Travel Carry-on Essentials – Everything you need in a Hold all!

Whats i my Carry-on - Trave essentials

Everything you will ever need in your Travel Carry-On Bag or Hand Luggage for a Flight – Travel Essentials

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Do you know your travel carry-on essentials? What you need in your hand luggage and what can go as checked luggage for a flight?

Well my mama always said when I was heading to boarding school;

“make sure you take everything so that when you get there, you got everything.” 

The thing is, you cant carry everything in your carry on…Why?

Because whatever you carry must fit in an overhead bin on the flight and every airline has a weight limit for that as well. 

Right now as you read this we are probably 1000s of miles enroute to an amazing Dreamtrip! Did we pack the kitchen sink? Nope…

Everybody we know loves to travel. We probaly have the travel bug real bad…But we aint complaining. We consider this a major blessing. One you too deserve?


By gosh, we have had our fair share of trips, flights, both short and long! What with living in Europe and having family in Africa, USA, Asia…Working in various continents. We get about quite a bit.

Doesnt hurt that we love to travel and are part of a global travel community.

And nothing excites us more than “planning our next trip on a trip…” In otherwords book a vacation from a vacation.  More like book a spa day after a your return trip! Usually stressing because you are worrying about getting back to work, school etc. 

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Travel Carry-On Esentials. Long Haul Flight must haves! Our own lil horde!

Its similar to what we learnt in  a mastermind at one of  our home business events.  BAMFAM…Not a swear word I swear (pun intended). It simply means:

Book A Meting From A Meeting

But thats not what we are talking about today. To learn more about building a sustainable home business visit our sister blog Where you will find unique techniques to build a solid team and residual income in a homebased business from the ground up


Anyhoo…back to whats in my carry-on right…! 

DreamTrips Travel Club p- Is it For You?

Frankly speaking with all the trips, we have made over the last 20+ years, we have bags of experience with packing like air hostesses! We also have been travelling with our children since they were infants so we know what to pack for children too! And also what not to pack for your vacation or fun trip!

Rule of thumb: make sure you can comfortably carry your bag for at least 2 blocks, without feeling the strain.

Avoid carrying in your hand luggage stuff that doesnt add to your comfort if anything happens that shouldnt! Better still make sure each item you put in your hold all brings you joy!  

Invest in a light backpack with wheels for when you just want to drag it and Check if it fits international carry on measures! We bought some from Aldi UK would you believe it! 

So in today’s post we focus on your in-flight travel carry-on essentials. 

Travel Carry-On Essentials – Our Definitive List

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We are sure you got some truly unique bits and bobs to pack for your next vacay or business trip right! Well there are 2 final things we never go anywhere without.

#1. Our #YSBH sign below! It is a staple in our bags, car, carry-on etc. 

#2. And our Neck Pilllows such life savers on crumped economy seats!

 travel carry-on essentials Plus Our Travel First Aid Kit – 20 Essential things for your Trips! #travelpillow #traveltuesday

This is more round my neck than In the Carry-On Bag!


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Hope you found everything you need for your travel carry-on essentials. Its hard enough having to visit another continent without forgeting that quitessential kitchen sink.   So if you got value, share with someone who travels a lot. Let them know how amazing @pkjulesworld is and Join the conversation below

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