored Liverpool! I spent a lot of time on the Albert Dock when I visited this past November, and wandered along the different shops by the marina area. I also went to the Beatles’ Story, which was incredible to see!

  22. Looks like Liverpool is a great place to visit. I would love to experience this location someday in the future. I have really only traveled on East Coast of USA mostly New England.

  23. Liverpool is now officially on my bucket list! I’m a huge Beetles fan, I would love to see some of their old stomping grounds!

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