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7 Things a Teenager shouldn’t wear on a Flight! | Travel Fashion

7 Things a Teenager shouldn’t wear on a Flight! | Travel Fashion


Mom can you help me?

Any mom will feel like a million dollars hearing this Statement from her teenage daughter. I mean they know Eeeeeverything and don’t need your advice on Aaanything.

So, I was like yes love, what do you need? And she goes, you know I am going on a trip with friends…and I am like: Yes…

So, will you help me chose what to wear on the flight? 

YES of course I said calmly, while inside I was dancing the Rumba and ay-caramba screaming Yeeeesss! 🙂   I mean my teenager asking me for fashion tips. I like it.

Suffice to say we had a ton of laughter choosing her wardrobe and I explained why I was suggesting certain outfits and telling her to pack it in on some.

Of course, you should totally check out our Ultimate Travel Packing list. Read more about that here!

And today, allow me to share what I advised her and what we agreed to disagree on…

What Not to wear on a Plane– For Teenagers!

7 Things a Teenager shouldn’t wear on a Flight! | Travel Fashion

#1. No to Fire Hazards Yes to breathable fabrics:

Obviously, who wants to even think about a fire on a plane or even at an airport? Yet one must be safer than sorry. So, you still want to take this into account when choosing your travel outfits.

I suggest you leave your polyester, vinyl, fake leather outfits at home. These are all flammable materials and a safety hazard should there be a fire emergency.

Instead I suggested she opt for a light long sleeve top and smart loose cotton trousers. With a smart skirt for when she arrives.

She wanted to know why long sleeves? And I go,

you are tiny babes, and planes have air conditioning on all the time, you will feel cold and wish you had one on.

Of course, have a cardigan in your backpack and a scarf to keep that cold at bay.


Of course, have a cardigan in your backpack and a scarf to keep that cold at bay. Click to Tweet


#2. What not to wear on a flight – Summer clothing.

I love layering even in summer, don’t you? So, I will have a light vest rolled in my Handbag just in case it gets super-hot or maybe I spill something on my top lol.

I have passed that lil habit on to my daughter. Who is super small for her age.

I also advised that she take a variety of different weather outfits for her trip. So, she can change on her two stops and feel fresh on arrival.

See, she wanted to just have her trackie aka tracksuit with trainers! She is a bit of a tom boy ha! That is okay for that jog through the airport to her gate esp. if its hot. Which it would be in summer.

But once on the plane, the air-conditioning creates a North pole atmosphere and I have never been offered a blanket warm enough to counter that in economy! They are like table clothes, to say they are thin is kind!

To manage such changes in temperature, have layers. A cardi and warm scarf as your staples. These you can have round your neck and waist so less baggage.


#3. No to Short & Tight fabrics. Yes to: Natural, breathable fabrics.

Okay this is more for personal preference and even hygiene. Shorts and Short skirts esp. tight ones are a no-no for any flight. No disrespect but planes are not cleaned very well between flights.

I don’t know when was the last time the seats were given a proper wipe down. So, imagine kids or even adult pee, spit, snot, sneeze, germs galore eek!

That’s why I always pack anti-bacteria wipes and gel. In fact I pack a whole first aid Kit. I don’t put my backside down until I have wiped the seat. And still I wouldn’t feel comfy if I were in a short skirt and some of my skin had to touch the seat!

Teenagers love all things short, and skinny jeans are all the rage, even if they are cut to bits (I don’t get that lol) yet for a flight I would say, pack those for arrivals!

Now to tight clothes, for health purposes as well. You want to avoid deep vein thrombosis or swollen legs right? Well, stay well away from all things tight and restrictive for your flight!


#4. No to High heels and Yes to Comfortable Flatties.

Now I must say our daughter is not a high heels kinda woman. In fact, she is more of a trainers chic! And for once I am glad I didn’t have to convince her on that front.

Yes,a girl needs some extra height that heels give so she can strut her stuff. But not on a long haul or any kind of flight for that matter.

Remember you will have to throw them off in case of an emergency, they can be very restrictive and definitely they are not great for long haul.

She has a pair of fold away flatties and her shiny flip flops for that beach Insta-worthy moment. She also loves her high sneakers which she can wear comfortably and walk miles checking out airport terminal shops. She was an easy sell on this one.

Now I know this is for teenagers, yet imagine as a mommy, dragging your little ones down the terminal in high heels a maxi dress and the little ones are crying, and it’s the last call…Huh you get the picture.

Stick to flat slip-on sneakers! More comfy, easy to slip off for that airport check and you won’t get felt by security right up your wotsits, if the scanner pings for whatever reason.

Stick to flat slip-on sneakers! More comfy, easy to slip off for that airport check Click to Tweet


#5. No Metallica on outfits including Shoes and do less Perfume

First let’s talk about that perfume. Imagine someone with a not so cool scent liberally sprayed themselves prior to boarding. Worse you find you are allergic to that scent…Flight from hell.

Now with a flight every odours and stale are are spread and recycled for the whole flight OMG…Gagvillle. 

So, imagine that person is you and the allergic person is another passenger…Cool!

Always think about others when you pack your flight outfits and accessories.

And now to the Metallica….

Okay my daughter is not a Metallica fan, but she does have some cool trainers with metal studs and matching belt. One of her fav accessories. In addition to perfumes and scents.

So how about your teenager? Do they like multi finger rings, earrings in Gun shape, belts with sharp bits that could be used as weaponry? Then I advise you don’t.

Airport security worldwide will hold them for ages at will. The TSA is especially non-tolerant of such accessories.

Some metallic jewelry can set off those airport scanners and you will not be allowed to take it with you. Imagine abandoning your favorite piece of jewelry because it was metallic and didn’t pass master with those body scanners!

Leave it home or pack it in your check-in luggage.

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#6. Avoid Long Dresses or Skirts like Maxis

Ha so both Short and long are not cool? My daughter asked me. What does one wear then?

The thing is, I have not seen my daughter in an actual maxi…what she has is a pretend maxi…lol Short at the front and long at the back.

Still, you don’t want your dress trailing the airport floor or on an airplane. Those things are dirty.

And if you have to dash for whatever reason, check-in, or you are getting to your gate, you want to be able to do so as freely as possible. So, a free-flowing knee length skirt will do, or better still a nice dress or pair of cotton breathable trousers and top!

Same goes for white or light-coloured clothes. Imagine having to walk on egg shells to keep your outfit clean, with people shoving, stuff getting spilt, in tight economy seats, I would avoid those colours.

You don’t want your dress trailing the airport floor or on an airplane. Click to Tweet


#7. For men Wear boxers your lightest for ladies NO Wired Bras

How about a bralette, or sports bra? Definitely NO to a Wired bra. Imagine 14 hours travel time with a wired bra…Uncomfortable doesn’t begin to describe it. Comfort is the name of the game here.

And one final thing, I say NO to Jumpsuits. Those things you have to half take off to take a leek! Imagine those airport loos aaarrgg. Worse, those boxes they call plane toilets 8hours into a flight.

No loo roll, wet floor and sink, nowhere to turn as you try to undress…And you need a number 2…Yup!

I have no idea when those things are appropriate…

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  10. Great guidelines, and just as useful for adults too! It feels great to be dressed appropriately for flying!

    1. Hey Frank,

      I totally agree I love being stylish and comfortable i always check myself before getting on a flight just in case making sure I’m going to be comfortable and prepared 😀

  11. Erica D Ardali

    You know, I wasn’t sure where this post was going to go, but I have to agree with everything here!

  12. Great guidelines, Julie! I agree with everything on this list! Thankfully, I don’t have a teenager yet, but I have taught my son to dress appropriately whenever we fly. He almost always looks dapper, because you know – airport fashion, haha!

  13. Very neat post! It cracked me up a bit how my mom used to yell at me for dressing a certain way. Flights are dicey and hence comfy clothes are the best…all covered up.

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    1. Hey Jessica

      It’s really gross when you actually go under the microscope but hey what can you do except wipe down your seat and put it to the back of your mind and think of your sunny (hopefully) destination 😀

  20. Short skirts are a serious no…. As a frequent traveler I’ve made the mistake of even to short shorts. Airplane/airport seats are kinda gross plus you never know what kind of people are going to be around.

  21. Great travel tips for anyone, not just teenagers. But how lovely for you that your daughter asked!! As any parent knows, that is truly a watershed moment!!

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