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travel health choices - Lifestyle changes tha could make your travels that much more fun. #travelwellness

Pkjulesworld Travel Health Choices!

Everyone Should Have Daily Health Choices, But how about when you travel? In this Post we share our Travel Health Choices!

Most of us have daily routines, whether intentional or simply drifting along in a kind of specific way. I mean we all get up, go toilet, brush our teeth…(Well some of us) etc. But how about your Travel Health Choices? Do you have a routine for when you travel?

Lets Talk about Your Travel Health Choices!

See, when you travel you are out of your “Comfort Zone” that place we call home. We assume you made it secure? Ohh you aint sure? Go check out our episode on the smart things to do before you leave home.

Right so this post is not about what you are thinking. Its a pretty short but sweet guide to what you can do to boost your health and well-being even when  you travel.

You can of course take your travel first aid kit, a must do. And you cant be worrying about what you did or didn’t pack. So what is this about then?

Ultimate smart Travel Guide for the savvy traveller

Lets dive in…



Travel health Choices – Favorite Meal – Breakfast

We love a full English…dont judge ;) And it can be as nutritious as you can make it. Very filling and can take you for hours before your tummy demands a refill. So what do we choose as a healthy choice:

Eggs royale – poached egg, with smoked salmon in flat bread, (usually in a muffin), with mayo. 

Free-range Chicken Sausage – an acquired taste but ohh so yummy and healthier than Beef. Or maybe horse meat…who knows what they may put in sausage.

Mushrooms – steamed with a spray of virgin olive oil, Grilled Tomato, A hash brown…well cant be anything but…

That cup of organic fruits infused tea and bowl of steel cut oats and we are good to hit those tourist trails. ;) 

Definitely add a bowl of fresh fruit, a glass of Fresh juice and a tab of organic yogurt. 

With food its good to know its origin, maybe provenance, what its made from and how it was prepared. The less fried or microwaved the better. More raw,  steam, grill, or simply boiled is fab.


Travel health Choices – Our Go-To Remedy

Activated Charcoal tablets. Trust me you want Charcoal tablets – yes very well documented in various posts on here.

Every kitchen and travel hand luggage must have this. Thing is, every time you go somewhere new, you introduce new cuisine to your system. Your poor tummy doesn’t know what has hit it sometimes, so it goes on strike… 

You could take exclusive ownership of the bog house for hours if you dont have charcoal tablets on hand.  You can Purchase Charcoal tablets Here. 

Pro Tip: Our GP gave us this tip 10 years ago. Pop 1-2 charcoal tablets and chew on them at least 30 mins before your meal. Then you can chomp away at anything without getting holiday tummy. (Disclaimer – unless its a serious bacteria or virus in the food. Otherwise you can survive any exotic cuisine.) 

[clickToTweet tweet=”Pop 1-2 charcoal tablets and chew on them at least 30 mins before your meal. #travelwellness #healthchoices” quote=”Pop 1-2 charcoal tablets and chew on them at least 30 mins before your meal.”]

Travel health Choices – Keep Fit and Sexy

Keeping fit should be one of your travel must dos. Unless you are going to spend hours walking the tourist trail thus getting your sweat on.

You must spend at least 30 mins a day exercising. Remember you are stuffing your face with all the hotel goodies…ya gotta burn it off. Unless you intend to partake of our 5 Days Post Travel Detox

Healthy exercise can be gym work or swimming if the accommodation has a gym/pool. This underpins your regular activity like HIITS, Running, Jogging, Biking, Aerobic dancing etc. 

How about you walk on the beach for 30 mins! Sand adds a level of resistance as you walk, meaning you do more. And it acts as an exfoliant for your hard heel skin…You will need to scrub it to smoother, (hello baby soft heels.)

We did this daily in Punta Cana, the views were breathtaking and we got to eat whatever we wanted. It was such a dream, we got our tan on too and we didn’t come home with extra kilos on the bod ;) 

Pro Tips: Walking has been known to be great for mental health, different views, meeting other people. Good for the soul.

According to recent American research, being Active 5 times a week for at least 30 minutes at a time significantly improves your heart functionality. Esp. if you are middle aged…(University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Research)

So, just doing 2-3 times a week wont protect your heart from ageing…Take it up a notch. meaning Vacations or travel should not stand in the way of your healthy heart!


Travel health Choices – Make more Perfect Healthy days

What do we mean by this, after all one is meant to over indulge while on Holiday innit? 

No way Jose…

A vacation is simply you getting  away from it all and refilling your pot of life…Yet it can be a way of over indulgence…Once presented with so much new good stuff esp. on an all inclusive holiday. Only the strong can resist and keep to a strict diet!  Be strong, I know it may be your Perfect dream Holiday! Talking of which…

We once talked about a “Perfect Health Day on Holiday”. Our Son came up with this…hilarious

I wake up in our fab hotel suite facing an infinity pool, Grab my guitar and play a few notes. Have breakfast by the beach after a competitive jog along said beach and snorkel with my sister…I win the race and snorkel mini competition of course… ;)  

Have some freshly squeezed juice with lunch that was cooked right before my eyes. Go for a donkey ride…throw in some Beach Zumba. Go shopping in the Snarzy end and spend some dollar on bling and such…

Watch a show on the beach in the evening with mom and dad who are sipping on some kind of exotic cocktail…As we watch the dolphins swim…

 From the above description clearly his perfect Holiday day requires about 49 hours long! Yet its is pretty healthy… (Well done mom and dad Pkjulesworld.) 

So, what is your perfect Holiday day like, do you have travel health choices? Care to share them in a comment below? 


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Travel Health Choices – Final Words

See how you can over indulge? So definitely Try not to over do it…and dont forget to Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate some more. We drink lots of water. we take our water bottles…very important. 


And if you loved our travel healthy choices update, share your insights in a comment below. Plus, Do Share on Facebook, much appreciated!



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See, Do, and Be more!

Julie Syl and Pauli Kalungi 😀

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42 thoughts on “Pkjulesworld Travel Health Choices!”

  1. My eating habits tend to be not so great when I travel – I either forget to eat because I’m so busy or I eat too much – and often not the most healthiest items. I love your tip of starting your day with a healthy breakfast and letting that set the tone of the day. I’m going to try to work harder to kick my bad travel eating habits in the future!

    1. Hey Amanda,
      Travel is meant to be part of our journey to better health:
      rest, Fun, good vibes, good food, lots of exercise walking about and lots of chilling out…So its not our excuse to generate bad habits, when you think about it :)

  2. Honestly I dont eat healthy when I am on vacation I use it as a week of cheating lol.. I know that’s bad but I eat healthy for the most part when I am not traveling. It’s not like I travel constantly if that was the case then yes I would definitely be more careful as to what I eat.

  3. It’s really important that we make healthier choices even when we travel. It’s something that I had to get used to. I usually do a lot of research before we go to a place so I know what food I can eat!

  4. I totally agree with you. It’s so important to have a routine or go to food when traveling. I always make sure I have a gym at the hotel I’m staying in for that reason except when I was in Europe but made sure I did a workout outside and my go too breakfast is usually bread and fruit. Haha thanks for sharing!

  5. Love your side-note pro-tip! Great tips all around, but I especially love walking around and exploring to better a mood.

  6. I am always so unhealthy when I travel so these tips are great for me! A good breakfast is a great start to the day that is for sure!

  7. Ann Snook-Moreau

    Usually I incorporate lots of walking into my vacations but I do badly on eating too much. Holidays are made for eating ice creams in my mind so it’s hard to resist! haha

  8. You have such a great perspective. Love this. Thank you for the encouraging words….it really made me think.

  9. I really like the idea of making healthier choices while travelling, we all do tend to overdo it with food and often regret it afterwards. Having something like this as a guide is a great idea!

  10. I don’t really have a healthy diet but I always wanted to try. I have to look into some healthy diet.

  11. I really enjoyed reading this article. I am a holistic nutritionist and traveler so for me eating healthy is part of my lifestyle. You have included some great recommendations especially for breakfast!

  12. We are vegan, so we have limited options to begin with but we try to do less bread, pasta, and sugar when we travel. It helps.

    1. Depending on where you go for holiday, some resorts are so great with vegans and vegeterian meals or people with dietary needs. I am sure you have a list of which those are in your holiday destinations :)

  13. Charcoal tablets? That’s a whole new thing to me. Honestly I never would about my stomach while traveling expect for filling it with new food.

  14. Everything listed here can be done at the comfort of your own room including exercises, this is why it’s important to choose a nice, spacious lodging. I like that those breakfast picks are exactly how I would want it.

  15. I travel often and glad to learn about this post. The pro tip really is the best advise for me. I have weak tummy and I didn’t know I have to take 1-2 charcoal tablets 30 mins before my meal. I usually take the charcoal tablets only after I experiencing stomach pain.

  16. I tend to eat a lot whenever we travel – I mean, who doesn’t right? But now that I’ve been doing IF for almost three months now, I have established an eating pattern which I will be ‘bringing along’ on my next travel. No more bloated tummy, haha!

  17. Oh, that’s interesting to know about the charcoal! I love trying foreign foods but I hate when something disagrees with my stomach. I can usually handle most things but every now and then I’ve had severe upset. That’s a helpful tip to have.

    1. Ashley,
      Make charcoal your must have item whether travelling or not. It will save you from Belly bugs too! So if you eat something you feel suspicious about, chew on some and thats job done! :)

  18. Very wise advice for traveling. We do tend to overdo so maintaining as much as possible is an excellent idea. Your post gave many wonderful examples.

    1. For sure Chris, many of us take travelling like our free pass to overindulgence. Forgetting that the recovery takes way longer to get that Ice cream off one’c backside ;)

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