We love to travel, absolutely love it…Do you? 

Then you are in for a treat. Buckle up lets take you on a journey.

Once we used to go online Thompson.com, Expedia, Kayak, Direct holidays, Thomas Cook etc…Looking for a bargain maybe 2, 3 star, hopefully 4 star hotel vacations at a  price we could afford. Would be nice to have breakfast and a meal thrown in…Lord could we afford all Inclusive, that would be the day…

We would pray the holiday would land on the children’s school break, Or we would take what was on offer and hope to get away with it!

Do you think that traveling the world is too expensive but still you don’t mind paying? We felt the same way too until we found an amazing Travel Club…what!

Did you now that RETAIL IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE WAY to travel off or online? Yet….there are lesser known ways to make great or better savings on travel that even people on a tight budget can take advantage of.

So thats why today we are super excited to share with you this amazing news. You see if you so wish can live the life of your dreams. You can create:

…a life filled with abundance, fulfillment, fun, and all kinds of interesting things that you didn’t even know existed.


…a lifestyle that can help you make priceless memories all over the globe with loved ones. And of course be the envy of your peers. 

…a life that could have you visiting all kinds of amazing places all around the world for only a few hundred dollars!

I bet you think this is gonna cost you a fortune? Or may be we have maxed out our credit cards? The answer to both is NO!


  • How to vacation like a ROCKSTAR (can you say “VIP”) on any budget…
  • How you CAN begin to create more life experiences & memories…
  • How to design a life of fun, freedom and fulfillment NOW…
  • What holds most back from traveling & how we SMASH all excuses…
  • Exactly how to become a PAID tourist, step by step…
  • How to gain access to an amazing travel app in fact dive into this right now below:


We found a way to make great savings on our travel as we absolutely love to travel the world. The kind of savings people of means use, simply because they are unwilling to spend money unnecessarily. And so do we!


These deals aren’t out in public or for the public eye, for access by all! Just as exclusive clubs aren’t found just anywhere. BUT Hold on to your bootstraps.

The GOOD NEWS is that you have us and we love to share how people of means are going on vacation for a steal. So you too can. We learnt of a Travel Club that focuses on creating extraordinary experiences for Ordinary people. A really well-kept secret that today just over a million people worldwide are quietly using to improve their lifestyle and to travel more.

So who are we? Well like we said on our About page, we are Julie Syl & Paul Kalungi and we are world travelers from UK. Paul is a Consultant and Julie Syl works at home. Originally from East Africa, we now live in UK and do travel at prices so low you may wonder whether we are making them up…!

You will also find we have been to so many locations world wide to mention but a few:

Hawaii, Beverly Hills, Paris, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Dubai, Barcelona, Arizona, Ontario, Seattle, Breckenridge, Disney world, Dominican republic, Rome, Assisi, Dar-es-salaam, Mwanza, Florence, Florida, Lourdes, Budapest, Rhodes, Cyprus, Crete, Istanbul, Dalaman, Salou, Catalunya, Atlanta, Tampa, Montreal, Niagara, India, Belgium, Frankfurt, San Francisco, LA, Nairobi, Mombasa, South Africa, Kampala, Munich, Frankfurt, Madrid, Amsterdam, Austria, the list goes on…You get the picture!

We have been staying at amazing 5* properties/resorts/hotels and that didn’t cost us a fortune. And we haven’t even mentioned the various UK Cities we visit on “Stay-cations” Or Road trips! 

Below is a wee snippet of some of our travel experiences: 

Our Travel Club


We couldn’t visit all those places if we had to pay retail! We had to find a more affordable way to regularly enjoy and create amazing life experiences in UK and around the world. We found an Award winning travel club without the cost!

See…and is this so amazing? Not if yo know where to look or keep a open mind.

Yet its so wrong when: 

Most people who talk to us think that traveling often would be too expensive. 

They think that staying in 4 and 5-star resorts much like the ones we stay in is totally out of their reach…or maybe they will do so when they retire…Really!

What if we could show you a way to travel that is actually cheaper than you ever imagined or even better still FREE?

How about that you could earn vacations simply by being a member of a world community of travellers aka A travel club that operates almost exactly like the wholesale shopping clubs that you are already familiar with…Sams, BJs, COSTCO? And Please Be informed this has got NOTHING TO DO WITH time shares!



Travelling as Royalty while paying Wholesale Trade prices, Ya cant beat that Click To Tweet


The travel club Bulk buys travel “products” e.g. flights, hotel rooms, car rentals, cruises etc. Much like Costco does for its Members!

This in turn helps drive the cost down for members who love to enjoy the travel products at heavily-discounted prices. And just like Costco, there is a fee for membership to the club. Here is whats cool, YOUR MEMBERSHIP FEE goes directly into YOUR OWN travel account in its entirety!

So, basically, by investing in the travel club membership with us, you are “prepaying” on a future vacation!

100% of what you pay to join our travel club goes into a vacation package of your choice, YOUR OWN TRIPS!


Did we hear  Unique? Of course this travel club is! Have you checked out other travel clubs lately? Check out The Hyatt Club, The Hilton Club, The Marriott Club, The Mile high club, etc. They cost in thousands of pounds or dollars to keep your membership per month and you gotta pay an annual fee to boot to keep them.

Our world class Travel Club costs a fraction and no where near thousands! It has won World Travel awards year on year and we have absolutely incredible perks….

And as you learnt in the short 1 min video above…

We ALSO have a Dream Trips Travel App for Not Just members of the Travel Club, But for You to Earn Free Vacations World Wide! 


So Are you ready to Learn More on how we travel like Rock-stars at Wholesale or FREE well we’ll let you check this out BUT Before You do and See how much more fun we have. Don’t Worry we will wait…

And while we wait, below are some of the packages we have access to and GET 

  • Family -friendly theme park experiences like Disney Hoppers
  • Vacations to Exotic Resorts and beaches.
  • Action-packed Adventure packages including things like Skiing and Safari excursions. 
  • Huge Group discounts e.g Wedding or Hen Do’s or Extended family events.
  • And  for giving back and this was so very important to us, Amazing volunteer trips where you can go visit and serve children, people and communities across the globe who are not as fortunate…

Please note that we have price guarantees for all trips!


  • Cruises to exotic and amazing destinations for less that the price of your handbag! No travel agent or retail search engine can match our cruise rates. Find them and you are paid back 150% and sent on that package FREE!
  • Exceptional rates for travel on all, 7 continents…this is the secret sauce of how you too can finally travel the world without going bankrupt!
  • We get huge discounts at over 1,400 brand-name stores on and offline via our Dream Mall.
  • Massive discounts to theme park visits for just yourself or for the entire family.
  • Significant discounts on Major world trending event tickets e.g. sports, musical, Drama etc. Our favorite being the Superbowl in USA!
  • Personal Concierge services for bookings, gifts, directions, dinner reservations, event tickets etc.
  • Significant savings (up to 50%) with merchants like spas, florists, drama and movie events things you already do! AND THE ICING ON THIS DELICIOUS CAKE…You Receive…
  • Travel credits each time you use any of the services mentioned above…and these credits can and DO add up to FREE VACATIONS!

This Travel club is committed to helping more families have more fun, freedom and fulfillment. By seeing the world more without waiting for that company golden handshake. Its got everything to do with Travelling as Royalty while paying Wholesale Trade prices. And Below are some of the places on Our Bucket list that are featured as Dreamtrips in The Travel Club! 

 A Snippet of The Travel Club Detinations! #worldtravel #dreamtrips

So we are wondering if you are still here…


See Families that travel together stay together…

The Family that Travels together, Stays together #travelquotes #traveltuesdays Click To Tweet

All Of Our Vacation & Travel packages Have No-Hassle Guarantees!

And here they are…

Flights – Rate-shrinker Technology: If the price of your airline ticket drops at any point after you book your trip, the travel club will automatically book you at the new rate and REFUND you the difference!

Vacation deals: If you find the exact deal for less within seven (7) days from the time of booking, the travel club will refund you 100% of the trip cost, AND send you on that vacation for free!

Hotels and Activities: if you find your booking e.g. Hotel, car rental, tourist sight seeing,  costs less by another provider on the same day of booking, the travel club will refund you 150% of the difference between your cost and the club price. No questions asked!

Okay by now you either GET IT or You Don’t either way its cool that you are still here 🙂  So all we can say is And remember: Every Pound, dollar or penny you spend in our vacation travel club is applied towards YOUR Future Travels! In Reality, you’re not “spending” anything, at all. 🙂 

You’ve got nothing to lose and a whole lorra more exciting and fulfilling way of life to gain!

Are you ready to get started on the adventure of your life, simply email us for more information.

You have waited too long, Your Awesome Glorious destiny awaits! You owe it to you and your loved ones!

Stop hoping and start living Email us below today.


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