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What to Post on a Travel Blog: A Step-By-Step Guide | Pkjulesworld #travelblog

What to Post on a Travel Blog: 37 Ideas: A Step-By-Step Guide|Pkjulesworld

Professional Travel Blogger- What to Post on your Travel Blog and Attract an Audience that Sticks! We share 37 Ideas. 

Travel blogging is our new project. We’ve been around the world over the past 17 years. Want to start your own? This detailed guide will show you what to Posy to a travel blog.


Are we Professional Travel Bloggers now? Our son asked! This follows from his contribution to pkjulesworld that had many of his peers green…And if you didn’t tune in, do our lil Sol a favour and check out his trip to Costa Del Sol Malaga here

He also asked us; how do you find what to post on a travel blog? How do you know that what you post will attract readers?

Coming from a teenager, this was deep. Yet it is a question we would sure have been excited to hear when we first started this travel hub.

See in our opinion what we are going to share, it’s more of what to post on your blog! Any niche blog. Simply use this as a Guide to What to Post on a blog, if you open your mind to what’s possible. Cool?

A professional travel blogger or a pro blogger in our opinion is one who earns a living in full or a good portion from blogging. There are not many people, who fall into this category!

Okay, are we professional travel bloggers now? The answer is we would love to say yes and until we build up a consistent income from Pkjulesworld, we ca say we are working on it!

The things is anyone can start a niche blog and call yourself a “blogger.” There are also a large number or people sharing their travels online, so how does your new blog stand out from the noise?

By Making a Decision from day one!

Many want the lifestyle. Not many get paid to travel the world like we do, WHY? Because they don’t make A decision to become professional travel bloggers! Procrastination is one of their major big blocks and I did a Facebook live on this topic as well!  

And for the second question, which is linked to the first for sure: What to post on a travel blog! Let’s agree in order to have half a chance at becoming a pro, in the beginning, we recommend you publish either a monster post and promote the heck out of it. Or Publish at least 2-3 posts per week. But what can you write about? Well here we go…


#1 What to post on a Travel blog: Pre-Travel The Planning

These Kind of posts Give others an idea what to expect and help in their planning! 

Give others an idea what to expect and help in their planning! #travelinspiration #travelblogging Click To Tweet

Many people esp. those new to travel would like to hear about How You Plan Your Travels!

Those new to travel would like to hear about How You Plan Your Travels #travelinspiration #traveltuesday Click To Tweet

Because it could inspire another family, person, couple to travel more and create peak life experiences too!

So you could write about what you do before your journey. 

  • Why you love to travel, its effect/impact on your life and the communities you visit – very important.
  • How/Why you choose a destination, could be it was cheap, food, sites, recommendation whatever.
  • What activities would you like to do, share those and why?
  • Which resources you use to book your trip.
  • How did you save up for your vacation/travels?
  • What or How you pack for your travels. (You definitely should read our Ultimate Packing List Guide with over 110 Items for any conceivable trip.
  • The cost of different things in your destination.
  • Budget travel tips pre and during the trip.
  • Pre-travel preparation.
  • What happened at the airport?
  • 10 reasons why you should do xyz (Action) before you head to …(Destination)…You get the picture?



#2 What to Post on a Travel Blog – The Destination!

What to post on a travel blog- #beautifuldestinations #amazingplcestosee

These type of posts are very inspirational for your audience!

We have been travelling for years but that does not in and of itself mean we have something exciting to share. Who wants to see young people falling down in gutters dead drunk on vacation? Or running around half naked in a family resort, shouting profanities? That’s not the kind of stuff to post on your travel blog.

Below are some cool ideas that could interest your travel blog audience:

  • Views of nature either via images, gifs, Videos, livestream etc.– the more unique the better.
  • Share your favourite parts of the destination you are in or have visited and why others would enjoy them too.
  • Give us some cray cray moments you had. Don’t make them poor behaviour crazy. Learn about travel etiquette and remember others live there or are on vacation too. So no drunken share, no skinny dipping sneaky videos. But definitely share your zip lining, banjee jumping charity adventure. Share your Visit to the wilds, how you conquered the Kilimanjaro or first time to the Rift Valley. Your epic visit to Mgahinga Forrest will be a hit. You get the picture?
Your epic visit to Mgahinga Forrest will be a hit. #taveldestinations #traveltips Click To Tweet


  • You sure must have eaten some new things, great cuisine or don’t go there shit? Share it all! Give your audience Food recommendations and where to find it!
  • Went somewhere where others only dream about? Take some awesome pictures and tell us about what you did that made it even more awesome. Did it live to your imagination?
  • What would make kids go Wow?
  • What to avoid in a particular destination, share images and why?
  • Unique cultures that others need to know about your current destination.
  • Transport – how easy is it to get from A to B!
  • The Cost of different essential items in a particular destination e.g. meals, transport, accommodation, activities etc.
  • Got a terrible experience or horrible service in a specific location, hotel, restaurant etc.? Share and be very rational about what happened and if it reflects on the establishment as a whole thus recommending avoidance at all costs, or just the crank that served you! Is it an ongoing issue or was it a one off? Did you contact management? What did they say! Is it a deal breaker? What would you do different?
  • Give detailed descriptions and images of what to do, where to stay, where to find entertainment for kids and adults alike etc.


#3 What to post on a Travel Blog – Resources and Tools

35 Ideas on What to Post on a Travel Blog! | Pkjulesworld #protravelbloggers

In this techie world it’s not uncommon to use an App to research, find, book, pay for and even find places to do stuff on your travels! So why not share:

  • Your Go to Tools for your travel needs.
  • Your Go to Travel Apps and Why.
  • The Resources you can’t go anywhere without.
  • The websites you know and use that others may find useful.
  • Your Go to Travel Blogs for inspiration and Ideas.
  • Travel Product Trials and Reviews.

I imagine you wish to soonest monetize your travel blog and make a living from sharing value right? Well then I recommend you invest in resources to horn your new career! It’s highly essential for your success to make a decision today to become a professional. You need specialized training and in our view…

Make a decision today to become a professional #travelblogger #bloggingtips Click To Tweet

The best course on blogging out there today is:

And if you wish to attract unique targeted traffic tuned into what you post on your travel blog, then you need to Leverage Pinterest and we can’t Recommend The Ultimate Pinterest Road-map high enough!

These in-depth courses cover most of the topics on Personal Branding, Blogging and Pinterest Marketing plus a heck of a lot more. Everything you need to learn from people who are making it work.

#4 What to Post on a Travel Blog – List Posts

If you check out, the best blog post titles, you will learn that; “How Tos” and “List posts” are rocking. They are very popular with readers and they tend to rank faster because they take people through a process that they are searching for online!

So why not create some Killer how to  and list posts? See some examples below: 

Unless you haven’t visited any wonderful places and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Go check out your local attractions, take some beautiful photos including the obligatory Selfie and get started already.

You will never run out of what to post on your travel blog if you create a Schedule. Follow the plan you set with a few spontaneous posts thrown in for good measure! 


#5 Other Ideas on What to Post on a Travel blog!

  • Host a Giveaway or Travel related product contest you could use Rafflecopter for this.
  • Collaboration with brands that resonate with your audience, Pauli shared some cool ideas on Blog outreach on a post shared on our sister brand!
  • Have a guest post – niche related.
  • Share your Travel Bucket List – the destinations, activities and Why, Inspire someone out there! 
  • Tell us about your favourite travel shows, movies, books, writers, actors.
  • How about some Fun Travel Quizzes and Trivia Posts?
  • How about destinations you have already visited? How did you feel about them, before you visited, when you visited? Did they live up to expectations? Would you recommend them? Many of us haven’t been, we can live vicariously through you. The possibilities are truly infinite! You never have to run out of what to write esp. if you also follow this ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas!


The point we are trying to make here is, not what to post on your travel blog per se. Rather, we encourage you to share your love, passion, experiences, lessons, challenges, results without overwhelming your audience.

Provide value in anything you share and you will always attract an audience looking for that value. They will keep coming back and share your goodness with others.

Write about the many different things you see, hear, taste, smell or touch. Make sure its informative creative, personalized, fun and entertaining.

Above all write as you would if talking to someone about it. i.e. in Your Voice!  That’s what will attract your readers. People whose spirit is attracted to your voice!

Write as you would if talking to someone about it. i.e. in Your Voice #professionaltravelblogger Click To Tweet



#6 What to Post on a Travel Blog – What next?

Now here is the deal, don’t just write your post and forget about it. Make sure its optimized – SEO baby. You can use our awesome 7 Step System to improve your on-page ranking here.

The idea is now you are becoming a professional travel blogger so you gotta act like one from day one.

Don’t forget to social share your amazing content like heck otherwise you won’t be reaching a wider audience. Again we have you covered on our 27 item checklist on how to promote your blog post.

Always add a Pinnable image to your amazing travel post. Travel is one of the most repined topic on Pinterest. And as a Pinterest consultant Julie is happy to share with our travel readers her Pinterest Domination Guide Grab your Complimentary copy here!!

You absolutely should have or create a Facebook Fan Page if you wish to leverage Facebook to promote your travel blog. We are talking you becoming a professional travel blogger right? Then do it right. We don’t advise you to DIY it unless you have access to one of the Best resources to get the Edge on Other Fan Pages from the get go.

Pkjulesworld highly recommends The Unlimited Fan Page Profits

Become a Professional Travel Blogger with a Pro Fan Page! Unlimited Fan Page Profits

We wish we had this advantage when we first created our fan pages. But now we do and we are getting at least 2-5 leads per day via our Fan Page! It’s Awesome!  And this bring us to the next point…


#7 What to Post on a Travel Blog to become a Professional Travel Blogger- Monetize

You are blogging because you wish to build a list and make some money right? Once you have a few good posts going and you got a rhythm going, you should absolutely do some research and consider writing a regular guest travel post on an authority website. You don’t need to look far, we found this article for you with 47 Magazines and Websites that pay for travel blogging! It is quite comprehensive so why re-invent the wheel!

Go use it and Pitch them your Guest Post Ideas, and get paid for the privilege. AND you will also get some of their awesome traffic to your website…Sweet! 

Monetizing your blog is where you need bags of patience. How do you do this? Your WHY Again? 

First you identify brands you wish to work with and Pitch them. Make sure you have a Partnership or work with or media kit, with your Terms and Conditions. Add a Disclosure policy and of course a Privacy Policy. All these help showcase you as a professional to brands. They also make it easier for those which chose to work with you to know your terms. Or any collaborations or Guest Bloggers who will of course also be sharing on your travel blog soon.

By becoming a brand promoter or an affiliate. You can add affiliate links of related products, do this tastefully within your posts for your audience to subscribe to and buy! There are many cool brands, small businesses, and companies who will be happy to work with you and pay for the pleasure.

All an affiliate link is; you share something useful and related to your post and add a link to the product service. If a reader/visitor decides to opt-in, and buy, you get a commission. The price remains the same whether you use an affiliate link or not. It’s very important esp. for USA bloggers to Disclose if they will earn from the promo.

Will you earn a regular income from travel blogging? I can’t say you will. That’s down to Your Why, passion, actions, focus… 

Final Words – What to Post to a Travel Blog to Become a Professional!

Truth be told what you post on a travel blog has a great deal of say in which brand will look to work with and pay you to partner with them.

Write for your audience and try to share the type of information you look for yourself when you travel.

So keep sharing value, keep entertaining and inspiring others, be integral in what you do and Be ready for the long haul.

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See, Do, and Be more!

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