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Apart from the kitchen pantry and bathroom cabinet you mean?  Seriously this is about what to pack when traveling to Africa! We take everything…Okay, jokes aside…

Africa is a beautiful continent and ITS HUGE. So lets look at a smaller gorgeous portion of it…East Africa; rich with history, nature, terrains, culture, faiths, flora, fauna and dust galore. In this post we are going to dissect what to pack when traveling to Africa esp. hot east africa!

East Africa does attract millions of tourists globally every year and an Adventure Safari in Uganda could be a trip of a lifetime. Its thus very important to know what bits-n-bobs you need to have in place before you take off. Whatever the reason for your trip, remember to pack light and strategic. 

Trust me you could be tempted to pack your whole house based on stereotypes and all kinds of fairy tales…

When packing for your trip to Africa be very selective about what items you take along. The climatic, social and political atmosphere in Africa is completely different from what you are used to. The experience can be challenging at times. Trust me when we pack for our annual trip to Africa, we tale lots of lighter clothing yet our suitcases seem to be packed to the rafters πŸ™‚ 

Thus, your packing list for your trip to Africa will be completely different from say Europe or North America. And without further ado…



#1. Sun Glasses 


– Well, Africa esp. East Africa is predominantly hot, tropical, and sunny. So, your eyes will need protection against UV rays, dust and you don’t want to squint every time…Not cool! Smartness comes into mind too right. So, have a pair of appropriate, stylish sunglasses. My sister gave me this pair, I love it! You can get yours here.




#2. Hand Sanitizer – We can’t emphasize enough the importance of this. Most African countries are dusty and hot ripe ground for germs to grow. So, with hand sanitizer you can always clean your hands or surfaces before you eat or drink or even touch your eyes or lips.

If you are on a Safari, you will mostly be away from civilization, clean water or WHAT TO PACK WHEN TRAVELING TO AFRICA - Hand Sanitizer gel!

washrooms/toilets/sanitary facilities. Your hand sanitizer will be your most important item.

If you are in the cities, you will be going thru shops, local markets etc. You will touch many things including your money. The hand sanitizer should be part of you at all times.  You can get 2 bottles for the price of one with this deal!




#3 Travel Backpack Or a Rucksack – We assume you will be walking lots and sightseeing some, Yes? When we were still young parents with little ones we used to have lots to carry, including diapers, change of clothing, comforter, snacks, water, sun cream, hats…! In other words a Mary Poppins kit!

So, you need a sturdy travel backpack or rucksack. Frees your hands to take those insta-worthy snaps too! Most of East Africa can be real hot, and dusty. Thus, you need a strong backpack that can carry your bits-n-bobs safe and secure. One you can actually strap to your front, and keep your stuff safe from tourist scams!




#4. Zip Loc Bags – We included this in our Definitive Travel Packing list. Go Download your copy below now.

Carry these lovelies for your food items, wet clothes, delicates, electronics, etc. Keep your baby’s soiled nappies or underwear in there until you can deal with them. Safely store the soothers, kiddie snacks, and small toys in there too. Use zip-locs to categorize your items…You are a Smart Traveller, right! You will also avoid unwanted guests in your food e.g. ants, bacteria etc!


21 More Must Haves – What to Pack when Traveling to Africa

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And here are more of your Must haves on your Africa vacation packing list


Africa is a hot continent. Your feet might get sticky and stinky! #africapackinglist #traveltuesday Share on X


#22. Flip Flops – Africa is a hot continent and your feet might get sticky and stinky. Not forgetting a touch of the fungus if you keep wearing closed shoes all day long. So, if you are on a long trip to Africa, pack your flip-flops. In fact, why not buy a pair from any local market!

Flip flops are comfortable and easy to walk around in. They also double as your bathroom slippers so you avoid a verruca or two!  Flip flops are not only easy to carry, they can be stylish too. Wanna travel like a local, wear flip-flops.


#23. Personal Water Filter – Always buy bottled water in Africa and that too after checking its expiry date and Seal! This more so if you happen to purchase it from a street-side vendor.

Life Defender Active Water Filter Bottle for your African Trip.


If you are traveling to some remote or rural area, then it’s always wise to have a personal water filter bottle. We got the LifeDefender Active type! It can be the difference between you and diarrhea, cholera, typhoid etc.

You can fill up your water bottle from an open water source. (Not really advisable, but in some cases needs must!) The water purifying device will remove over 90% of bacteria, germs and filter out any impurities including dirt from the water, giving you purified water voila!  You can get yours here


#24. Female Urination Device – yes, for real, you heard right!  For men this may not be a problem But for women OhMygosh!

In Africa, you’ll find way fewer public toilets. Even if you happen to find one, it most probably will be dirty and disgusting. Maintenance is a cost so its left by the wayside!  Yet for women its a hygiene issue! Gals gotta sit right!  Not necessarily…! If you have the GoGirl, you dont have to sit lol.


It is one of the most essential items for women to carry when traveling to Africa! The female urination device allows women to stand and pee in remote places without any embarrassment. It is a life saver when hiking or deep in villages. You dont want you to get snake bite or black ants up your Jacksie πŸ™‚ However, in cities, go find a toilet in a cafe or restaurant. Definitely get of these devices before your next Safari or Trip to the wild side! 

#25. Toilet Paper – Well it goes without saying that if the lavatories are not the most hygienic, then you MUST have your own loo roll. Why? Because you may end up without any after a number #2.

Toilet paper is a must-pack when traveling in Africa. Also, the majority of the rural African population do not use toilet paper. They use any type of paper or wide leaf and or water to clean their shit. Lol

Don’t get us wrong, in the cities its a different story, hotels definitely have loo roll! But some budget hotels in small towns or villages don’t provide the stuff! So, take your own, get it from any supermarket. If on a Safari, definitely pack your backpack with a couple of rolls. Simply take out the middle roll bit to flatten!


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What to Pack When Traveling to Africa – Final Words! 

We’re sure there is lots more you could carry, but these are the absolute essentials. The rest you can always buy when you get there.

Go to Africa with an open mind, take what you need and may not find easily over there. It is full of love and the people are welcoming too. You will take back wonderful memories and lots of love from this so-called dark continent! 

If you are planning your next Africa Safari or Business trip, and find that you need any of the above items or know someone who does. Simply share this post and click on the images or the links to learn more and buy.

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We wish you an exhilarating trip to East Africa or any part of Africa.  You have fun moments galore. Africa is an experience of a lifetime for those that have never been. If you need any help or any information for your trip to Africa, feel free to ask us, via the comments below. Or you can Contact us and drop us a message anytime.


Now know some of what to pack when traveling to Africa! Obviously, everyone has their own list. So would you like to share your essentials with out audience?  We would love to hear about them in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks for sharing valuable information for anyone planning a trip to Africa. I’ve never been there, but it looks fascinating in TV documentaries, and, as a musician, I’m already in love with the music. Thank you for linking up at The Blogger’s Pit Stop Link Party. I’m sharing your link on social media.
    Carol (β€œMimi”) from Home with Mimi

  2. I just came back from a trip to Tanzania (including Zanzibar). Yours are all good tips, needs to have along. Don’t forget the camera gear, including plenty of storage for photos, also electric converters and plugs.

  3. Great tips!! I have not tried using female urination device yet. It really helps all the women who travel. It could be helpful for a lot of people visiting Africa.

  4. These are great tips. This is such an helpful for everyone who visit africa or to other country. . There is country like Africa that is really risky for some travelers coz’ of the climate and other weather circumstances.

  5. These are great tips. This is such an helpful for everyone who visit africa or to other country. . There is country like Africa that is really risky for some travelers because of the climate and other weather circumstances.

  6. I would love to travel to Africa and go on a safari trip. However, I don’t think my doctor would allow me to. There are health risks that might make me get really sick and I don’t want that to happen while I am in a foreign land. Thanks for the tips though. I will be sharing this with friends I know who will be traveling to Africa this year.

    1. Most African Cities are quite modern you know πŸ™‚ With great medical facilities. Dont believe the Crazy stuff you see on Telly πŸ™‚ And This post was meant to Encourage rather than Discourage you!

  7. This is a great reminder for those you want to travel to Africa. This things are good to stay feeling good, lessen discomfort and the irritating effects of the climate. Thumbs up.

  8. These simple life hacks can be a big help. Africa that is really risky for some travelers because of the climate and other weather circumstances. So, it is relevant to be prepared before taking into the trip.

  9. travel blogger

    Great tips! I have only been to Africa once, but these are all perfect essentials. I always take a backpack when I travel. It always comes in handy. I will have to try the female urination device. That would be helpful!

  10. These are great tips. Thanks for putting them all up. Could be helpful for a lot of people visiting Africa.

  11. I’m hearing about the urination device for the first time in my life, haha! This is something my grandmother would need for her travels.

  12. Toilet paper is a good packing tip! Sometimes I bring my own even to concerts because they don’t have any!

  13. Great list!! Our next trip will be to Africa – we’re still debating where to go. I’ve always wanted to travel there. πŸ™‚ I’ll bookmark your post so we can make sure to pack smart!

    1. UGANDA is calling you Ronnie for sure. Is sand and dunes are your jam, then North Africa would be it! South Africa is kinda amazing too Aaahhh decisions decisions πŸ™‚

  14. I have never been to Africa before although I’m very curious about it! Who knows, maybe someday! I definitely appreciate this list though, it has everything you need!

  15. Elisha Fernandez

    Oh my gosh, Africa! I’ve always wanted to go. I can see that water and sun screen would be lifesavers. That’s so cool that you went. I bet it’s wonderful!

  16. Great tips on packing for a trip to Africa. The last time I travelled I didn’t bring a backpack and I totally regretted it!

  17. Oh! Carrying around my own toilet would take some getting used to. Still think it would be worth the amazing country sites and culture there

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