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Abhayah Hall - Banquets and Events Hall in Liverpool UK

White and Gold red Carpet Party at Abhayah Liverpool – Review

Unbiased review of Abhayah Hall and Events Venue Liverpool – White and Gold Party!

We were all really excited for this White and Gold Party. It was to be held at Abhayah events and party hall in Liverpool. What a mouthful; let’s just call it Abhayah hall shall we…

Okay, we were super excited, not just because we were going out on a Saturday bank holiday night hm. Rather because we were heading to a Red Carpet exclusive and fun event in the beautiful Abhayah on Prescot Road Liverpool! Double whammy

You can take a looksee at the promotional video of the event created by Yours truly Julie Syl, it really got one excited don’t you think?

The White and Gold Party is the brainchild of our good friends Mr Joe And Mrs Juliet Lubyayi. They invited us to be part of the inner circle and organizing committee for the event held at the Abhayah premium events and party hall as you have seen in the video above. 

So there was no Blackpool trip for the Pkjulesworld clan this bank holiday weekend! 

Abhayah Hall, is located above the Yukti Restaurant, which in their words: provides a top class Indian fine dining experience. It is well known for amazing Indian food and ambiance! 

Provides a top class Indian fine dining Experience #AbhayaHall Click to Tweet

Now, trust me when I say, we have been to Abhayah before so we didn’t have rose tinted glasses. But we had never been part of the organizing committee for a premier charity and red-carpet event like the White and Gold party!

And in our humble view, one must be served if they step out of their home and pay for an event in a place that is bespoke for premier experience.

Abhayah Hall won the day for two simple reasons:

  1. It could be Pre-booked at a reasonable price. Organizers can bring their own Food and Drinks for a security deposit!
  2. Bags of safe parking off the street, for revelers.
  3. It does look swanky when you step inside both the Downstairs restaurant and the event hall upstairs… (Okay the surrounding area doesn’t look so exciting, but no spoilers here…)


The White and Gold Party at Abhayah Hall

So, the weekend dawned and we arrived 1 hour to the event start time of 6pm. Red carpet was rolled out, it all looked amazing.

The outside of Abhayah Hall delivered ambiance and a red-carpet celebrity style look. In fact, you could be right in thinking you had arrived at a mini Oscar event!

Very colourful dont you agree?

White and Gold Party Annual Red Carpet Event 2018 at Abhayah Hall Prescot Road Liverpool
Red Carpet Revelers at Abhayah – Your own PKjulesworld @Julie Syl 😉
White and Gold Party 2018 Stars - Abhayah Hall Liverpool
Jojo K Taylor of JKTaylors London with Julie Syl @WhiteNGold Party
Abhayah Banquet and Events Hall - The White and Gold Annual Party in Liverpool 2018
Abhayah Hal Ready in Splendor for the White and Gold Red Carpet Event!

Revelers were welcomed by an usher, and lots of smartphones came into their own as photos were taken on the red carpet. In addition to a professional photographer who was also recording the event!

White and Gold Party 2018 Stars at Abhayah Hall Liverpool
Pkjulesworld’s  Julie Syl with some VIP Guests at the White and Gold Party 2018


Anyway, we were running around getting guests seated, and served as organisers. Dr Kalungi was behind the bar with the beautiful Remmy.

I was simply ensuring guests were seated and heading to the bar along with Dr Jjunju, and the gorgeous duo Ms Lucky Owen and Kets Dina.

Food was on order by the amazing Cliff Kyobe and his catering team. And boy it looked delicious, filling and definitely sinfully calorific…yummy.

As you can see from the above video, the White and Gold Party 2018 was a resounding success.

Lots of fun, partying till 1 am in the morning. The Red Carpet was on point, the decor by Raissa’s Unique Venue Dressing was divine.

DJ Ola played the music, for real, the MC did her thing…

The free luxury 3 course and truly filling meal was the cherry on the cake.

I can tell you now, the bar staff aka Dr Kalungi & Remmy were extremely friendly, smiling all the way, delivering drinks in record time.

I am extremely biased so do take my word for it. 😉 The establishment though says something below:

“Fully licensed and contemporary style bar both upstairs in the main hall and down stairs in the restaurant…”

Below is Pkjulesworld’s response to the above statement:

On the surface and from a distance the bar area in the Abhayah Hall looks the beesnees. It gives you a luxury club kind feel, BUT and there is a butSo read on! 


Here is  the Pkjulesworld unbiased look at the venue after all this is a review of the Abhayah Hall!

The Bar at Abhayah Hall – Exclusive Events Venue?

On a closer look, the bar area could have done with a thorough clean behind the bar and on the bar top itself. Which we cleaned ourselves by the way.

Now I understand that customers aren’t supposed to see behind the bar. But this is an events venue where event organisers may use the bar.

Therefore, that space needed to be cleared by the establishment staff, all drinks and eats removed and the area cleared before being handed to customers hiring the space. An agreement is an agreement…

There was broken bottles/glasses, half drank cans of coke and beer. A very sticky floor, all kinds of bits-n-bobs, most of which we had to leave in situ and work around during the White and Gold Party. Hello Health and Safety!

Talking of which, we had to clean the space of all the broken debris for health and safety purposes. And we wiped the bar surfaces before and after the event…This should be done by the establishment staff before any event.


Amenities at Abhayah Hall:

I must say they could do with fixing the ladies lavatory space. Out of 3 lavatories for the ladies: 1 was totally out of use, another needed a bit of fixing. This could be a hard sell if the hall was fully utilized to its capacity of 400 people!

I have no idea about the gent’s space, but Dr Pauli said they were fine! That is good enough for me and I guess for you too!

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The Surround:

The front end to Prescot road looks okay. In fact, it was the beesnees for the White and Gold Party, red carpet and all. The entrance and hallway are okay.

Not so much the Box Office space…Which one would expect to be Events ready… We were told it was their private space when we asked for the use of it…It had all kinds of building material. It was also dusty, we cleaned it for our events use…After we had to literally beg for it as it wasn’t offered as norm!

For a ticketed event, a Box-office Space is essential for ticketing and checking revelers, dont you think?  

The banquet hall itself is spacious with side pods and a great centre dance space. Lighting is on point and the stage looks amazing esp. when further decorated as we did for the event.

There is a side door by the bar leading to a backyard. That yard needs a good clear out. Lots of rubbish and broken bits seem to be dumped there, could be a breeding ground for fauna and flora plus rodents. Health and Safety again!

We are not saying we noticed any…but being an eatery, its essential for cleanliness in surrounds to be on point! 

The banner at the front which also serves as a cover for the balcony space overlooking the front to Prescot road needs looking at. I reckon weather conditions have had their way and it is torn on the inside!

Remember this venue is advertised as below:

Our Abhayah Banquet Hall provides a genuinely unique venue from the past. It is fully equipped with state of the art lighting system which can be changed according to your event’s colour theme.

So, we hope the management of Abhayah Hall will look into these things! Otherwise the manager was very easy to talk to. He did allow the White and Gold organizers to use the spaces we asked for and promised to fix the ladies soonest!

Unlike the New Orchid Garden Restaurant management who dont seem to know Customer care if it hit them in the face. 

We believe they wish to attract more high-end events and clientele for the future! Easily fixed I must say if management keep on top of health and safety as well as maintenance of their cash cow!

The general colour theme is whatever you wish it to be courtesy of the lighting system and your decorator.

Overall, the hall has a great look already with the 7 red themed seat pods!

Abhayah Hall already has that decorated look for your event. You don’t need to do much to make it look awesome. The Management of the establishment need to fix the small matters raised above to maintain the ambiance plus Health and safety of their venue for clientele!

So, what’s the Pkjulesworld Rating: Well we give Abhayah Hall 3 Chillies


If they had the above observations on point maybe! Plus, the ticketing space by the entrance also needed cleaning and we had to clear it ourselves to use it. Imagine we had to ask/beg to use it for the White and gold Party. An event that needed clearing attendees…!

That should come as part of the Banquet Hall amenities. I am sure they are fixing these even as we go to post! If they fix these things the Abhayah Hall would get a 4 chillies rating from Pkjulesworld…

Plus based on current location in Old Swan suburb of Liverpool, we cannot give them 5 Chillies!

Either way given another opportunity to use the space, we would do so. ON condition they fixed the above points.

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50 thoughts on “White and Gold red Carpet Party at Abhayah Liverpool – Review”

  1. I like how the overall event and party looked like, it just seemed like there were smiles all around you. The easy white and golden wraps of the tables and chairs added to the classy but simple approach. I’ll be sure to remember this place.

  2. This looks so prestigious and what a wonderful place to hold an event like this. I’d love to see some more pictures of the food next time!

  3. What a beautifully styled event! It sounds like your guests had a fantastic time, partying until 1AM, and the food was on point. Thanks for your honest critique of the event center.

  4. What a fun party. It looks like you had a great time. Such beautiful photos…I should check this place out!

  5. Jennifer Prince

    That looks so fun and fancy, and I ADORE the white and gold theme. Everyone looks so sharp. How fun!!

  6. Great theme party with white and gold, love the happy vibes and I am sure everyone has an unforgetable night. Even the plates are in gold!

  7. Loved the venue, honest review. Good that the manager was easy to talk to and ready to take suggestions, In few places they don’t even try to listen to us.

    1. It was an amazing venue that fit our needs fantastically and i would absolutely go there again. the manager was a great guy and he really did help out by listening to our needs and helping us fulfill them 😀

  8. The hall in gold and red scream of utmost glamour and splendor you bet! And I love how you dressed in white to perfectly compliment the atmosphere. One hell of an event that was!

  9. This sounds like a really nice venue and that the party went ok. It is nice to see your honest feedback at the end, so that they can use it if needed as well as people planning on booking this place

    1. Glad you like our Honest review Cristina and the feedback which we have sent to the management of Abhayah Hall Liverpool too. They can fix and get eve better bookings or ignore at their loss!

  10. I always appreciate how honest you are about reviewing a place. It sounds like the event was such an success and the hall was satisfactory but I like that you pointed out where they can make some changes. Honesty is best!

    1. Thank you ELizabeth,
      We like to keep it real, we like to do unto others too, for we wouldnt want to read fake reviews and find the reality a whole bag! So here we are. We share the good, the bad, the ugly and the great 🙂

  11. Fun event, great smiles, lovely place. I would’ve taken my wedding down here before if I knew about this. I like that they give you real options on how you want the overall place to look like.

  12. Wow, it is a suitable, spacious and neat place for a fun party or gathering. thank you for sharing this information 🙂

  13. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Though some of the pictures were a bit blurry. Also wish you had taken photos of the food. 😛 but then again, it might be a good thing you didn’t because I’d be craving Indian food. Haha

    1. Trust me we to wish we had taken photos of the food instead of a video. The video is clear in Facebook. It didnt come out like so on the blog. not sure why! Thanks for stopping by Carol

  14. Kansas Bonanno

    You’d think that they would make sure all bathrooms were up to par, especially if there are so many people there. For me in a place, bathrooms say alot about the place.

    1. Kansas,
      You and me both. Bathrooms are the litmus test to a the value of a venue to me…germs are not static so if bathrooms are not up to par…i imagine them things allover the show!

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