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7 Ways o Avoid The most common Sneaky Airline Fees. #traveltips #airtravel #TravelTuesday

7 Ridiculously Sneaky Airline Fees and How to Avoid them|


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Whats i my Carry-on - Trave essentials

Travel Carry-on Essentials – Everything you need in a Hold all!

Everything you will ever need in your Travel Carry-On Bag or Hand Luggage for a Flight – Travel Essentials

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The Best Flight Deals Websites for your long haul flights! #cheapairfare

10 Secret Places for the Best Flight Deals!

Best Flight Deals: This article describes a process for getting the cheapest airfare every time.

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How to Fly First Class at Economy Price - What we have done! #traveltips #luxurytravel

How to Fly First Class at Economy Price 2017 and Beyond!

Wanna Know How to Fly First Class at Economy Price From this Year onward?  Here are our 7 Steps! #7 is our Favorite! 

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Manifest Travel_Law of Attraction| Pkjulesworld

How we Manifest Travel with our Thoughts – The Law of Attraction!

Do You Know How to Manifest Travel? In this Post I share how We use the Law of Attraction to Manifest what we Desire -Travel Special!

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10 Easy Ways to Travel for Free without Airmiles! #Freetraveltips #TravelTuesdays

10 Easy Ways to Travel for Free without Air miles!

10 Easy Ways to Travel for Free this Christmas & Beyond without Spending hours Shopping on Airline Air Miles! #4 is our Fav! 

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11Things to AVOID before booking a hotel #traveltips

11 Things to AVOID When Booking a Hotel

We share 11 Things to AVOID When Booking a Hotel for our next Vacation or Business Trip!

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We often forget about the “Little” extra travel costs that Do gobble up your budget before your flight even takes off! #vacationcosts

16 Sneaky Travel Costs That Add Up Quickly!

16 Basic Items that add to the Average Vacation Cost? – Pkjulesworld

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6 Effective Ways to Start a Conversation with a Stranger on a Flight #traveltips #flighttips

How to Start a Conversation on a Flight, Trip, Train or Bus -Pkjulesworld

6 Proven Tips Guaranteed to Start a Conversation on your travels Be it on a plane, train, bus, or beach #5 is our favorite

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20 Nasty & Common Tourist Scams You Should Avoid!

20 Common Traveller and Tourist Scams You Can Avoid today and enjoy your time away!

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