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Our Breath-taking Valentines getaway - the Park Hotel and Spa Review.

The Park Royal Hotel Review – Our Valentines Shenanigans

Checking in – The Park Royal Hotel Review

This time round we left it till the last minute, because we knew we were going local, a stay-cation if you like. We intended to stick within the Merseyside region for Valentines 2019 and The Park Royal Hotel, Cheshire kept popping up on our searches so we decided to give it a whirl.

To be honest falling on a Thursday, in the working week…a valentine’s getaway for Paul and I was just what the doctor ordered. With the loss of Paul’s dad, in November it has been a tough last 4 months for us…


The idea was to have a total relaxation 2 day get away, just the 2 of us. Considering that last Valentines was a full-blown couples Getaway at the Double Tree by Hilton in Warrington. This was more what we needed. To regroup and re-ignite the year for us.


We hoped we would have as much fun as we had at the Eforea Spa, whose review you can read about here! Or at the Arizona Conquistador Resort experience which we cannot recommend enough, and you can check out here!


So, did we love the experience? Might we make it a tradition? Well…

In this episode, we share our The Park Royal Hotel review and Valentines experience. But more so, we would love to share our 2 days with you in arrears


Normally when we review a hotel. We look at various criteria which you will notice as we go.   

This was our Valentines celebration and life top up! Following a really hectic January, sorrowful December and stressed November! So, a relaxed, de-stressing, spa getaway was right up our street!

We are true believers that life is meant to be Lived as a gift, the present.

Well, we are not ones to hold out on you, and without further ado we want you to take a walk with us Warrington!  In this case we share our @pkjulesworld rating based on the following criteria:

  • Location
  • Facilities and services
  • Character and style
  • Bung for your Buck and
  • Overall Rating… and, here goes….
We are true believers that life is meant to be Lived as a gift, the present. Click to Tweet


The Park Royal Hotel Review

Our Pkjulesworld Overall Rating 8.5/10 and below are the details why!

Location – 9 / 10

Set out of the way in the affluent part of Warrington, is the The Park Royal Hotel and Spa. This destination is about 30 minutes from our home and one can travel there by train as well.

If you drive, which we did, there is plenty of free parking for guests at this hotel! A much welcome benefit as it was bloody freezing cold when we arrived! Even though it was a Sunny winters day!

Top kudos for the QHotel umbrella, and trust me the car park was super busy, one can say packed!

Address: The Park Royal Hotel,





Facilities and Service – 8.5 / 10

At first glance you would be right in thinking you just arrived at a massive Manor House and you would be right. The Park Royal Hotel was formerly the vicarage for the church of St Matthews, which was built in 1831 by Richard Greenall. It became a hotel in 1939 according to Stretton History.

The Park Royal Hotel today, is predominantly a modernist building of 142 rooms, on 3-storeys, surrounded by acres of grounds.

Once you step inside, you are met with a spanking clean, contemporary and modern foyer with a 24-hour reception desk. We loved the Lounge bar and seating area as well as the Conservatory style walkway.  

We can tell you that it did not feel too modern. In fact, it complemented the beautiful manor style architecture around it! And the room sizes did not disappoint in such a structure

The Park Royal Hotel was formerly the vicarage for the church of St Matthews Click to Tweet


We immediately felt that we were going to have a great time here! Mind you, we always have the mentality that fun is what you make it!

The staff at the front desk were very professional and friendly. Despite being Valentines day, it wasn’t as busy at the reception. We were checked in in record time right after we had our Spa experience…No Spoilers here.



Let’s talk about the Spa

The spa was sage and not as busy as we had expected this valentine’s day! That said, we had booked our 50 minutes each Spa experience in advance and there definitely didn’t seem to be any open slots available.

The changing rooms are separate of course with separate ladies and gents’ areas! Paul conformed that the gents side also had

  • Lockers for your valuables security.
  • Benches to sit and get changed or simply relax after your spa experience, showers well stocked with soap, shampoo and conditioner.
  • There are hair driers which work pretty well. A bowl of cotton wipes and ear buds are provided for makeup removal or whatever. Large mirror for those selfies and make up lol!
  • The changing room is well lit so we ladies can apply our makeup well!

The Park Royal Hotel Spa is located on the ground floor with its own parking space including parking for electric cars. We saw at least 4 Teslas in the slots…woot!

Lots of seating space for visitors with a Glass wall so you can see the Jacuzzi and pool action.

There is a spacious Sauna, Sensuous swimming, hydrotherapy and steam pool. It was clean enough!

There is a relaxation space with long bench-like seating and rattan chairs with matching foot stools and lots of refreshing water. We did have a 15 min nap each in the relaxation room.

But we cannot say it was at par with the Dreams La Romana now Hilton La Romana Spa Experience.

The pool wasn’t too busy at our visit, and I Jules had the spa to myself at some point for ages. Despite the fact that children were on half term break there weren’t many here.

According to Paul, The Park Royal is very much a corporate exec’s hotel. He has stayed here on a business visit before.

He says the majority are business execs, lots of business stays.

This did not take away the truly fun and spa experience, we had, you can see some of our fun photos below!

If a Spa is relaxing and stimulating at the same time, it passes the Pkjulesworld test! Click to Tweet

The Park Royal Hotel Review - Valentines Shenanigans

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Character and Style – 8.5 / 10

It’s the attention to detail throughout The Park Royal Hotel that makes it attractive and why it will stand the test of time. The décor is classy not overbearing! The 2nd floor where our room was located looks great with lots of Old Hollywood style large framed pictures, as you get at the top of the stairs. Fantastic idea.

Inside our Executive Double Room, we also had?

Stylized sitting space, a king size bed with melt on pillows.

Spot lights on each side on the headboard for late night reading if you like.

Lots of soft lighting in the room.

More than enough sockets to charge an army of digital gadgets including USB ports.

A full-length mirror to check out your style.

And solid brick and mortar walls so we didn’t hear anything from next door. Although there is a clever Cupboard separating each room from the next where the sewage and bathroom pipework is hidden creating a vacuum and sound proof space. Clever isn’t it!

We honestly had a fabulous sleep!

We couldn’t regulate the air conditioning and its set to blow only cold air, was our observation. But hey we always travel with our electric under-blanket so we were good.

Enough towels, small hand soaps. 2 bathrobes provided free and slippers. Not forgetting the Lit shaving mirror! Cool addition.

The bathroom was a good size with a bathtub and overhead shower!

NOTEWORTHY: The bath taps were confusing on how to turn on the hot water. There are no clear Hot/Cold signs or how to turn it on. (Nit standard taps). We got by in the end, wasted at least 5 mins of our time! They should come with instructions πŸ˜€

The attention to detail at The Park Royal Hotel makes it attractive Click to Tweet



The Food 8/10

We had the opportunity to have a wonderful buffet Lunch. Lots of Variety, Staff were very attentive, very delicious.

Later we had an almost exclusive delicious dinner at the Celebrated Restaurant. Purely because there were not many Valentines celebrants or diners for that matter! But I jump ahead of myself.

Our Valentines dinner was booked for 7:30pm in The Topiary in the Park. This AA Rosette award winning restaurant offers views over a walled garden and gives you a sense of security.

The menu offers you a sense of history as they give you the story of the provenance of the food and drink suppliers for the organic fresh food served there. 

We had our breakfasts in this restaurant too which was truly filing and tasty!




Bung for your buck i.e. Value for money – 8 / 10

Well truly value for money at £220 for 2 days. This included Buffet Lunch, Valentines Dinner, Breakfast, Full 50 Minute Spa treatments for 2 and full use of all facilities on the grounds! Plus, a really good size Deluxe Room, use of the Gym and of course free parking!

It also is family-friendly as we noticed little ones being taught how to swim. 

Well, that’s it for now…

So, if you are ever in Warrington, Cheshire you might consider The Park Royal Hotel and Spa for your stay, based on our experience.

There is nothing much we can say about this great Old Vicarage House. The Park Royal Hotel and Spa Stretton Cheshire delivers and as Schwarzenegger said “We shall be back.”


The Park Royal Hotel delivers and as Schwarzenegger said We shall be back. Click to Tweet


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Julie Syl Kalungi

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    1. It was so so hard to leave that hotel it was so amazing and was perfect just for me, the spa was just so relaxing and calming. You should try it sometimes because it was just so beneficial πŸ˜€ !!

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    Aww this is so nice. Sounds like a lovely time. I am glad you enjoyed Valentines.

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    Love the character and charm of hotels like this. They tend to feel a lot more ‘homey’ than many of the modern hotels, especially when they are small enough and have friendly staff. Odd about the aircon not able to be altered but there is no doubting the great value here for everything that was included in the package. Nice find!

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