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Who can wear a Pixiu bracelet

Who can wear a Pixiu Bracelet and How to wear them.

Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet – How to and Who can wear a Pixiu Bracelet

Hello friend, So back in January, I shared with you about my Feng Shui black obsidian wealth bracelet.  I talked about the belief that it can bring you good fortune and wealth. I got so many questions about: How and Who can wear a Pixiu bracelet.  Now, remember mine has double Pixiu dragons. And of course, most people say to wear a Pixiu bracelet with the dragon facing away from your face or whatever. And to wear it on the left had…


I have done a lot of research and decided to share it with you in this article.


So, welcome back. We talked about how to wear the Pixiu bracelet in the January article, but I will talk about it again. Because the questions keep pouring in and I had to close comments on that post. 


Disclaimer: What I share in this article is for information and entertainment purposes only. It is not meant to replace the efforts of working for your wealth or fortune. And any links in this article point to independent sellers of Pixiu bracelets. So if you purchase a Pixiu bracelet you will have to refer any question on quality to the seller.

Also, Understand that in life we receive what we BELIEVE in and Focus our Emotions and ACTIONS on.

So if you believe that wearing any jewelry including a Pixiu bracelet brings you good luck and protects you from harm. Then you will attract that kind of energy to you. 


Obviously, most of the inquiries we got in the last article are from people who “Believe in the magic of the Pixiu dragon“.  


And if you believe in the power of Pixiu, this article is for you. The question is, who can wear a Pixiu bracelet? Considering it is both an auspicious and mysterious creature?


According to Oriental Chinese tradition, the Pixiu Dragon is capable of:

#1. Drawing money and Wealth to the person in control of it. It is also believed that the Pixiu best fit is for the person who wants to improve their fortune and health!

So it is said to be especially good businessmen/women, who may keep wealth and make more money by taking advantage of the pixie energy.


#2. On the other end of the spectrum, it is said that also the Pixiu dragon energy is good for students above the age of 16yrs since it can bless them to grow up healthy and wealthy!


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#3. It’s believed that the Pixiu dragon bracelet should not be worn by people who clash with tai sui in a definite year.

For example: In year 2020, its is said that people who are born in the year of the Rat, Rabbit, Horse, Sheep and Rooster Fan Tai Sui (clash with Tai Sui who is the legendary God in charge of people’s fortune).  Source – Chinese Astrology

According to the above source, if a person’s, zodiac sign happens to clash with Tai Sui, the Grand Duke Jupiter, or grand commander of the year in a particular year, it brings them misfortune.


So go check and confirm your year and ensure that you don’t suffer the “bad luck” that year brings if you buy and wear a Pixiu bracelet.

Apparently, you could suffer the same zodiacal conflict and see unstable fortune throughout the year. 


#4. Who else can wear a Pixiu bracelet?

Anyone from the age of 16 – 65 can wear a Pixiu dragon bracelet.

BUT, the following people might rethink that choice of spirit animal on your jewelry:

  • If you are pregnant. 
  • Are you under 16 years old?
  • If you are above the age of 65.
  • Anyone with underlying medical challenges that have weakened your chi.

You asking why?

It is believed that the Pixiu Dragon energy may be too strong for young people, pregnant women, elderly people, and anyone with health challenges whose physical and spiritual strength may be overpowered by the Pixiu. This means you would not be in control of the energy of the talisman. 


Now, the next question that many are asking and filling our inbox is:



How to Wear a Pixiu Dragon Bracelet

1.  Which hand to wear a Pixiu bracelet, left or right hand?

As I said, mine is double Pixiu dragons obsidian bracelet so I can wear it on any hand. I wear it on the Left hand though. Always.

Generally, Pixiu bracelets are made of various materials and are often worn on the left hand, except those made of obsidian. WHY?

Because vital energy goes into the human body from the left and out from the right.


Who can wear a Pixiu bracelet?


Vital energy goes into the human body from the left and out from the right. Click to Tweet


UK Handmade Zodiac


That said, without the Pixiu dragon, Obsidian is a special material that can be worn on either left or right hand.


2. Do not reveal it to others if you wear it as a necklace with 2 Pixius.

When wearing a Pixiu dragon bracelet make sure its head is outward to draw money from all Directions.

So, how do you tell the outward and the inward? 

Well, the thumb direction is inward, while the little pinkie finger is outward. So, if you wear the bracelet on your left hand, ensure the Pixiu head points to the left, which is then outward.


3. Pixiu pendants for the necklace.

I thought to briefly mention; for those who have Pixiu dragon pendants, make sure its head is upward i.e. towards your face.

This is apparently to attract more prosperity and absorbing the essence of heaven and earth Pixiu. It is believed that the son of the dragon king walked in the clouds and could not head downward.

if you wear it otherwise, it may not be as effective. 

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Obsidian Pixiu Dragon Pendant


4. Touch your Pixiu Dragon/s frequently.

Before and during wearing it. This is to let it know you are, the master. It is believed that the Pixiu dragon is one of the spirit animals. It will obey you in every way and assist you as long as you take good care of it.

Then, everyday touch/stroke it from head to tail. It is said that the Pixiu is a wee bit lazy and likes to sleep.

Therefore, when you stroke it from head to toe, you wake it and hopefully attract the wealth you seek. 


5. Wear it longer for the first time,

Do not wear your bracelet or pendant for a short time when you first get it. This is so that the Pixiu feels and understands how you feel. For instance, if you wish to attract wealth and only wear it occasionally, it will be estranged and less effective.


6. Protect the “eyes” of your Pixiu dragon if it’s made from crystal as opposed to metal. You don’t want them to crack, nor should you touch them aggressively. This is because the eyes are said to be for hunting treasure. While the mouth is for taking money. 

If you touch its eyes and mouth accidentally, just wash it with clean water and let it sit in the sun for a bit. 

Do not allow others to touch your Pixiu bracelet or necklace pendant. If it is touched by someone else, again cleanse it with water.


7. Avoid Contamination of your Pixiu dragon.

Do not expose it to chemicals. The dragon is usually coated with gold or has some kind of metal and exposure to chemicals could ruin the finish. Also, the common materials of Pixiu are usually gold, silver, obsidian, jade, which if exposed to chemicals, will be damaged.

Apparently, blood contaminates the pixui dragon. It’s said that the dragon’s money, attracting powers are negated by blood. If it is exposed to blood by accident, clean with water asap and dry it in the sun.

Also do not wear it while bathing or making love! Here is my theory, most Pixiu dragons have some sort of gold coating, and if you bathe with your bracelet, the gold will wear off fast.


The other side of the coin is; making love can get frisky and you break the string that holds your bracelet or necklace and it would be a pain getting that fixed. 


According to Oriental culture though, Pixiu is incompatible with dirt.  So, take it off and leave it in the living room when bathing, or going to bed for whatever reason! down, while bathing or making love number 11 do not be exposed to chemicals.

Now this one is kinda more superstition than anything else. Apparently, do not eat chili, while wearing your Pixiu!

It is believed that chili can ruin your luck in attracting wealth and money.

It is believed that eating chili while wearing the Pixiu can ruin your luck in attracting wealth and money. Click to Tweet


8. Can You wear a Pixiu dragon bracelet or necklace with other jewelry?

Based on our research, the Pixiu can be worn with other jewelry. However, it is recommended that you do not mix it with too many other gems or they might be damaged from accidental rubbing. 


And now this is a question many have been asking over and over by email…


9. How to Keep your Pixiu Bracelet/Pendant.

When you take off your bracelet or necklace for any reason, do not just randomly throw it on a table or bed. See, part of the bracelet is crystal and thus can easily break if handled roughly.

Mind you it is thought that IF Your Pixiu breaks, it has protected you, it has warded off evil. More on this later

You may gently place it as you wish, and there are no restrictions. Do not put it in your bedroom, if you are going to bed, for you may not have a good night’s sleep. 


Overnight or for doing chores, it is advised to place it on the southeast corner of your living room with the dragon head/s facing a window or door to attract good fortune.

But, if for instance, you need to store it for a period of time, store it in a red jewelry bag or box in your wardrobe or draw.


10. How to Cleanse the pixie dragon bracelet.

As is with any other jewelry if you wear your bracelet or necklace for a while, it will draw some dirt.

You need to cleanse it asap in clean water. If you can get rainwater or Water from a Well. That is even better. If you get sunshine where you live, let it sit on a clean place under the sun for at least 30 mins. Other people let it sit on a windowsill overnight for the moon to cleanse the Pixiu. 



11. What if Your Pixiu Breaks?

As stated before, it is believed that if your Pixiu dragon breaks, it means it has assisted you to ward off misfortune, disease, or evil spirits!

Apparently, the spirit in the Pixiu understands how you, its master is feeling and can foresee what you may encounter. Once it perceives a misfortune, it will react quickly to ward off the misfortune by breaking. 

Therefore, if that happens it means your Pixiu has warded off the misfortune, which is its exact job.

The broken dragon is no longer spiritually useful for you. So you wrap it in a red cloth and bury it. Placing it back to nature is the right thing to do. So don’t overthink it. 


And, if you want another one, simply purchase another Pixiu bracelet here and you know how to treat it, right? 

Journey Without Limits by Julie Sylvia Kalungi

Who can Wear a Pixiu Bracelet – Final Word

I believe this was comprehensive and all Questions answered. For you that need to get the basics on whether wearing Obsidian Pixiu bracelets brings you good fortune, Learn more in this article here.

And that’s it if you found it useful, then share on Social media, Give us a thumbs up on the right side and Share your experience below. 

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See you in our next Pkjulesworld article.


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