why Travel Matters to you and the world! #travelgram #traveltips


Why Travel Matters:

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.” – Mark Twain

Why travel matters, unless you have been to London and the rest of the world!

It does feel like ‘magic’ when a lil seed is planted, you start to wonder why travel matters to you right now, this very moment! You wait impatiently for your spouse, best fried, boo, children etc to come so you can go google the best place to go…or maybe you already know and you want to “Sell them the idea!”  Can you relate?

Does the thought of meeting new people, eating in exotic locations, smelling new aromas and smells, excite you beyond measure?

Then let’s ask you a question again; have you ever wondered why travel matters to you and others of similar elk? Why travel matters to so many, the travel industry is a Trillion dollar business and not looking to slow down anytime soon. In-spite of attacks on innocents about their business by religious fanatics. Makes  even more important to ask yourself why travel matters!

That power and feeling that you feel, when you tell your young ones that they are going on a Disney vacation for 2 weeks all inclusive…have you ever allowed yourself that feeling! Do you dream of it? If you haven’t yet, IS there any thing holding you back from realizing your dreams of travel?

Jim Menge does share the technical nitty gritties of why travel matters and the positive disruption that travel creates on LinkedIn!

Allow us to help you out here and explain why travel matters to us vastly. It’s literally a way of LIVING

If in any doubt as to why travel matters you need a dose of Julie’s medicine, try it out here and learn why travel is the new living on LinkedIn and in fact why not follow us Here!


Check out the video Below on Budapest a Tale of Two Cities

Why travel matters for who we are and what we do?  Its why,

“tourists don’t know where they’ve been and travellers don’t know where they’re going” Paul Theroux

In order to know where you are going you have to plan and take the first step. Julie Syl Kalungi #traveltips via @kkpauli Click To Tweet So how about we help you create that Bucket list? How about you start collecting travel

What do we mean by this?

Write down all the places where you wanna go, why, with whom…How this would make a difference in your life?

See travel matters in your relationship building. So when you do the above exercise, you will have put out your request to the universe…And if you take the relevant action focusing on The Feeling of being already where it is you wish to go, one by one, your bucket list will keep depleting, Yet grow bigger.

Not because you haven’t seen the places on the list, but because you are seeing so many you keep ticking off and adding!

The universe will also open your mind to new and exciting ways and resources to bring to life your bucket list manifestation! It did for us for sure when we connected with other people while looking for answers as to why travel matters so much to us. People with the same vision, you might like to find out how we do so here!

The world is so huge and so wondrous, its next to impossible to see it all, so there is more than enough for you to see and still have a huge list of places you haven’t even dreamt of existing!


why Travel Matters to you and the world! #travelgram #traveltips



We are sure you have either been told or heard the words below:

Travel makes you;


richer and

happier…true…NOT SO MUCH… REALLY???

#3 Not really… HEALTHIER: Why do we say this? Let us ask you a question: Ever been on a road trip on  a dirty bus and no toilet facilities for emergencies?

Maybe you have been to an airport with people sneezing, and coughing on you?

Ever been on some dirty planes… we have. Without naming names we have been on some flights which didn’t deserve the fee we paid. Dirty seats, pockets with safety notes hiding dirty former passenger stuff, snot, chewing gums, or leftovers…Seriously if we looked for these things in travel we would be wondering why travel matters.

Not just to us but the millions of people in an airport or National Bus express depot worldwide waiting in excitement for their next adventure or heading home from one. SO NOPE it may not be As healthy physically as we would like to see it! But who is counting…

Especially not when you see your child’s face as they come off a Disney vacation water park ride the umpteenth time. The sheer joy on their faces as they see Mickey and Minnie mouse. 





#4 Lets tackle the RICHER bit…We see lots of not rich travellers. We have been there, put together our life savings for a trip. And we see people in airports, resorts, hotels, buses, on trains etc who definitely don’t look like they are raking it in. So lets agree that travel per se doesn’t on the face of it make you richer…!

But wait a minute…
Who said it would make you richer financially? Money is all about the Law of attraction and deservability not want or need. Yet why travel matters is IT has the potential to make you Socially, Culturally, even Economically Richer!

How about when you get on a flight and you are presented with a lil drink to relax you, whether water, a little vino, a can of soda or lager and its presented with a huge smile! Enjoy. See mine below….sure put a smile on my face and made it all a little better

Travel MAtters when the service comes with a smile! #KLMhappytohelpteam

Travel has truly enriched out lives and financial well being because we know what we want, like many others on this planet!  That’s another reason why travel matters.

#5 Does travel MAKE YOU HAPPIER? Ha not when you look at the myriad of angry travellers…People who don’t seem to be happy at all you wonder why they left home, or bothered paying for a trip. Then you have to remember its not just you is it. It could be a business trip and the man/woman’s job is on the line. It could be a nightmare commuting to and from work so “This Travel” inst necessarily a bowl of fun for the commuter…

And so again travel by itself isn’t necessarily healthy, rich or happy…So you must be wondering why travel matters and why we seem to be shooting off about it?

Because when you travel and have a great experience, you save memories that last a lifetime. you recommend the location, you cant stop talking about it for weeks. Your children think you are a hero, super man cant compete…You start to get the picture? 


Allow us to elaborate:






Travel in itself is an amazing economy support. According to the 2015 Global Benchmarking Report every dollar  you and I spend on travel generates 3.2 dollars across the economy.

That means that every dollar spent on flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, restaurants and tourist attractions has a major impact on local and global economies…how amazing is that for why travel matters on this planet?  

You see travel also directly employs 105 million people worldwide. For every $1 million in sales generated thirty seven jobs are created. (Info from Report above.) 

THE ABOVE types of travel are good for your health, wealth and sense of well being. They bring joy. Not just into your life but others too, they are not just about you…Once you get away form me, me, pretty please, they do make you spiritually and socially richer. You will actually See more. Do more and Be more.

Have you experienced or dream of seeing the Smoke that thunders at the Victoria falls in Zimbabwe?

Maybe you have swam with dolphins in such clear blue waters you can see the bottom of the sea?

Ahhha now we are getting warm….for when you see such sights you forget the smelly bus, the sneezing snotty child sat next to you on a 10 hr flight or the farting so and so on the seat in front…(We have experienced these things my dear)


#7 Did you Know Travel Makes You Smarter? 

Aah you dont seriously think you are gonna become Sir Hawkins? Now, what travel will do for you is make you more worldly. Where we grew up, we considered well travelled people the beesnees. We envied them, we wanted to be like them when we grew up! 

We truly believe that travel expands your horizons, your way of thinking. It challenges your stereotypes and gets you seeing things in a much broader more humane way. 

Truly; You are Only as Smart as Your experiences.


 Travel Makes You more human, less  prone to discriminate, more accepting! Very mych what Mark Twain says on the package! 🙂 

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So lets ask you, have you ever considered a “Voluntour?” What is that? We hear you asking…

Watch the video below and if that does touch your soul spirit or heart, you are a VolunTEER at heart and might like to get in touch with Julie & I to learn how you too could Change Lives one Trip at a time!  This is why travel matters to many

Travel with purpose makes you happy. Memories, experiences, love, laughter. Its awesome. You have a story to share and people love hearing about others awesome travel experiences. Or what not to do! memories like the cultural & visual feast below:

Why Travel Matters, to Crate life time memories! #worldtravel #seehawaii

It’s your experience you own it….this is the secret to why travel matters to you and your happiness.

Travel is meant to be about experiencing something new. The power of travel…

So let me ask you. How many companies do you know that promote travel as a bonus? Loads…

How many do you know that create travellers? Not many….BUT we do know one that does CREATE TRAVELERS…Learn what it is in the short video below…Travel now @SeeWorldBeauty.com

You know you want to…

Se.Do and Be More

Paul & Julie Syl

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