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What Not to Do in Liverpool: Top 14 Things to Do and what to Avoid #visitliverpool #ynwa

What Not to Do in Liverpool City – Top 14 Things!

What Not to Do in Liverpool: 14 Things to Do On a Quick Break| Attractions and What to Avoid by a Local!

In today’s post I am gonna share with you what not to do in Liverpool!

Did you know Liverpool’s got more parks than Paris and almost as many sculptures as London? This amazing city, we call home to #pkjulesworld, has the fun night factor, shopping, culture, racing, and a pretty full on theatre scene!

I am sure you have found mob articles on what to do in XYZ, where to go, what to eat etc. Most popular tourist destinations have numerous blogs posts written by various people. Some local, some guests, some #wannabeguests!

Yet, have you considered that there are some things you are better off avoiding during your travels!

Let’s face it: Liverpool is one of the most popular metropolitan cities to visit in the United Kingdom. A European City of Culture Winner 2008, with enviable architectural structures, works of art, and lots of tourist sites for the world traveller. So it definitely is also full of tourist scams, snares and traps! 

Some of the things that happen in such attractive cities can be so scary as to keep even the staunchest adventurer from going out and creating peak life experiences!  Fortunately, I don’t intend to put you off like that! πŸ™‚

So in today’s post as a native-ish, I am gonna share with you: what not to do in Liverpool city and suburbs!

These are the things I would NOT Recommend you miss out, as someone who’s lived in a Liverpool suburbs and city for years and knows it well. πŸ™‚

14 Things to Do On a Quick Break in Liverpool | Attractions and What to avoid #experienceliverpool #YNWA

#1. What not to do in Liverpool – Do not Stay on the Tourist Trail!

One of the biggest mistakes most newbie tourists and travellers make is sticking to the much beaten track, the “Tourist sites.” These can also be boring. Of course I do understand fear of the unknown and getting scammed or even robbed. Your personal safety is very important. Yet you should not use it as an excuse to miss out on areal authentic local experience! 

Of course as a first timer, you should go to the “Paddy’s Wigwam” check out the Tate gallery on the Albert docks, have dinner at the Panoramic High 34 or go tune in at the Chip on a Stick.

But why not also go further out if time permits? Go see the Knowsley Safari Park. How about you check out St Helen’s Glass?  Head on to Southport and enjoy the sea. Or go over the water and if in season visit Hilbre Island and see the Seals!

If you’re going to experience Liverpool like a local i.e. the authentic way, then you must explore it’s fascinating neighbourhoods. Interact with the really friendly locals, take some unique Instagram-worthy pictures off the beaten track, stumble on some places with your trusty google maps in two! J

If you love to know where you are going, of course do your planning and research, can’t emphasize that enough. Check out this local’s guide to places to see in Liverpool.


#2. What not to do in Liverpool – Eat in Chain Restaurants

I know you want the familiar, what you know, we all love to stay in our comfort zone, I get it! But most common tourist area chain restaurants have flavourless old, rewarmed food that you wouldn’t give your cat! And it is overpriced…someone’s gotta pay for the premium location!

So why not check out some amazing eateries like and taste authentic Scouse cuisine! Try the Ship & Mitre Pub a real local where you will be served “SCOUSE.” And some good ole ale. πŸ™‚

What Not to Do in Liverpool: Top 14 Things to Do and what to Avoid When Visiting – Not what you think
Inside the Ship & Mitre Pub

Head on further out of the city centre and enjoy oriental cuisine with views to die for at the Renaissance (Chung Ku) restaurant. A hidden gem that you won’t know, unless someone shows you where it is! And I just did. (Lets keep it our secret) πŸ˜‰

Or you could come eat fish and chips from our local chippie called “So’s Chippie.” I swear you will want to stay local just for that. They do make the most finger-lickin salt and pepper shrimps and spare ribs…Yummy-licious! I don’t know what they put in in the food, it tastes great!

I did talk about the Panoramic high 34 before. Well, it’s one of the restaurants I suggest you try out in Liverpool. The views over the city are Breath-taking and in the local newspaper the Echo’s words:

“The views are spectacular, the service thoughtful and the food well balanced. It’s one of the few places that always feels special.”

Because it is new we haven’t yet been. So this restaurant is squarely on our #pkjulesworldBucketlist





#3. What not to do in Liverpool – Miss the Weekend Markets.

I love the markets, I love browsing the stalls, and grabbing some souvenirs for myself or gifts. I know most locals avoid souvenir shops though! What I like to say is avoid the touristy souvenir shops if you can.

I love the markets, I love browsing the stalls, and grabbing some souvenirs #YNWA #visitliverpool #traveltips Share on X

Most have overpriced bits-n-bobs that will definitely gather dust back home, so they aren’t worth the price point! Of course you might want to grab a wonderful replica of Paddy’s wigwam, a perfect memorabilia from Liverpool!

But for authentic Liverpool gift ideas get off the tourist track and you will find awesome stuff in local shopping areas. For instance, we have the weirdest curiosity shop in Huyton village. It has all kinds of Liverpool memorabilia at a fraction of what they charge at Albert Dock tourist shops!

How about you head out of town to say; Garston Retail Park or Prescott and find some branded stuff! Or wait for the weekend flea markets along the docklands and you are likely to grab yourself a few typically scouse items at throw away prices.

You could also further drive the price down by bargaining! Its a part of enjoying flee markets πŸ™‚

Much more authentic way to experience Liverpool and get some bargains that aren’t on the common tourist trail!




#4. What not to do in Liverpool – Forget to Relax

I know this applies to almost any destination or trip. We book 7-14 days to a whole new destination and spend the whole time running around like crazy dogs. Cramming in as much as we can. We get so exhausted it literally doesn’t qualify to be called a vacation!

The thing is we can all gain so much more out of our travels if we pace ourselves. HOW?

We can all Gain so Much More out of our Travels if we pace ourselves. #travelwellness #experienceliverpool Share on X

By choosing 2-3 must see attractions preferably done on the same day or 2 days flat if possible! Then spend the rest of your vacation or trip simply relaxing. Get your mojo back, reflect and enjoy those hotel facilities you pay so much for!

You are able to create peak and even magical moments. #traveltips #visitliverpool #lfc Share on X

We have found that taking a walk into the unknown with our google maps or whatever travel app you use and satnav in hand has yielded gems in different destinations.

You are able to create peak and even magical moments. You can create magical moments any day to be honest. Live your life like a vacation— So instead of running around checking out all the touristy places on your next travels, do this! Thank me later. πŸ™‚ 

By the way, you will enjoy your surroundings more and see, do and be more when you take the time for YOU and relax. Remember it’s your time off work…to regroup! So do some of that will’ja! So when you come on over running around headless is what not to do in Liverpool! We scousers are super laid back, you will notice.




#5. What not to do in Liverpool – Ignore its Historic Nature!

14 Things to Do On a Quick Break in Liverpool | Attractions and What to avoid
An Aerial View of the Liverpool Albert Docks and River Mersey on a summer day. Photo credit Wiki

Yes, Liverpool is not just what you see in the movies, and there are lots of movies that were shot in Liverpool…! The one that stood out the most for me was the Creed Movie! Yet Liverpool is full of nuances and grit. Its full of a rich Sea man maritime history.

It’s way more wonderful and amazing than what you see in the movies and in some parts it is as gritty and dark as you see in the movies. So when you visit Liverpool, come with your blinkers off!



The Creed Poster and Actors Courtesy of Wiki

The Creed Poster and Actors Courtesy of Wiki


#6. Don’t Miss the Fab Four- Unless they’re not your thing!

Who are the Fab Four on the list of Must do’s in Liverpool? Not the fantastic 4 lol, not invisible woman, human torch and all that jazz. These are Liverpool’s flag bearers worldwide, the “Lads” that put Liverpool in the lime light. Their birth place.

Sir Paul McCartney, the late John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison, collectively known as “The Beatles”.

While firmly on the Liverpool Tourist Trail, it’s definitely not on the list of what not to do in Liverpool! Visit the albert dock and take a walk in the Beatles’ shoes at the Beatles Story.

Grab some “value” memorabilia, although most is overpriced. You could visit the Casbah Coffee bar formerly The Cavern to get even closer to that Beatles feeling.

Let me burst a bubble right here though…

And I put this on what not to do in Liverpool…Penny Lane Strawberry Field (See image Below)! I know the Beatles police will probably come out all fighting to shut me up. Yet frankly check it out…

Strawberry Fields Is it worth a visit_ what not to do in Liverpool #traveltips

Alas, as you can see that is about pretty much all you will see. An old rusty red gate, lotsa weeds and the strawberry fields sign!  If you have flown thousands of miles, like I did the first time, you too could be disappointed. More so if you come in the colder months, dark, moss filled…Sorry #justsaying!




#7. What not to do in Liverpool – Stereotyping

I don’t know how many times I have heard the non-joke:

“Hold on to your bags we have a Liverpudlian”

Most natives laugh sarcastically at this crass attempt at being funny, but we do feel insulted. Don’t be that tourist who takes stereotypes too far! Esp. when you visit the city.

Respect the people, we are predominantly loving, happy, welcoming people. Although that doesn’t mean don’t be precious about your personal safety and security! But how is that different in any city?





#8. Don’t Miss your Bet

I mean if you are a horse racing lover. It is huge in Liverpool. Being sat bang in the middle of the Top Race Courses in UK. Aintree Race Course and Haydock Park further out! Haydock is more of the flat course, while Aintree does the Steeple chase type races! Also it hosts Ladies day…!

We love Ladies Day in Aintree every April. You should see the hats, the flamboyant outfits, the high heels, you wouldn’t know they would be walking on grass, often times wet! Haydock is more of the flat course.

Aintree Race course is the home of the UK Grand National, a must see event if you do love horse racing and the sheer extravagances that happen every year!  So don’t miss that! Every time We go to the races, I win some cash…Shhhh don’t tell anyone!





#9. What not to do in Liverpool – Forget Hoylake

What the heck is Hoylake? It’s only the world’s most historic and challenging Golf Course! It’s also England’s second oldest. Tiger Woods has been a few times. Rory McIlroy is a regular… So you would be playing in pretty great shoes lol!

Mind you, you have to be a member of a recognised golfing club to be allowed to play on these grounds! Or your company may pay to hold an event at the Royal Liverpool Golf Club, which is how I got to visit this auspicious club way back in 2008!






#10. What not to do in Liverpool – Assume the Liver birds don’t exist!

The city of Liverpool derives its name from a pool and these two mythical creatures. The Liver birds, found atop the Royal Liver Building at the Pier Head! Legend has it that one bird looks over the city and watches over the residents and the other watches over the River Mersey, Birkenhead and beyond!

Its thought these birds were an eagle or cormorant that was on the seal that granted Liverpool City Charter status! They thus appear on the Liverpool coat of arms! So do go check out these birds even if it’s a quick drive by the Dock road!  




#11. What not to do in Liverpool – Do Not Confuse Everton and LFC

Are you a die-hard Red or you are a bit of a Blues girl/boy?

Are you a die-hard Red or you are a bit of a Blues girl/boy? #YNWA #LFC Share on X

Whatever you do don’t assume everyone supports Liverpool Football Club The REDS! Whose mantra is “You Will Never Walk Alone!” The Blues would string you alive! 

We have two major Premier league teams and the other one is allegedly the original Liverpool club. From which LFC was born; according to the natives! It is called Everton FC, as Blue as they come!

If you ever visit Liverpool on a game day, you will find hordes of fans in either the red of Liverpool FC or the blue of Everton FC making their way to the relevant Stadium in Anfield or Goodison Park respectively. They are a stone throw from each other!

God forbid it’s the Derby Weekend, when these two fierce rivals compete. One of the most highly coveted games! If you are not a footie fan this is one of the; what not to do in Liverpool things…Visiting on a derby or premier league game day!  Traffic is murder!

Both their stadia are a great place to buy real authentic club memorabilia, there is usually a sale on. If you visit on game day you will find lots of bargains from stalls outside the stadium. Whether it’s real or fake is up to you…!





What Should one Do in Liverpool?

A heck of a lot to see, do and be more, but I will mention just a couple here!

#12. Attend a Gig at the Echo Arena After a Sunset View on the Liverpool Eye!

What to do in Liverpool - Get kon the Liverpool Big Wheel

While London has got the London Eye, Liverpool has got the Liverpool Big Wheel lol! We are classy, yes?

The big wheel I guess because we do get a smaller wheel built in Liverpool 1 every Christmas time! The Liverpool eye as I prefer to call it is right next to The Echo Arena on the Albert Dock. It is apparently 60 metres high. (According to my son who went on it, I’m to chicken.) This attraction has 42 fully enclosed, air-conditioned capsules which offer riders amazingly spectacular views of the city, The world heritage water front and the Mersey River.




#13. Don’t forget that Selfie Stick

Well tell you what, if you love selfies, this is your city so don’t forget that selfie stick! You  will have lots of sculptures to pose with! Liverpool has the highest number of public sculptures in the UK. Coming a close second to London.

You can start right at the Lime Street Train Station or the Airport. Take a selfie with Ken Dodd my local comedian born and bred a stone throw away from our home! If yo flew into Liverpool Airport, you could start with taking a selfie with John Lennon.

If you came for a game of footie at Anfield you will have a chat with Bill Shankley!

We even have a sculptor in our local Huyton Village! Most of these pieces of art were created by local sculptor Tom Murphy.

You will also notice some bright mythical creatures called Lambananas, multi coloured and Penguins too. They originated from Liverpool. I have seen a lambanana in London lol!




#14. Picnic at the Glass house or in A Park

Liverpool is home to one of the largest green houses in UK. The locals call it the Glass House!

Really simple folk we are! πŸ™‚ Although it’s official name is The Palm House!

In addition, if you travel with little ones, they would love an educational day at the Palm House in Sefton Park. A real life Grade 11 Listed Victorian Structure that has tropical plants including palms!  

You could have a picnic in the park thereafter depending on the season and weather! Apparently we have got more parks than Paris. I for one can vouch for Sefton Park and Princess Park both are beautiful and a must see for naturists!

To be honest, there is a too much to see in Liverpool so I suggest you check this post out for more details of what to do on a night out in Liverpool as well!




In conclusion, there is so much to see, do and be more. I at east have given you a different angle on what not to do in Liverpool and surrounds! All I can say is always do read up, do your research on Liverpool’s history and attractions before your visit! Plan your travels and work your plan! You will have a much richer experience and gain even more from this city’s rich cultural history, fun and cuisine!


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See, Do, and Be more!

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    1. Hi Ari,

      There is a lot to do, You can visit the 2 Cathedrals for your History Sip. Walk down Mt Pleasant to the Shopping Center. If yo walk away from the city you can Visit the Liverpool Tunnels, I forget what Road they are on but its quite close to the University of Liverpool.
      Take the Hop on Hop off Bus for a full tour of Liverpool including the Albert Docks, Beatles Memorabilia etc…

      enjoy Liverpool!

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    1. Hi Andy,

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