How do we Serve Your Travel Dreams and Get you Seeing More? #TravelSurvey #Bucketlist

Travel Dreams Poll – What would you like to See Do and Be More? How Can We Serve Your Travel Dream 2017? 

WHAT is Stopping Your Travel Dreams from Coming to Life? Travel Dreams Poll…ever heard of one? 

Well now you do! 🙂

What Would You Like to See and Hear more of @Pkjulesworld? How can we serve your Travel Dreams?

We are sure you do have some questions, long to see some destinations that we may have been to. You have created a Bucket list! Maybe you wish to create one!

While we love sharing with you our travels? We would love it more if we had you SHARING YOUR Travels right here on Pkjulesworld with Our Audience = EXPOSURE Baby! 

So, what would you like to see more of on here? How can we Serve Your Travel Dream? We would like to brig to you content that will help Inspire, Entertain you more and Get your travel Spirit awake, singing and rearing to go See, Do and Be More. In fact, we encourage you to use this Hashtag too #SeeDoBeMore.

WHAT is Stopping Your Travel Dreams from Coming to Life? Let Us Help You HAve that Dream Family Vacation In the next 6 months or less. #TravelPoll #BlogSurvey


So, just to get your Wanderlust on, here are a few items on the @pkjulesworld Michelin star menu that we could serve more of:


DreamTrips Travel Club p- Is it For You?

You do have dreams, plans, a desire to Travel More, MOST PEOPLE DO! #travelsurvey #traveltuesdays Click To Tweet

We believe you do have dreams, plans, a desire to Travel More, MOST PEOPLE DO! 

Surely you have set some vacation goals for the new year, to spend some time with your loved ones, travel for work, or simply take some R & R time out!  You wanna get out more, see your local attractions, attend some events… You wanna live your life out loud, Right? So, if you are this person, we may be able to help!

So, let us ask you again: How can we serve you? 

What would get your travel dream Up and Soaring? #travelbucketlist #traveltuesdays Click To Tweet

What would get your travel dream Up and Soaring?  We have created a poll for you, so you can share with us what you DESIRE to see more of over here! We are paying it forward and offering to help and share content that helps you get excited about Your Life again.

Heck you wanna go out there and See more of this planet that you were created to Rule, Reign and Dominate!

Please answer all the questions. This will help us to better understand your problems and help you accordingly. NO OPT-IN NEEDED, we just wanna make sure you ain’t no pesky Bot! Plus, this is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.


By the way, answering this poll will help us create content that WILL be of help to your FUN, FREEDOM and FULFILLMENT…

And on that note, we wish you an amazing, fun filled, wander lusting Christmas Season 2016. We hope you have a grand time with family and friends. We also to take this opportunity to Thank You Hugely for having Vicariously travelled with us over the past 12+ months. Continue to be awesome and we shall see you on the beaches of the world in the new year!

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