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How to Take a Real Vacation This Winter or any season!

How to Take a Real Vacation This Winter!

How to Take a Real Vacation This Winter – For Entrepreneur and Self employed! 

Having Lived in Europe for the last 19 years, we have come to notice that most people do not consider winter a season to go and enjoy a vacation. Only people who love certain winter sports actively look for a cold snow filled destinations.

The rest wouldn’t mind a spot in the sun. Otherwise most people bat down the hatches and “Literally hibernate” in winter. So, in this post allow me to share how you can take a real vacation this winter!

Being an entrepreneur and also self-employed, it can be hard to plan out your down time. For solo-preneurs it is next to impossible…I know when we had no help, switching off from business was next to impossible…

Plus, I found a study a while back that said that over 50% of entrepreneurs do not take vacations.

For the other half that do, over 70% take work along.  By work I mean, making client calls, responding to inquiries, checking email, keeping up with orders…etc… The saying “No rest for the blessed comes to mind!” lol! 

I don’t know about you, but we didn’t start our business to work 52 weeks a year… In fact, quite the opposite. We wanted to FREE UP Our TIME to enjoy more of Life’s gifts both big and small.

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One of the reasons I decided to work from home and its advantages, is to be able to take time off whenever I wanted…Without asking someone’s permission first!

Unsurprisingly, when I take that time off, I do not wish to bring my work with me – Would that feel like a real vacation to you?

Neither for me…So let me ask you, why do you do it?   

If your neighbourhood bin man gets at least 2 weeks off a year! Then you as your own boss, an entrepreneur, you should be able to do the same. 

That’s why in this episode, We share how you can take a real vacation in winter as an entrepreneur or solo-preneur!

Seeing as that may be the best time to do so huh… 

Don’t get me wrong, we totally understand if your business heavily depends on your presence.

Still the more reason to unplug even if for a few days if you cannot swing a week+.  I know it sounds next to impossible, yet I assure you nothing is impossible…even that word to us at Pkjulesworld simply says I’MPossible. 😉  

When Paul and I were promoting a travel related product, we helped hundreds of people take unplugged vacations And I can tell you 3 completely unplugged Spa days can be just what the doctor ordered.  So, let’s talk about it…

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How to Take a Real Vacation This Winter (100% Unplugged)  

#1. Let’s choose a few days within the next 90 days. Now that we got that departure date, synchronize your calendars and made sure the fur baby will have a home to stay.

Find that beautiful Sunny spot in winter, vacation rental, Airbnb, or Ski resort. Make a down payment on the chosen dates.

Go ahead and book your flights with a non-refundable deposit. In other words, I want you to commit to something that you cannot back out of, without losing your money.

See, without skin in the game, most people, even the most decisive entrepreneur flake out!  

So, you back out, you pay the price!  Gorrit? 


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#2. Plan for continuity of your work while away. Understand that, there are things that MUST be done and those that can wait until you are back, or another time completely.

Determine the two and set some systems in place for the former and simply let the later be for now.

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No, my friend, the world won’t fall apart in your absence, because it just isn’t how the cookie crumbles…Unless it was already falling apart before your vacation and You didn’t take these steps I share with you today! ;) 

Of course, there are some things you’ll need to get someone else to cover in your short absence. And I say to you right now, it is your responsibility 100% to train someone to do those things. Whether you are present or absent. So, start training that someone today!   

If you are a self employed entrepreneur, you know how hard it is to Unplug. Here are our proven Steps to Take a real Vacation this Winter!
Jump into the Water Zumba Class, Live a Little


#3. Systematize and Communicate: It’s time to communicate and set some things on Auto for a few days. So, inform your clients and any staff/subbies know that you’ll be taking this time off.

By giving ample notice you are showing professionalism and the clients/staff can plan for your absence effectively.

Remember you also have to be held accountable for the time off…(Hello Tax responsibilities)

Remember you also have to be held accountable for the time off Click to Tweet

Now you will also find it harder to back out, other people know you are taking time out… Remember you can take a real vacation this winter or next summer with a similar strategy


#4. Schedule your Social Media Posts – You can use Hootsuite, 

Go on your vacation and dont think about it at all. You can always get social when you get back home.

We use various tools to automate our social content whether we are on vacation or not. 

  • Tailwind for Pinterest – This is the best organic traffic platform and will deliver traffic to your offers whether you are away or not. 
  • Use the Facebook Indigenous Scheduling Tool for Pages and Groups, Otherwise FB Downgrades your content in the news feed! 
  • Hootsuite and Social Jukebox for Twitter
  • IFTTT for Pinterest, Twitter and IG – Retweet the same content every 2-6 weeks. They are getting more strict about content so Be A careful user. 
  • Like Facebook Avoid Auto Posters on IG if you wish to keep your account. Rather hire a VA For the week/fortnight you are away. Or let it rest if you are away for just 2-3 days. Instagram is one of the fastest social platform. It’s increasing in popularity for the younger generation and guess who is your future Customer? Your IG user. 

While you are on vacation you are unplugging from all the electronic noise.

You are cleansing your system from the blue light and digital radiation you get all day long as you burn that midnight oil…Building a legacy! Keep it that way will ya! ;) 

Use various tools to automate our social content whether we are on vacation or not. Click to Tweet


#5. And now to the fun part, in order to have a real vacation this winter or any other season you gotta – cut yourself off

What did you expect? It’s the whole aim of this whole kamikaze, military operation amigos! To get you o unplugged and refilling that pot of life that is YOU!

So, do this already!

Even if you take your mobile phone for say those selfies or Insta-moments. Make sure IT IS NOT for Communication outside of your vacation mates.

The #1 mistake most people not just entrepreneurs make on vacation is; keeping your lines of communication open to Joe Public!  On that note:

You wont be needing that Laptop.

Those e-mails will still be there when you get back…And remember you trained someone to keep the camp in order, right?

Turn those bloody phone notifications OFF, no pinging.  

I know, this is a toughie – (It’s the hardest for me too, not for Paul though, lucky bugger). Yet to unplug 100%, stay away from Social media channels.

They too will still be there when you return. And if a platform shuts down in your absence…Well, unless you were a shareholder, it doesn’t matter. Life goes on.

While you are on vacation you are unplugging from all the electronic noise. Click to Tweet


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How to have a Real vacation this Winter – It’s a Wrap

My friend, it goes without saying that whether you take our advice or not, it is simply YOUR choice. You can choose to drive you down the stress hole, you can keep running until burn out is the only option…

Maybe you believe that if you ate not strapped to your laptop life stops!

I say, Do Not be trapped by your business. You can take a road trip, have a power Spa weekend or take a whole week or fortnight off. Your business will be all the better for it!   

And the one thing we highly recommend, is Take a Book with you, to read y tat warm fire. It is winter after all! Make it relaxed non-text book type book.  You can thank us later! ;) 

Afro-Brit Travelpreneur Confessions by Julie Sylvia Kalungi

I know what I will be doing this winter, how about you?   

See, Do Be More

Julie Sylvia Kalungi

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22 thoughts on “How to Take a Real Vacation This Winter!”

  1. Great great tips! I need to follow em all for me to enjoy my vacation for real! Love this!

  2. This September I had my real vacation in such a long time. I am planning my next for this winter too.

  3. The post is so thoughtful with amazing ideas mentioned which we just dont think of normally. Thanks for sharing

    1. Hey Christopher,
      Whats Stopping you? I say you can take a vacation…it can be a Stay-cation or a Road trip…! Lets not complicate things shall we ;)

  4. This post resonates with me! I firmly believe that everyone deserves and should take vacations without consequence from their employer. And I agree that they should be off the clock! Otherwise, you’re giving away time, which defeats the purpose.

  5. Rachael Eberhardt

    I’ve totally agree with everything you’ve said. This is such a great post and a very good reminder for us to really have a good real vacation with no worries.

  6. catherine shane

    I love how you organize the time and how you deal with the great plans in a easy and most of all you will enjoy.Thanks for this great tips .

  7. We are taking a vacation to see my family this winter. That is about the only vacation we will be going on in the near future.

    1. Wow Lauren,

      You created a task master who doesnt let you rest…You want to ask you WHY DID I START THIS BUSINESS? I Guess to free your time right? Well you need to revisit your daily activities and take that vacation already!

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