The Ultimate Chocolate Smoothie – Ultra Chic Healthy Beach Snack!

28 Days Fat Blast - Ultimate Chocolate smoothie – A healthy beach Snack!

Chocolate Smoothie – A Healthy Breakfast or Beach Snack on the Go, even if you hate Liquid Meals!

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Okay I have been arm twisted here so, I’ll let you in on a secret…Syl LOVES white chocolate and lately she is gaga about creating the ultimate chocolate smoothie. She is into smoothies and their health benefits. She even makes sure I am kitted out with a cool smoothie hit every morning…

Recently we went on a road trip and she replaced our usual crisps, chocolates, biccie, cakes, dried nuts and fruit snacks with a cooler, full of the most delicious concoction. She called it the Power Travel SmoothieI couldn’t agree more! Okay not in the beginning…There, I said it! Happy now

So, what could be more refreshing than a glass of chilled freshly squeezed juice? Well, how about a nice chilled glass of chocolate smoothie?

Really, chocolate and healthy in one breath? Pull the other one Pauli…Hang on a minute,


What Kind of Dark Chocolate Do We use in our Smoothies?

Well, apparently, we use raw cacao powder, You can get yours here. Its also known as Cocoa powder. But why the powder and not the store bought dark chocolate? I asked JulieSyl…Hm.

Syl says that according to her research, (aka Wikipedia…Ssshhh) raw cacao is one of the highest sources of antioxidants. It’s even more powerful than the green stuff…OMG as in green tea! Really! Don’t make that face! 😊  

Fact is its easier on the blender, and it does add a certain June cest qua. And of course, it brings the healthy and chocolate to this ultimate chocolate smoothie party!

Ultimate Chocolate Smoothie_Homemade Beach Snack #travelspecial pkjules

So, our ultimate choccie smoothies are…

Delicious, refreshing and surprisingly healthy! But are you ready for what this “special brew” also includes?

Gosh, I am giving away the “new family secrets here.” Well, instead of milk, water, almond mink or 

White Chocolate Smoothie with Easter egg

whatever, Syl adds coconut water as a special mixer ingredient in this chocolate blend!

Check out the pure dope

 benefits of coconut water below!







What is Coconut Water & Why in a Chocolate Smoothie?

Fantastic question! Coconut-water is a clear liquid found inside a coconut fruit! Pure coconut-water is packed full of anti-oxidants and potassium; great for bone health, keeping you youthful and fresh!

And don’t tell the kiddies, but it’s been the best way to get them to drink water…Like mother like kids huh! OMG I just committed hara-kiri lol!

Anyhoo, coconut water is way healthier than fizzy pops, sodas, colas, Ultimate Chocolate Smoothie - Coconut water lucozade etc! Hello Dentist!


Coconut-Water Fun-healthy Facts

Aids digestion – If you never had constipation you are lucky. And guess what frees your belly on exotic Caribbean vacations…Yup. all that coconut in your food. Now, coconut-water is not only hydrating, it clears your digestive tract as its easily absorbed in the body! And it tastes great so can be drank as your water…Hello children!

Mucho potassium – Why do you think Hussein Bolt runs like the wind…Seriously, apart from the self-confessed yam intake lol. We believe it’s some of that Jamaican coconut water. An excellent source of electrolyte potassium. This stuff helps prevent muscle weakness, lactic acid forming thus causing leg cramps, bone strength…thus great for sporty people!  

Fast Energy Boost – Yes Please, coconut does encourage production of energy in the body. Again, Sporty peeps love it and so do we. So, when we do our 2 days weekly fast, we take this super drink to keep energized and don’t feel hungry! (Ssshhh more family secrets, lol)

Antioxidant Rich – did we say anti-oxidants, so we keep the doctor away hurray! Thank you coconut-water for the natural antioxidants. So those baddies aka free radicals in the body are obliterated! Bottoms up anyone?

[clickToTweet tweet=”Thank you coconut-water for the natural antioxidants. #ultimatechocolatesmoothie” quote=”Thank you coconut-water for the natural antioxidants.”]

Still on the fence about coconut water? I guess I have made a great case for it then. If in doubt, have maca root instead! 😊

And the other surprise ingredientDon’t Judge, am dishing the goodies so…It does give our delicious chocolate smoothies that thick consistency so they are not runny…

 Peanut Butter – What!!!

Not what you buy in your local grocery store, duh! Check what Syl discovered and we use in image below and go get some for your breads, dips, smoothies etc. It replaced peanuts with pumpkin, sunflower, and black sesame seeds woot! So be gone peanut allergies… 

Ultimate Chocolate smoothie_Peanutbutter


Now, this peanut butter is an AMAZING addition to our smoothies, be them green smoothies or generic ones. A tablespoon of this yummy stuff will thicken your smoothies I promise!

We of course ensure we have the right mix of ingredients, so there is no clash of tastes. These could be: green apples, carrots, bananas, chocolate of course, celery, dates…And now drum roll please; Introducing….


Our Ultimate Chocolate Smoothie Recipes:

Can serve 4

White Chocolate Smoothie (We use Cacao powder for the Dark Chocolate Version-details below)

White Chocolate Cinnamon Smoothie

½ cup almonds

2 cups coconut water

4 dates

½ tsp cinnamon

Nutmeg Shavings or 1/2 tsp

Small teacup shavings of white chocolate OR

Half a cup of organic Yogurt

1 spoonful pure 100% organic coconut oil

1 tablespoon Chia seeds

2 tsp maca powder

3 tablespoons Organic Pure Honey

Ice only if needed

1 frozen large banana

1 green Apple


Blend ingredients in your blender or Nutri-bullet until smooth. Pour in a glass, add a chocolate egg as above, or Strawberries, sprinkle cocoa powder or chocolate shavings. Cut a slice of Pineapple and adorn the top! Enjoy xoxo

Strawberry  Chocolate Smoothie Version:

4 strawberries, capped

2 cups coconut water, you can also use water

Raw cacao powder 2 tsp

2 tsp honey

½ cup yogurt, vanilla

½ cup ice, more if desired

2 dates

1 red apple

2 tsp maca powder


Blend ingredients in your blender or Nutri-bullet until smooth, Pour in a glass, Add a strawberry, sprinkle cocoa powder or chocolate shavings and enjoy!

Alternative Ingredients:

1 tsp raw cacao powder for the Dark Chocolate smoothie version

Or replace cacao powder with dark chocolate

Coconut oil with almond butter 

2 cups unsweetened almond milk OR 

Unsweetened soya milk – 2 cups 

A carrot or 2 (depending on size)

2 sticks of Celery

For Breakfast, we add a ½ a cup of home-made granola, again it thickens it too!

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Dr. Pauli Kalungi 😀

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