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World’s Most Stylish and Practical Luxury Travel app! #travelapps #TravelTuesday

Our unveiling Of The Luxury Travel App – Tips for 2016!

World’s Most Stylish and Practical Luxury Travel App and Sneak Peek on how it works!

World’s Most Stylish and Practical Luxury Travel app! #royalcorinthia #Budapest #TravelTuesdays
The Grand Dome at The Royal Corinthia Budapest!

From private-Resort take overs, 5* group bookings, to concierge services, in our personal opinion and experience the best Members luxury travel app for iOS and Android.

We remember when planning our family travel was a bit of a pain in itself. It took months of planning. Applying for visas was arduous to put it bluntly and the logistics were a nightmare. We always dreamt of seeing beaches of the world, it seemed like a pipe dream. We did our best and still travelled to lots of places we didn’t need visas…

Then our prayers were answered, we were introduced to an Exclusive Travel Club which after years of production and planning have created a luxury travel app. We love our android and apple apps and very recently the travel app par excellence!  Gone are the days when we have to dress up to go to town to see the travel agent for our flights and such! Today I simply pull out my Android or tablet log onto our Travel hub and I am surfing…

Checking whats available and where can I go next weekend at the tap of our luxury travel app! In fact we can go as far as stating we can negotiate all our travel needs on it. Be it a staycation, road-trip, weekend get away, cruise, flights, where we shall eat, book a car rental, and throw in a local city cruise from the comfort of our home right on a smartphone or tablet. This is all down to the amazing development of numerous apps esp. our world class travel club travel app!


The Travel App is Free both on iOS and Android for members and their circle of friends or whoever they share it with. Currently its limited as a tool among members with a host of uses and tools as a “personal concierge on the go.” Its accessed from a members-only area inside the travel app. It uses a mix of personal and automated bespoke recommendations to uncover and arrange hard-to-access travel experiences, including vacations, cruises, car rentals, event bookings, restaurant bookings, etc.


At prices most of which aren’t generally available. Users can also add locations and activities to a personal Bucket List or select items from popular destinations. A new version of the app will push even more personalised content, and is due for launch in April.

To be honest I am in awe of today’s burgeoning market of hi-tech innovation. These apps aren’t just useful, they’re also beautiful pieces of digital art, super sleek and fulfill a specific purpose that at one time we could not even imagine could be done on a mobile or cell phone. Imagine being able to know what time exactly the sun will rise where you are. You are told how many calories you are consuming, how far you have jogged all via smartphones and tablets apps.

We like to share any tools and resources that simply make life more fun, easier or some techie geekery of some sort to help you craft your dream life!

So today we are super excited to officially share with you whats taking the travel industry by storm and making every single member of our global travel community super excited. This luxury travel App will be able to perform travel related miracles to put it bluntly. It is a digital travel magazine, catalogue, concierge, and your very own online business training hub in one, if you so wish to use it as such. And that’s not even an eighth of its uses.


Not only has it allowed us to just last year experience a Dream Trip to Budapest, we’ve also been able to create amazing memories on 5 other holidays/vacations over the year…



What Was Included & How We Paid only $498 total.

  • 5 Nights stay for 2 at the premium quality 5 Star Royal Corinthia Hotel with Private Balcony that sleeps 4 people.  With amazing atriums, ceilings, a royal Luxury Spa par excellence, 2 Jacuzzi Pools and a Main pool, 3 restaurants etc.
  • Private welcome 5 course meal and drinks for fellow luxury travel app users
  • Dedicated host sent by the app company to look after us
  • Limo transfers to and from the Airport
  • Tickets for 2 full days that covered City Tours and A River Cruise (these alone would be over $300)
  • 50 Hotel Credits each to spend in the Royal Spa (the best in Budapest)
  • Full course Champagne Breakfast every day and other cool stuff (Okay this one was truly impressive and we loved how they went above and beyond!)

We really wanted to ensure we had the best deal, despite the price above lol. So we searched online and priced all the above up to well over $1500, yet we only paid $498! That’s way beyond 50% off.

Here’s a quick highlight from Budapest covering the offers and discounts we received via the travel app company as well as some other useful suggestions…The memories are priceless!

Take a Wee Peek at the Perks we got As Users of this Travel App in Video Below:

 For more information on the Travel App we use it free Click here

To help entice you to use and share the travel app, the creators have some exciting benefits of every use and share of this luxury travel app.

You get $15 off your next Booking! We are thus inviting you to try it (they’re pretty sure once you do, you’ll stick around too).

Did you now that RETAIL IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE WAY to travel off or online? Click to Tweet



Did you now that RETAIL IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE WAY to travel off or online? Yet…There are lesser known ways to make great or better savings on travel that even people on a tight budget can take advantage of.

This post will be regularly updated, when there is more about the luxury travel app, the app company and more that we know you’ll love too. So check back regularly. And below is a wee more of the fun we had in Budapest enjoy 🙂 xoxo

Night River Cruise - a Taste of what the Travel App Members get! #TravelTuesdays #visitBudapest
Capture of the Magnificent Budapest Castle on a Night River Cruise @Pkjulesworld
The Spa at the Corinthia Hotel on a #DreamTrip #TravelApp
One of the Spas at The Corinthia Hotel. Gals Just wanna have fun @pkjulesworld
Daily Breakfast Champers on Ice, perks of Members of the Travel Club! #luxurytravelapp #dreamtrips
Daily Breakfast Champers on Ice for The Club Members! @Pkjulesworld
Fruit Platters for Free, anytime. Using the Travel App has its perks #traveltips #Dreamtrips #travelapp
This fruit was Juicy sweet yum!
Some of the Luxury Travel App Users Met & had fun! #TravelApp #Dreamtrips #Luxurytravel
We met some awesome Travel App users too, it was awesome!

Apex of Buda 10989539_1564506853826896_6472163630585322729_n

Well hope you enjoyed some of our wee photos of one of the dream trips we had as users of the Luxury Travel App!


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Daily Breakfast Champers on Ice for The Club Members! #travelapps #luxurytravel Click to Tweet

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See, Do, and Be more!

Julie Syl Kalungi

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  3. That is such a great deal since travelling can be so expensive. I love those pictures, looks like you had a blast. I will be downloading that app too, hope I get lucky as well. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow this app looks awesome. Thank you very much for sharing.. this is something that will really come in handy

    1. Hi Steffi,

      Make sure to get on the list to receive it. It will be available to the public soonest 🙂
      And we have a few surprise Bonuses for those that uses our site to access the Travel App 🙂


  5. one day i will take you up on your travel biz – it does sound great & i do hear good things about it. awesome post…. as usual.

  6. Hamza Rafaqat

    Its really awesome to know about the travel app. It will help travel industry to grow more. Air traveling is very common and one of the best ways of traveling these days. to get the lattest offers related to airlines including special offers and promotional offers. visit

  7. Wow, what an amazing holiday you guys had and for such a reasonable price!!! Can understand how you love your new app. Thanks for sharing.

  8. This sounds like an amazing app! I would love to take my wife to Europe some day. This will get the wheels turning for sure!

  9. I’d love to go to Budapest. And I’d love to save 50% or more doing so too. 😉

  10. I am so excited to hear about this app!! I love to travel and would love to travel internationally, but just thought it was too expensive. With this app, it sounds like it might be possible 🙂

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      With the travel app creators, many of us have been travelling for years and loving it. We are more than happy to share how.
      Feel free to check out then info on the Travel Club and if you still wanna learn more we are happy to chat!


  11. This app and travel club almost sound too good to be true! I would love to get more information on how to join the club!


    1. Hi Roxy,

      We are more than happy to share some more info on how the club works. More than a million uses worldwide say its True and works 🙂

      Simply connect with us on Facebook and we can give you some more info!


  12. Thanks for sharing this Julie. I don’t have travel plans for this year, not outside of Canada but I am sure this would still be handy.

  13. This app sounds incredible! I will definitely be checking this out, thank you so much for sharing!

  14. sounds interesting. This is really awesome thanks for sharing this with us

  15. That’s totally awesome. Who can say that they go to travel to a wonderful place without spending a lot? Not everyone, of course. What a great opportunity for people who love to travel! I’d love to check out that travel app, thanks!

  16. Is the app through your business, I wasn’t able to find it in the app store. Looks really cool – thank you

    1. Hey Cathy,

      The App like the exclusive vacations is open to Membership and invitation by members. You dont have to be part of a business to use it.
      We will give you a heads up once its launched to the public if you so wish. 🙂

      Julie Syl

  17. Great information about travel apps I will be using fantastic travel plans to research will share with friends

  18. Sounds exciting and makes me want to travel the world! I love that you can make all arrangements in 1 place and that it isn’t just an app for iphones.

  19. Being a travel blogger I am always on the look out for new ways to find deals so I will certainly be taking a look at this app. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  20. Awesome pics. Looks like a great adventure. Also a great idea to travel in style without spending a fortune. Will definitely keep you in mind the next time I’m planning to travel.

    1. Hey Tara,

      It was and is still awesome If you look at the Cover image we showcase one of the Trips for members and its even cheaper than that…
      the food was gorgeous 🙂 Nom Nom Nom


  21. Thanks for sharing about this new APP Julie. That is a really cool tool that allows you to save money and you get to share it with your friends. I’m definitely going to check that one out.

  22. Incredible information! My husband & I have been wanting to travel internationally and with these apps it actually seems possible:)

  23. Stephanie D'Laroy

    Love this post Julie, jammed pack with info. I love travelling so I will definitely enjoy this app. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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