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40 thoughts on “How to Travel Like a Local in Europe or Any Destination!”

  1. Great tips Julie. You definitely have more fun if you take a little time to research the area you are going. Renting a car and go to those out of the way places can be fun too.

  2. I am so glad you mentioned to pack your manners. Coming out of an airline family and working for an airline myself I have been all over the place. There have been times I have been embarrassed to be an American. I can see why the term ugly American was coined!

  3. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Thank you for these tips. Every time I head out to a different country, I do my research on the do’s and don’ts, their culture and their norms. I would want to explore like a local, and be respectful of the people and the country I visit.

  4. travel blogger

    Great tips! It is important to be prepared on vacation and do your research so you don’t look like an obvious tourist. I would love to hire a car on my next trip. What a good idea!

  5. Rachel Teodoro

    So many great tips! I love to really see the areas that I’m visiting. Sure gives you a better experience!

  6. What a helpful tips! I would love to travel abroad but need more time to settle all things before that.

  7. This is so good! Europe has been on my travel bucket list for frikkin ever, but I don’t want to do just the tourist spots. Saving this for my future trip 😀

  8. Some really great tips. Especially about the road trip. I am currently taking driving lessons just for this main purpose for my daughter and I.

  9. agree with this. I always try to immerse my self in a community to really understand their culture. And yes I do a few of these things really makes you feel as if you live there 😉

  10. Also if you have friends in the country, you can arrange a road trip with them…. I’ve done it in Germany and Belgium and it was the best.

  11. My Teen Guide

    I always have a rule of thumb when traveling abroad – You have to adapt to the locals, don’t expect them to do that to you, just because you are a tourist in their country. I also research about their culture to know more about their do’s and don’ts and what they consider to be taboo. Dressing appropriately is to be considered seriously.

  12. Tiara Wilson

    These are some incredible tips! I always love traveling abroad, because I was raised abroad and it’s so beautiful to me, to be able to experience another countries food & culture.

  13. Great tips. Packing your manners should be a must in life all the time. 🙂 I would love to travel abroad, but I don’t think it’s in my future. 🙁

    1. Yes Tonya,
      So many of us leave our manners and simple courtesies behind when we go on Holiday or a trip. We hope you find the time and resources to take a trip every so often.

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