09 Things to Do in Liverpool for Under 10 GBP

09 Things to Do in Liverpool for Under 10 bucks in GBP

Liverpool is one of the most affordable cities in United Kingdom, and unsurprisingly, it’s also one of the most fun to visit and live in.

As a result, it’s easy to experience some of the best the city has to offer without leaving a dent in your bank balance, whether you’re traveling on a budget or not.

From Cathedrals and museums to tours and beaches, drinking, eating etc…Here are ten things worth doing in Liverpool that’ll cost you less than ten bucks (bucks being GBP)!

1. Things to Do in Liverpool for Under 10 Bucks – Liverpool Cathedrals

The Liverpool Anglican Cathedral is Huge, Mahoosive!
The Liverpool Anglican Cathedral is Huge, Mahoosive!

Liverpool’s cathedrals are pretty hard to miss, perched at the opposite end of Hope Street On top of Mt Pleasant hill is the Met Cathedral or “Paddy’s Wigwam” as its nicknamed! And on the other end is the Liverpool Cathedral! It can be a steep 20+ minute walk from the city center to get to either of them! But persevere and you’ll be treated to some of the best views in the city, exp at the top of the Liverpool Cathedral!

For those with mobility challenges or you prefer not to work up a sweat the bus, Uber or private taxi could get you there too!

Both 20th Century structures, you could think they are older. The Met being 61 years and the brother cathedral not much older. Both are FREE to enter and visit, although they encourage a donation for the upkeep and cleaning of the cathedrals.

The Met cathedral does charge £3.00 for individual admission to the Crypt and Treasury. And you can buy your tickets at the golden book office or Cathedral gift shop.

The Liverpool Cathedral doesn’t charge for any admission but donations are requested.

The Liverpool Cathedral doesn’t charge for any admission but donations are requested. Click to Tweet


Jump on the Famous Yellow Duck Marine/Bus, Liverpool

Liverpool’s nostalgic yellow duck buses, used to also be boats at the docks until one sunk. Now they stick to terra firma. The duck marine is a hop on hop off service for that tour around Liverpool.

Alternatively, you can jump on any bus and take off towards any suburb in Liverpool for under £4.60 a day pass. Grab a tourist map from any tourist centers airport, Lime street station or Bus station and go as many places as you can until midnight! These are local buses so you get to travel like a local.

The most scenic Bus route is the #82, which starts in the city centre all the way towards the Beatles site in Aigburth. Or you can take the one that goes along the dock road and see the Mersey waterway, esp. in the summer months when the big ships come to town

You’ll pay £2.90 if you buy a ticket from the bus driver so do buy a day rider at the station instead!

The duck marine is a hop on hop off service for that tour around Liverpool. Click to Tweet

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Check Out the Liverpool Museums

A visit to a museum doesn’t sound very exciting—but then these are not ordinary museums. First of all, they are Free and secondly, they have lots of summer fun for the children!

So, check out the museums Liverpool website for details of what is on when you visit and you just might spend £0

Even the Tate Liverpool is Free to visit and you can sit at its Roof top café and have a view of the Liverpool Docks like no other! That could set you back five pounds for a cuppa and croissant. And the Tate is literally a hop, skip and a jump from the Main train station down on the Liverpool Docks.


So why not shake your bootay at the Beatles themed Cavern Club, Liverpool

The Beatles apparently played at this club for more than 300 times, making it the most famous Club in Liverpool for Beatles fans.

There is a small fee for entry Thursdays to Sunday, only £2.50 per adult. We are sure you have attended more costly clubs.

Mind you almost all clubs in Liverpool are either FREE or under £10 entry! Everywhere in Liverpool square is a club about or pub which typically offer inexpensive drinks and snacks, and you’ll find locals making full use of them throughout the year.

Whether you’re after a quick coffee before continuing with the sightseeing, or a more leisurely glass of beer or wine as the sun starts to set, grab a drink, find a table, and enjoy the experience in a Liverpool Pub. With an espresso as little as £1.60, and a large wine often just £3, there’s no reason not to!

You can always order at the bar, although staff may occasionally pass by and ask if you’d like another drink if things aren’t too busy.



Take a Walking Tour of the City Square, Liverpool

Did you know that Liverpool is a very walkable city? And the Sandeman’s FREE Walking Tours are the most Informative and popular.

Set aside 3 hours minimum for this tour, which are daily and set off by St George’s Hall!

The tour takes you around Liverpool’s historical sites and buildings and you receive a fully Scouse Historical lesson. Quite fun and informative. Get your walking shoes on and enjoy the exercise too. 😊

Even though the tour is FREE, it’s always good karma and etiquette to give the guide a tip as you please. More so if you enjoyed the experience.

The Liverpool eye – Oops Wheel and Echo Arena


Did you know that Liverpool is a very walkable city? Click to Tweet


Get on the Liverpool Wheel or “Eye”

Perched on the Albert Docks right behind the Echo Arena, the Liverpool wheel is a new addition to the Docks fun park.

It opens at 10 a.m., and it’s worth getting there around that time – lines get longer throughout the day. At only £9 a ride per adult and £6.50 for children 4 – 16yrs £2 for 2-4 yrs old and FREE for infants! If you are a family of 4 you might plump for the family ticket at £25!

I know, I know over £10 but when you divide by 4 you’ll be rewarded with amazing and most breath-taking views across the Mersey river and the city docks area for £6.25 per person.


Eat Scouse in a Pub

Once you get down the Liverpool Eye, you will either be too ill to eat aka Scared of heights… Don’t ask.

Or you will have worked up an appetite and we cannot let you leave Liverpool without tasting the Scouse dish by the same name…Scouse.

Scouse is a Hot pot or a mix of meats, and vegetables cooked in a crock pot in the over till its all so soft like a rich thick soup. The vegetables can include spuds, carrots, peas, etc.

This tasty meal is great in winter, very filling and warming! And it should put you back anything from £3 – £10 depending on where you get it…Funny thing is it’s not commonly served in restaurants. More in homes and some Pubs! Way healthier than MacDonald’s or KFC!



Head on to the Ferry and Cross the Mersey River

Ohhh now I am sure you want to test your Sea legs before you go on a proper sea cruise, right? So, let’s get you on the Mersey Ferries to the Wirral. The Ferries Criss cross the Mersey River estuary that divides Liverpool from the Wirral.

The Cost is bang on the money at £10 for an adult and £6.50 for your little treasure. I know not so pocket friendly but hey you get to see the docks views from a boat. They are pretty awesome on a warm summer day.  😊


We cannot have you go to the River and you don’t end up on a Beach!

Liverpool Mersey River Views of the City! 

And we at Pkjulesworld cannot recommend Formby beach more. It has soft caress your feet sand, a Blue flag, child friendly waters and you can take your own BBQ and soft drinks. At only £6.50 for a Car you can find parking way back…And walk in for free.

For a former European capital of culture, Liverpool is fortunate to have several high-quality beaches within easy reach of the city center. Whether you’re traveling by train, bus, tram or ferry, you’ could be on a family friendly beach in less than 40 mins!

Once you’re there, you can play beach volley, freebie, Kites the sand is too soft for a bike though. Or simply laze about on your beach towel and watch the Sea for a few hours. Take your food because there is no café nearby on Formby Beach!

And truly thats it, We could share a lot more, yet we know you got some to get you started plus what you come to Liverpool to see, you should be fine. So…

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