The Best Summer Beach Reads for the New Entrepreneur

Summer beach reads like you've never imagined!

Summer Beach Reads for the Savvy Entrepreneur

Okay Its on, Summer loaded way back in April, and the little ones can join in the fun. This List of Summer Beach reads will grow to a formidable list of Power Books every Entrepreneur, Blogger and Book lover  should have in your arsenal…

For some, summer holidays have come to an end…Sorry US peeps. For UK families, summer fun with the children just got lit! If you are like me, you may be one of those people who love reading a good mystery or love story while at the beach. So, what would you choose as your best 7+ summer beach reads?

Personally, I love digging into a good ole mystery, the gorier the better…Lol!

So, whether I’m unwinding in my garden or chilling out at the beach, summer hasn’t officially arrived until we sit on our beach mat or Sun loungers in our back garden engrossed in a page-turning beach read!

Yet, since I started our online coaching business, I can’t consume enough Personal development and business-oriented books.

Throw in an Inspirational book and you got me. Check out my review of David Cotterell’s Monday Morning Choices here.  

Every Friday, I share with our subscribers a good book. And Every week our Coaching clients in the Winning Entrepreneurs Den, get a book and Podcast recommendation as part of their CPD and Daily Disciplines.  

Now, if you love travel like we do, and are headed on a vacation, or just hanging poolside, I’ve pulled together a few beach read ideas that will be keep you learning and growing even as you chill out this summer! And let’s not wait any longer shall we…

My Summer Beach reads for the Smart Entrepreneur

And in no particular order… 

F.U. Money

A hard hitting, edgy book by Dan Lok the celebrated self made millionaier and King of High Ticket Sales. If you hate swearing, don’t even bother checking it out. Every page or is it paragraph has the “F” word.

But it does deliver on unique ways to look at entrepreneurship and what it takes to become a successful one. I loved it…mind you I dont really mind swearing if the message huts home! πŸ˜‰ 


DotCom Secrets

Every entrepreneur online must read this book. It lays out for you the basics to funnel building and lead generation that no course will tell you. I assume you do know about list building, lead generation etc?

If that’s all alien speak to you, you need to check out the 4-C formula to your first 10k Online today!

You don’t even need a course until further down your journey, if you buy, read and implement what Russel Brunson teaches in this book.

If that's all alien speak to you, you need to check out the 4-C formula Click to Tweet


High Performance Habits

From the Author of The Motivation Manifesto, this is another Brendan Burchard book.  This is NOT an ordinary book. It is a Full Course on High Performance with actionable practical steps to set yourself up to perform at peak condition all year round. 

And of course build a life others only dream about. Brendon Burchard is your hard hitting coach in this book for he doesn’t sugar coat anything. In his own words; because he wants you to too to Live. Love Matter. 

You will find it highly instrumental in helping you streamline your daily habits to success. Whatever that means to you.


Afro-Brit Travelpreneur Confessions

A real fun and highly impactful Semi-bio on how to get started and keep building to success online.

Written by yours truly Julie Syl Kalungi. Highly recommended if you ask me! πŸ˜‰ 

“Afro-Brit Travelpreneur Confessions is a unique insight into the life of an online travel entrepreneur. It is told in a quirky compilation of indispensable lessons, strategies, anecdotes, examples, and little-known tips, packed into easy-to-digest, bite-size chapters.” – Extract from book review



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The Wealth Chef

Ann Wilson, takes you on a deep and fun walk through wealth creation, multiplication and saving for a better life. In this Book Ann shares Just 5 Recipes for Wealth, and she says:

“you can live your dream life NOW, while creating Financial freedom.” 

Buy it and make sure your children read it too. A beach read I love to revisit often summer or not!

Lois Frankel says this about Ann:

“Ann Wilson not only proves that nice girls can get rich, she does it in a way that’s fun to read and easy to understand…”

You can live your dream life NOW, while creating Financial freedom! Click to Tweet


How to Become and Influential Blogger in 6 Months or Less

A mouthful of a title, packed with pure Vibranium on blogging and building your premium online real estate for long tern service and Benefit!

Ryan Biddulph is a celebrated top international blogger and all round Nice guy. We have had the privilege of having him as a guest blogger right here on pkjuklesworld.

Ryan is the brains behind Blogging from paradise. And believe you me this man has written over 126 books on Blogging Entrepreneurship and Living the proverbial laptop lifestyle

If you should learn about blogging all the way to the bank from anyone, make it Ryan. 


Bonus Summer Beach Read – Origin

My summer wouldn’t be complete without a tete-a-tete with Professor Robert Langdon. Dan Brown sends him on another scintillating Global journey.

So Robert is at it again solving murders and being an art connoisseur in search of more symbology, Illuminati and the like…Is he for real or a made-up character? We will always wonder.

Summer beach Reads- Final words

Well, between beaching, breathing, exercising, travel and shopping you just might find a moment to read a book. 😉 Right? Then what would you add to or remove from the above list? 

If you are an author, you can let us know why your book should join this list as it will be updated regularly and refreshed as often as we can! πŸ™‚ 

What are your summer beach reads, Patio or even mountain cabin reads this year?

We would love to hear from you! And if you loved our shares do feel free to comment below and Share on Facebook



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