Our Trip to Tucson Arizona, A Hilton Resort!

Our Trip to Tucson Arizona! #visittucson

Our Trip to Tucson Arizona and the Hilton El Conquistador Tennis and Golf Resort! 

Our Trip to Tucson Arizona! #worldtravel #traveltuesday

The Majestic entrance to The Hilton El Conquistador @Pkjulesworld

Today we’re going to share about a trip we took a wee bit back. It was a trip to Tucson Arizona and it was so much fun. Interesting thing about our trip to Tucson Arizona is we’d not heard of many people visiting Tucson. We learnt two things that correspond with a trip to Tucson Arizona:

  1. Most people want to visit the Grand Canyons which is more on the Phoenix side and have these on their bucket list.
  2. Not many people have heard about the Sabino Canyons in Tucson AZ.

We are gonna cover some of the things that we enjoyed and give you some little tips and tricks if you ever do plan on visiting  Tucson Arizona. Also, we want to give a shout-out to my cousin Charles Makayi and his wife Melissa for the extra fun we had on our trip to Tucson Arizona!

First of all, we flew to Dallas Fort Worth, TX with KLM which was a nice uneventful flight. From there we took a local flight to Tucson Airport arriving at 6pm. The ride from the airport to our Hotel, the Hilton Tucson El Conquistador Golf & Tennis Resort in Tucson was uneventful as well; although we were exhausted from the 16 hr journey…

Guess what, our exhaustion literally lifted when we arrived at this hotel…Jaw dropping oasis in the AZ desert! We will go deeper into this hotel yet…

A mini Carribean luxury trip to Tucson Arizona. #visittucson #worldtravel

It is not your young party type resort. It is definitely a more mature crowd and family type real estate. If you’re looking for a young party hotel/resort, clubbing and all that stuff, you’re really not going to find it at the Hilton El Conquistador. You’re going to find a more sophisticated upscale crowd because this isn’t your $39 motel or booze trip. Its also tucked out of town thus out of the way. In fact we did find a group of execs having a blast on their closing company reward program. We too had a business conference there with some of Paul’s consultants and we had decided to have a whole week added to the 3 day event, and had an absolute blast with Dr Tiku and Co.

The Highlights of our trip to Tucson Arizona:

Let’s get to the fun parts – The Accommodation:

This was where most of the fun was by the way. Located at 10000 North Oracle Road, Tucson Az. the Hilton el Conquistador Tennis and Golf resort was a pleasure to behold and stay at, period! Its apparently set on 500 acres of Sonoran Desert at the foot of the Catalina Mountains foothills. A welcome green oasis in a really hot dry desert (Resort info)!

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We stayed in a suite in the main building with a balcony overlooking the Mountain side as we’d requested! There was the above mentioned party going on pool side on our arrival and we were here to relax, re-group and have a bit of business as well. So sleeping was important away from the noise going on…mind you they were not rowdy, just dancing, music playing till 1 am. We had been advised that its best to ask for a suite facing the mountains if you needed sleep. We recommend it too. Guests who faced the pool view gorgeous as it was had a bit of a time sleeping of an evening when there was an executive pool event; which was 3 nights of our stay. We needed to grab some shut eye. We ordered a room service light evening meal and had it at our balcony contemplating this life of Riley! πŸ™‚


The business event was awesome totally and on to the fun…

We had a couple of themed nights and had the most amazing meals and fun activities.  It was awesome. We totally recommend that you arrange a lunch or dinner at Epazone Kitchen & Cocktails.

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Or have a totally unique experience at “The Last territory” where we were treated like old world Texans with real ingredients from the finest local growers, ranchers, vintners and brewers. We had a themed night here and enjoyed a variety of dished from across Texas….with some really cool music, it was a really, really cool atmosphere.

We had idyllic afternoons by the pool, playing water volleyball, I read a couple of books, or simply took in the Texan sun and topped up our tans lololol. We literally didn’t have much room to enjoy the cuisine at the poolside restaurant aptly called “Dessert Springs Grill.” Because guess what, the breakfast at El Conquistador served at the Sundance Café is the biggest most filling breakfast we have ever had the pleasure to partake in the USA, despite the large portions, in US anyway. This resort takes breakfast portions to whole new level. In addition to the all you can eat breakfast buffet, they have a set “continental section” with portions that you don’t need to even look at the cooked breakfast, whether you like extra size portions or not.  Filling doesn’t begin to describe this. We literally didn’t need to eat lunch because we felt that full all day.

Our Trip to Tucson Arizona! DSC03446 DSC03448

And yet the Dessert Springs Grill also had an endless drinks policy if you purchased a drink or portion of food…! You could have sodas, ales, yogurt, all day bottomless. To say we fell in love with this hotel on our trip to Tucson is an understatement!

Let’s talk about the Dessert Springs Grill surrounds aka the resort pool and water park! It is a children’s dream come true with splashing slides and rock pool, Jacuzzi and a normal adults 25 m pool.  In the surrounding dessert environment of dry hilly sides and cacti, the El Conquistador is a green oasis.

Its surrounded by beautifully manicured lawns, with various themes, Koi ponds, palm trees, flowers in bloom, all kept sparkling fresh by sprinklers that work overtime all day.  The green was so green as in outside of Africa I hadn’t seen such perfect greenery and it’s so beautiful. It really was/is breath taking!

7 Our Trip to Tucson Arizona #TravelTuesday #WorldDestinations #Travel

If you are a fitness buff:

Well for our trip to Tucson Arizona, we had planned to simply chill out by the pool. But Paul likes to work out of a morning, so he utilized the gym facilities. I chose to have a spa moment and while we were aware of the others we didnt really use them. But for your information they do provide the following for your health and fitness:

A Golf course, walking/ jogging trail &tracks, hiking trail, tennis courts, A putting green, your pools of course, driving range and a basketball court. I think they had more but these are the ones we actually noticed or simply took a bit of a tour of.

Okay we mentioned the Sabino Canyons…Why? Because my cousin kept insisting it would be a great trip to go. We even planned it and put aside a day to go canyon walking as we imagined they were like the Grand canyons? Then we were told by the hotel concierge that they were nothing like the Grand canyon and that we would be sorely disappointed if we went with that idea in mind. They instead suggested a shopping trip where we could pass by the canyons and take some photos at least. We jumped at that instead and thus didn’t really see the canyons in details though we did take a photo of the entrance to the trails. πŸ™‚  Also that it would take two days out and back. So instead we spent the day/evening visiting and had a barbeque with my cousin. It was hilarious seeing a real life tarantula for the first time in our lives and he goes, touch them they are harmless…what! Hmmm No thanks!

The guests who actually visited ad walked the canyons came back with stories that made us feel like we had missed out on a life opportunity. So we recommend you go visit the Sabino canyons if you take a trip to Tucson Arizona.

Shopping in Tucson Arizona:

Our final stop was of course shopping in Tucson! We spent the day at the Shopping centre which is huge. We picked up some goodies in VS, comparing it to the one in the Trafford Centre Manchester UK, it was really, really nice. We tried out some bites in the various eateries in the shopping town aht are not common to UK snacks or light meals. So if you do go to Tucson AZ, make sure you stop in at…The Tucson Mall! Apparently the city’s leading retail destination and largest shopping center in Southern Arizona. We noted amongst others JC Pennys, Sears, Macy’s, Dillard’s, Banana Republic, BevMO, Foot Locker, American eagles outfitters, Gamers Warehouse, etc.

The eateries included: The Cheesecake factory, oh yeah; Mimi’s Café , California Pizza Kitchen, Olive garden, Red Robin, Shane’s Rib Shack and lots of smaller ones for Ice creams, snacks etc. We couldn’t end our trip to Tucson without picking up some signature Saguaros or giant cacti souvenirs local to this area. enjoy our images below as you deffo add a  trip to Tucson Arizona to your bucket list! 

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If you want assistance in locating the best vacation package for Tucson or even the grand canyon, feel free to reach out to us. You can email me wife, julie@juleskalpauli.com and we’d be more than happy to pull up some options for you. Hope you got benefit from our wee trip to Tucson Arizona and the Hilton Resort and here’s to you seeing the world! Enjoy our lil photies πŸ˜€ 

Trip to Tucson Arizona, Shopping at Tucson Mall! #tucsonshopping

Shopping or was it Kodak moments at Tucson Mall!

The Good life when you Visit Tucson Arizona! #Tucsonmoments #LG

Visiting with Cousin Charles and wife.

3 (2) 4 2 Take a Surprise Trip to Tucson Arizona! #Dreamtrips #Travelapp

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