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My Virgin Train to London Experience! #virgintrains #traintravel

My Virgin Trains Ticket and Trip to London Experience!

My Virgin Trains Ticket Trip to London, a Fun Experience!

My Virgin Trains ticket and trip to London Experience! #VisitLondon #LondonTrains

You may wonder whether this was my first virgin trains ticket to London? Indeed whether I have ever used virgin trains services before…And the answer to that is No and no! I have been traversing the north south trail for years on Virgin trains, and yet this was truly a unique experience, and definitely not gonna be the last! I also use various virgin trains best fare finder tools. And I have become adept and cracking the deal. Trust me this depends on virgin train times and prices. whether you wish to travel off-peak or during peak travel hours.

You may also wonder whether can you afford s  to anywhere in UK and the answer is below…


This is a really light post …pour your fav bev, sit back and enjoy :)

I booked an advance first class Virgin trains ticket for a business trip to London after a comparison of the National Train Inquiries,  the train line and our Travel App. And that’s how you can get a fab value for money deal, by booking in advance, at least a minimum of 7 days before your trip. Comparing sites and Not forgetting clearing that cache if you ever booked a train ticket on your pc before, learn why here, seriously. ;)

Anyway, I got a great deal for a virgin trains first class fare at £162 return. Normally that would cost anywhere from £320. The price of a scheduled flight on the continent don’t you think!

So you can see why I was super glad at the price I got!

The day dawned and I set off in the wee hours of the morning for the 5:45am first train out of Liverpool Lime Street station to London Euston. I was not surprised that the first class coaches were full, they usually are. It was too early for the Virgin Trains First class lounge at the Liverpool station, so it was not yet open.  But I did find the London Euston lounge open for business when we arrived.

Let’s talk about the Virgin Trains first class coaches. #virgintrains #visitLondon Share on X


Let’s talk about the Virgin Trains Tickets and First class coaches.

They are clean, contemporary and spacious with complimentary Wi-Fi. And so they should at the price. We were offered and I opted for a full English You could go for a Continental breakfast on the First class coaches. I sat back to enjoy my full English breakfast buffet. We got to London after a 2hr relaxed and uneventful journey just before 8am. Since I had some time to spare, I took myself off to the Virgin First class Lounge to refresh and read a newspaper or two. There was a Breakfast buffet on offer here too and I had some porridge oats to warm up from the winter chill. I had over an hour before I set off for my London business meeting. I had a relaxed and filling outward Virgin train to London first leg I think!

London Euston - Virgin Trains Ticket Destination #ticketsvirgin #virginfirstclass
London Euston Train and Underground station Arrivals/Departures

London Red Buses

One of the things I had planned on doing in London time permitting was grab lunch at any of the qualifying restaurants and earn Travel dollars via Our travel club. Thats FREE TRAVEL CASH…and I love Freebies. Who doesn’t!  Unfortunately time wasn’t on my side. I had back to back meetings all day. After my meeting (which went great by the way), in the evening, I headed back to London Euston and the Virgin trains lounge. Let me tell you a lil more about it.



The Virgin Trains First Class London Euston Lounge:

The lounge has all the facilities you need to refresh. You have access to showers with clean fluffy towels to refresh from your long train ride or even flight. The washrooms or toilets were very clean. You can sit in the public seating area and grab a pod if yo can find one & get some more work done. Or head to the secluded business centre where you aren’t allowed to chat on your phone, Its meant to be the quiet space while in the lounge:

The Virgin First Class lounge has all the facilities you need to refresh #virgintrainslounge Share on X

What a Virgin Trains Ticket - Firs Class Affords you! #railtravel #uktickets
Virgin Trains First Class Lounge eating and relax area always Super busy!

Virgin trains tickets for the First Class Lounge! #advancetrain #virgintrainfares

You get served a full meal for your Virgin Trains Ticket in first class coach! #ticketsvirgin #virgintrainticket
The Public Seating space with work pods – Virgin First Class Lounge! @Pkjulesworld

Secluded Virgin First Class Loungs

Of an evening one has a choice of complimentary tea and coffee with cakes and snacks. Alcohol is for sale. And you already know they serve a full breakfast buffet in the morning too. I believe they also serve snacks all day!

So back on the train I got heading for home as I didn’t have much time…

On the return journey, Virgin First class offered hot and cold meal options. I opted for a “scouse dinner” See images below. My Julie loves Scouse and I bet she would say her’s is the best…I love my life so am not comparing. ;) You can try out the recipe for scouse here. I washed the delicious scouse down with a beer. And felt that all I needed was a blanket and I could sleep till tmr. :)

Virgin Trains Ticket in First Class Coach Meal! #TravelVirgin #RailTravel #uktrains


So by now you are wondering; why was this trip so unique that I am sharing it?

Well I know the Virgin staff are always friendly and courteous but on this occasion I saw their funnier, great sense of humour too. While I was having my dinner, I asked for a toothpick. Put it down to habit…Long story!  One of the staff with a huge belly laugh cracked a joke saying “you know you could use your finger nails” As he passed me the toothpicks…That reeled me into bouts of laughter, you know many people simply do that. Heck I too sometimes do, in private though. I retorted that since my nails are nicely manicured by my lovely wife, I can’t possibly pick at the scouse in there…That got him rolling with laughter…

Virgin Train First Class Coach meal

See “scouse” or “scouser” also means a resident of Liverpool. He goes; how many are in there then…I knew exactly what he meant (Liverpool humour) so I laughed along with him…I doubt you can count them I good-naturedly retorted. Anyway we arrived at Lime Street and wished each other a good night. He admitted that usually most travellers are too busy in their laptops or books to chat. I appreciated his service and sense of humour and went my way too…

usually most travellers are too busy in their laptops or books to chat #traveltrivia #traveltuesday Share on X

As I sat in my cab home, I pondered on how another or even I could have responded to his joke. Depending on how well the meeting went I bet. So was it the Virgin Train to London staff or was it me in a great mood…You decide! Enjoy some more of my……… trip in full colour below xoxo

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So have you purchased a virgin trains ticket before or would you take a first class train journey to your destination? Well go ahead and share your experiences below.

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77 thoughts on “My Virgin Trains Ticket and Trip to London Experience!”

  1. Love this post and next time Ill try Virgin.

    I never travel on trains here, in Australia, and always travel on trains in the US and Europe and love both of them.

    I don’t ever remember seeing a Virgin Train, only ever saw the Amtrak… so Ill be looking from now on



  2. I would love to visit London someday. It looks like you had a really great trip, and the amenities of the Virgin First Class lounge looks like the ideal version of luxury travel.

    1. Hi Holly,

      Indeed First Class travel should be experiences by everyone who loves to travel in a shape or form. Virgin First Class is indeed a class apart it seems from other comments before too :)


  3. Carmela Mempin

    I’m so glad that you had fun. London is one of the beautiful places.

  4. What a thorough description and fantastic pictures. I will definitely keep this on my list the next time that I am in Europe. I had never thought about Virgin trains. And based on your input will definitely look into it. Thank you.

  5. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] The “Virgin” brand is a good one!

    Richard Branson worked hard to make his brand a memorable one!

  6. Wow – your experience was so different than mine on an American train line. Our train line was so bad that Amtrak actually stopped running their Florida line. We had to buy any food – and the 8 hour trip turned into a 24 hour trip because Amtrak had delays. With two toddlers in tow, I ended up forking out $15 for a plate of soggy spaghetti. Maybe Virgin could be persuaded to open in the US?

  7. Sounds like you had a great experience out there. London is one of my favorite places to visit & this will be great guidance for me when I get a chance to visit sometime soon.

  8. Awesome Julie. To be honest I love this app! it has done nothing but help me experience the best in travel but I have to say that is an awesome deal and its great you are sharing this concept!

  9. I have never got the chance to travel in Virgin Trains. But, it looks so much fun. Will wish to travel someday for sure.

  10. Sandra Copeland

    Soo packed with great info Love this !!~~ A nice experience and thank you for sharing !!~

  11. Olivia Chance

    Awesome post! We actually just took a Virgin train for the first time from London to Edinburgh a few weeks ago. We were really impressed with the train ride and will definitely use them again. I feel that the only way to travel through the UK is by train… the views you see are incredible!

    1. Aaaahh the views Olivia…Thats something I have gotten so used to, take for granted & I forgot to mention…so thanks for that contribution. The green rolling hills, the farms, the sheep, cows, aaaahhhh peaceful countryside simply serene :)


  12. I’ve been a lot of places, but I must see London before I leave the Earth. The train ride alone is worth it. And you came up with ways to make the trip cheaper for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  13. Craftoflaughter

    What an exciting way to take a trip! I would love to travel by train!

  14. My Daughter has Done LONG distance Train Rides before and I have always wanted too. The Cost in the states is OUT of this world as they want everyone on Planes so they can Body scan. However With that being said, Id Love to do a tour of the UK in a Virgin Train. How Posh!!

    1. I believe its a pain in USA to go by train. iN Uk Its part of normal travel esp. communting so its gotta be affordable. although we moan about that lots lolol
      You will love train travel in UK Tara


  15. I have a friend who travels via Virgin all the time. He seems to love it! Looks like a pretty good deal too considering the distance and the perks on board!

  16. This is great! Next time I’m in London visiting I’ll have to remember that Virgin now has buses.

  17. I have only been on a virgin train once and it was so posh! I wasn’t even in first class haha Looks like you had the red carpet rolled out!

  18. I’ve travelled on Virgin trains a few times. Although I’ve travelled in the second class, it was always a pleasant experience.

    1. Hi Izabella,

      Second class…Lol That I dont think exists. Its simply coach class. And we do use it often too.
      Sometimes the price of a first class is just not worth the hustle :)


  19. Looks like they provide really awesome service, for you to ride their train time and again. Will keep this in mind if and when I get the chance to visit London. :)

  20. Stephanie D'Laroy

    Great post Julie. I had no idea that Virgin does trains aswell. Looks awesome. Thanks for sharing :)

  21. Jessica Harlow

    I’ve never purchased a virgin trains ticket before, but would love to become a little more worldly and visit London! I love those double decker buses! Some day!

  22. Valerie Robinson

    So cool. I like hearing about people’s different experiences while traveling around the world. I have never been to London but would like to go

  23. Their lounge is awesome, a nice place to pass the time while waiting for the train. I like that they serve meals all-day, that definitely makes traveling more efficient especially for busy people, like you! You had back to back meetings with nowhere to eat. And of course, good customer service is important, glad they have that.

    1. Their lounge is surprisingly neat, Contemporary and swanky. With work Pods that swivel and comfy seats for those who want to chills out. Desls for work amd a specific quiet space for more privacy. Loved it. Thanx for your time! :)


  24. How fun! I also want to travel in first class. Like you mentioned though, it’s super pricey so usually I just stick to the regular economy seats…

  25. I want to visit London some day. It’s on our travel bucket list. I love earning free travel cash too. Nothing like freebies or getting stuff for things you’d be buying anyway.

  26. I would love to take a train journey like this! Thank you so much for sharing! :D

  27. Great information! my husband and I are going to Europe next year so this is definitely going to help us when we go to London!

  28. I took Virgin Trains when I was in the UK and I have to say, it was AWESOME! I had ZERO problems and they even gave us a few FREE BOTTLES OF WINE (we were on the midnight train and they were trying to get rid of their supply!) It was pretty great. Wish the states had a system like this!

  29. Did I tell you that London is one of my favourite cities in the world? One of the reasons I love it so much is the train service to and from the city. I spent many a summers in London but that was many years ago back when there was no Virgin Trains. I see that I must visit again soon to ride these trains! Thanks for the update. :)

    1. Hey Claudette. We too love London. And today the trains are super fast. Takes 1hr 45 Mins from Liverpool to London on a Virgin Pendolino train. Should be faster but the rail lines arent yet that upgraded lol! Yo are most welcome to see the beautiful Fast city :)

      Pauli :)

  30. I love the way you share both your knowledge and your experiences. Giving such great tips so that people are more aware to make the best decision. The good part is that all this comes from a person with very high integrity which means know, like and trust Julie. Thanks :)

  31. I have never used virgin trains before but on my next trip to Wigan I will check to see if they have any trains to Wigan and the price. Glad you had a wonderful and delightful experience

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