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Traveling to a Tropical Destination

Traveling to a tropical Paradise? Travellers’ Tips Part #1

Traveling to a Tropical Destination What to Do – Travellers Tips Part #1

Well, what can we say, we both grew up in the tropical sun of Uganda where we frolicked in the sun all hours for years and thus thought black don’t crack?

19 years in Europe and we beg to differ today. We need sun cream and block, we definitely feel the heat of the tropical sun and don’t get me started on mosie bites.

So, if you are traveling to a tropical destination, take our word for it, you need these traveller’s tips and then some.

Top of that list is DO NOT under any circumstances forget your First Aid Kit. You can learn what to include in it via our comprehensive post here.

In addition to your kit, you might like to check out what to pack for a trip to Africa. After all most of Africa is Tropical. At least the part we visit a heck of a lot. 😉


On our first trip to Africa from UK, our GP gave us a list of dos and don’ts. Which we have modified to suit our lives and needs. And now to the common-sense travellers’ tips that we have found isn’t so common…

DO NOT under any circumstances forget your First Aid Kit. Click to Tweet


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Travel to A Tropical Destination – The Low Down


#1. Hydrate hydrate hydrate

In hot climates, you should drink as much water, fluids as possible anyway. Even more than you think you might need. Tropical can sometimes mean oven-like heat. 

Avoid alcohol at least during the hottest hours as it dehydrates your body. Instead take extra salt with food or add a pinch in your water/coffee/tea. Just a little. We dont want you over doing things now. 

This is because you will be sweating a lot and that means you lose some nutrients and must replenish!

Life Defender Active Water Filter Bottle for your African Trip.


#2. Drinking Water – Be safe

In many tropical countries, diseases can be caught from contaminated water. To reduce the risk, drink bottled water all the time or make sure its been boiled hard. How about you take a Water bottle and water Filter at the same time. Cool sexy and life saving. Ours look like the image on right. Get yours here


Even brushing your teeth should be done with bottled or filtered water. 

Avoid Ice cubes in your drinks, you have no clue what water was used to make them. If you must have a chilled drink, how about you ask for a bowl of ice and sit your glass of drink in it.

You will avoid the Cholera, Typhoid, Dengue fevers and their cousins.


You will avoid the Cholera, Typhoid, Dengue fevers and their cousins. Click to Tweet


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The Winning Planner

#3. Eating Food -Again be safe

Outside of North America, Australia and Europe, never assume that food is safe unless you know it has been thoroughly or freshly cooked or cleaned. Don’t eat raw shell fish, avoid salads, uncooked veg and peeled fruits.


#4. Insects aren’t ya mates

Traveling to a Tropical Destination - Insect repellent Many bites can transmit diseases in the tropics and those that don’t transmit leave a very nasty sting. So, use an insect repellent on exposed skin. We buy one that contains Deet for maximum protection Get yours right here. 

We also buy an insect repellent light at the Airport in Duty free (less weighed hand luggage). 😉 This light attracts them mosies aka mosquitoes and other flying insects and zaps them. Job done.

Now if you are unlucky enough to be bitten by a tick, you can remove it by pulling it at right angles of its skin. And pray you haven’t got Lyme disease

And as for leeches, simply cover them with salt, it burns them off. Or if you aren’t a bit of a mama’s boy/girl burn it off with a lighter.

bites can transmit diseases in the tropics and those that don’t transmit leave a very nasty sting. Click to Tweet


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#5. Lets Tall about S.E.X and the Dress code.

This is not just about traveling to a tropical paradise and getting down and dirty with that sexy 6 pack abs barista… It’s about self-preservation anywhere.

Hep B and HIV infections (AIDS) are risks in all parts of the world to varying degrees. They can be transmitted sexually.

Casual sex is naff and unsatisfying emotionally…and it IS RISKY. Condoms MUST always be used, BUT remember they are not 100% shock proof. In Africa, God knows how long they have been on a shop shelf in the tropical heat!

So how about you hang in there till you get back to your usual man stud or babe!

Now to Dressing. You don’t want to swoon over with heat stroke do ya? Nor do you want to be consumed alive by man eating insects lolol. Just dress appropriately to the weather. And you might like to check out our Travel Habits article to be on the safe side on this subject. 

In the heat, go light-coloured, loose fitting breathable material outfits.

Long trousers and sleeps will protect you from that excessive midday heat and mosquito bites later in the evening.

A broad rimmed hat will cover your ID aka face and head as well as bring the sexy factor in. And of course, that 50SPF sun cream can do on those days when you go short sleeved and sexy beach shorts.


#6. Disease Prevention – Get Those Jabs in

Yes, I am talking Vaccination. My friend you’d rather get 50 injections on prevention rather than cure any disease. Period. There are several diseases preventable by vaccination.

So I will list what you wanna go to that GP or Tropical Medicine center for before your trip to that tropical beach paradise:

  • Cholera
  • Malaria
  • Typhoid
  • Hepatitis A & B
  • Tetanus
  • Yellow fever – Once done valid for life at time of publishing
  • Meningitis
  • Diphtheria
  • Polio
  • And Rabies

Consult your GP on whether you need any or all the above before you Travel to any Tropical, Mediterranean or outside countries. 😊

Before we close out on travelling to a tropical paradise let’s talk about malaria.

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Tropical Paradise Mr Nasty – Malaria

When traveling to a malaria risk country You MUST Speak with your Doctor or practice Nurse, about some preventative steps.

Malaria can be Fatal, take its prevention very seriously. It would make you feel really horrible, every joint hurts, everything tastes like poop and you are hot and cold in the same breath. Put simply you would feel so crappy, simply the worst feeling. Not worth it saving a few bob only to catch it.

The good news is, anti-malaria tablets can be taken, 1 tablet once a week, one week before travel and once a week throughout the duration of your stay and for 4 weeks after return.

For anyone under 40 kg body weight or under 12 years old, they have to take a daily tablet while you are abroad.

In addition to the tablets, you need to go ninja in protection. Avoid Mosquito bites especially in the evenings.


So, wear long sleeved clothing and trousers. Use an insect repellent and sleep under a well tucked in Treated Mosquito net. Yes #YW 😉 

Next Week, we shall talk about Your Trip and of course More Awesome Tips that will be Travellers Tips Part #2 Look out for it. 

Meantime Start Packing don’t forget any thing by using out Ultimate Packing List.

Use our Search bar on the right for more tips on what to wear for your trip, Savvy travel tips etc etc.

Bon Voyage.

And if you enjoyed our Traveling to a Tropical Destination tips, then go ahead and plan your trip like a ninja. Do Share on Facebook… And




See, Do, and Be more!

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  1. Jeannette (Jay Joy)

    This is great advice. Your $ex advice is on point. I can’t believe people are doing casual $ex still nowadays with all the mess going around. I pray conviction and turning to Jesus for people.

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    You have some great advice in here including the vaccinations, etc. Thank you for sharing this with everyone.

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  9. I NEED THAT. Mosquitos keep getting in my house and biting me. I have no self control either so I always itch them. it’s so annoying.

  10. I travel in a very hot climate and most of these tips apply to here as well. I traveled to malaria destinations before and I never took any medicine. They have too many side effects and are too harmful. I prefer to just be careful and use a high DEET repellent.

  11. Such great tips for a safe vacation.. I will keep this in mind to have myself protected before any trip.

  12. Maartje van Sandwijk

    Always be careful when drinking water when somewhere tropical! And definitely drink enough of it

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