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Summer Holiday Savings - Our Savvy Newbie Traveller Tips

Summer Holiday Savings for the Newbie Traveller.

Summer Holiday Savings Tips for the Newbie and Smart Traveller. 

With spring literally flying we are seriously excited about summer. And as you know, we plan our base family vacations before the year ends. But for most people Summer holiday savings must come into play to take a holiday.

If you are new to travel then you are in for a treat. After all with over 20 yrs of travel we definitely have some savvy tips that could have you spending way less. And having more money in your kitty for a fab vacay. 

Start with our Smart Travel Tips right here.

Then dig into out off the charts tips on how to save for a vacation. 

Okay now let’s dive in…




These are our best tricks to find those deals for your tan top up or summer safari. Who doesn’t want a Bargain? 

#1. Summer Holidays Savings – Preparation is 80% the battle

If we are taking a 3 weeks or less trip, we don’t take an airport taxi. 

In order to save on a £100 round trip airport taxi, we shop around the www for Airport parking promos. We leave our car at the airport and the last trip we took, it cost only £29 plus bus to and from the terminal. With the car already fueled we didn’t spend more on that. But for this purpose, we fueled our car for £35.

Making a total of £63 and we keep control of our travel. Making a saving of £37. 

We find offsite car parks cheaper and give a more personalized service. 

For deals and discounts in U.K. For airport parking, we check out sites like:


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#2. Summer Holiday Savings – Don’t be scammed 😳

Okay, I get it, you are excited about getting away, so you found this deal online that’s super affordable….Right? Well we thought so till we were scammed by a pay only £250 flight deposit and pay balance of £257 per passenger before travel… 

At the next payment, 2 months before travel, we were told our flight was fully booked! And if we wanted to still travel on same day we would have to pay an extra £490 per passenger!


We asked for our deposit back and trouble ensued! 


We couldn’t get them to confirm that other flight one way or other. And we didn’t get a clear email on our deposit. It took us numerous phone calls to get our deposit back less an admin fee of £50 ☹️😱😭 


Thank God we paid via credit card…this is a must. 

Hold on to your bootstraps. Get that super deal website link and head on to ‘‘ or even a simple google or Trip Advisor search with name of “Company +Scam.” See what comes up.


Check for a clear customer support service and refunds policy. This should include phone numbers and contact email. Plus postal address.

Also we learnt from fellow travellers hideous stories that: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Do they have a social media presence with at least 70% good reviews? 

Once you have paid, you must get a receipt with details of your purchase. Did we say Use a Credit card? Good! 



#3. Summer Holiday Savings – when to fly out.

Okay 👌 we don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. So for a detailed plan on when to book your flight and best days to fly, check out our post right here. Where you will find our research on best days to bag best fares and when to book. Which little known websites we find amazing flights and hotels deals, etc. 


UNDERSTAND that long haul flights demand longer booking times to get the best deals. Short haul can be last minute bookings. 

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The winning Planner by Julie Sylvia Kalungi and Dr Paul Kalungi


#4. Summer holiday savings – All about the SALES. 

 Of course we want you to bag summer vacation deals asap so sales  are in. 

We have found that we get better deals for standard holiday days e.g. 7, 10, 14 days. Holiday companies may be your best bet to bag a deal and save some cashola. 

It is advisable to get on the travel sites mailing lists. Sites like 

Also Summer Holiday Savings - all airlines do give ridiculous deals via their sales promos Click to Tweet , which go to their mailing lists. 


Alternatively, …

For hotels airlines and all deals companies, a social media follow esp. on Facebook can get you amazing deals DURING their promos. So follow them. 

Example: Ryan air tweeted their .99 pence deals and they were gone in seconds! 😂

Specific hotels, do lots of social media promos. They also have loyalty schemes like:

  • Marriott club
  • Hilton Honours
  • Holiday in club etc. 

When you join, you could even grab a free hotel stay. 

Summer holiday savings go to the diligent. We suggest that even with them deals, Google the hotel name + discount codes for further savings. 

Not forgetting to check out Airbnbs for some super home comforts and quirky real estate. Grab £25 off your first Airbnb booking, use link above. affiliation



Summer Holiday Savings - Cash Back is sweet Click to Tweet

#5. Summer Holiday Savings – Cash Back is sweet 

Imagine you pay for your vacay and get some moolah back! That’s exactly what you might get if you use a site like: 

To book your flight, cruise, or package holiday. You have to be a member though and you could get up to 13% cash back. 

Our favourite site though for cash back and great deals is 

And there you have it, our super saver tips for summer holidays cash 💰.

How about you? What do you do to bag them bargains and even save more on your holidays? Do share below. 

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See, Do, and Be more!

Pauli & Syl Kalungi


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