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The Scandic Ariadne Hotel 13th Floor Sea View Suite

Stockholm, Sweden – The perfect itinerary for first timers!

Stockholm, Sweden in A Whistle Stop – A Beginners Guide

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Stockholm, Sweden has definitely become one of our favorite big cities. It is full of unique style, lots of greenery, water everywhere, history, tradition, great restaurants, lots of tourist stops and wonderful shopping! Truly there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you have a long weekend or way more days, we’ve got the perfect 1 Day planned for your first visit to Stockholm.

So, we encourage you to use this itinerary as a starting point to planning your time in Stockholm! Of course, feel free to add or subtract whatever doesn’t grab your fancy!

For instance, a man may prefer to head to the Old town as opposed to shopping. Or even to the Spirit museum for an afternoon tipple lol. You are on Holiday after all! So, no biggie if you don’t take it all in!

You could even head to a park for the whole one hour, we spent at least 5 hours in one! BBQ, music and picnic galore, after all the Swedes planted large bbq burners across several parks, just for your pleasure. All you need is the Charcoal, meat and whatever gives you fun. You get the picture?

So, are you coming with…?


Stockholm, Sweden the beginner’s guide, let’s do it.

Arrival at Arlanda Airport:

We arrived at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport at 12 noon Swedish time and so had time to consider our options. Fortunately, our family sent us a Private ride called Door to gate.

Cost for a Shared One: SEK 299 + 75 per extra person

Hiring a taxi directly from Arlanda Airport could cost you a few Kroners!

Cost: Approx. SEK 290 – 390. Which is about £45 on average the same as a Taxi from Liverpool to Manchester Airport!

It is a good job then, that there are great public transportation options for you. Simply ask at the Airport Information Desk.

If you want to get there as quick as possible take the Arlanda Express Bus, that picks you from the Airport to Stockholm city in 45 mins flat! It stops at Stop 2. Terminal 5. You buy the ticket right on the Bus. We used this option on our return leg. It was air conditioned. Perfectly set, very comfy, had a toilet and it was pretty cheap.

Cost: SEK 119 per person = £20.70 total for two passengers.

We didn’t try the train at all, but we have it on authority that Stockholm has only 3 lines so you cannot possibly get on the wrong one!

Pkjulesworld expert Tip – The “Door to Gate” private hire is cheaper if you are more than 4 passengers. So, a great option for families. You travel in style and if you buy it online ahead of time you save as well. Not so much for 1 – 2 travellers.

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Where to Stay in Stockholm:

We usually check on for our accommodation in most cities. Then we check out reviews on Trip Adviser. (Did you know that you can create your Free booking account and get £15 off your First Booking? Do so here) affiliation

Stockholm has no shortage of charming hotels, yet, it is also one of the most expensive cities in Europe. We encourage you to check out the Scandic brand of Hotels.

So, when searching for a hotel, pick a few neighbourhoods you’d be interested to stay in and then start your search from there.

You will find a huge number of Airbnb’s as well and it could be a great idea to save some money via that option. In order to book via this option, you need to create your Free Airbnb account and save $25 off your first booking.

There is also a ton load of hostels in Stockholm if that is what you want. Whatever your choice or budget, has you covered.

We chose to stay at the Scandic Ariadne, a great choice if say so ourselves at £197/for two, for 3 nights. Incl. Breakfast! You can read our full Review here if you chose to go there too.

Pkjulesworld Expert Tip: When booking make sure the room is “en-suite”, which means it has a connected bathroom, so you don’t end up sharing one down the hall with others.


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Let’s Take that Stockholm Whistle-stop Tour aka in 1 Hour!

While it only takes 2 hrs from UK to Stockholm, you may have travelled further. So, may be feeling a little jet lagged. If not, get ready to explore Stockholm, Sweden with us!

Hop on an underground or train to the city centre. In our case from Gardet to Karlaplan, literally 2 stops! We definitely were ready to channel our inner tourist.

Great shopping centre right there so you can grab some Swedish gear and worry about the credit card later! 😉

Also, at Karlaplan, you can get on any hop-on-hop-off bus and do your thing. We got a private tour of Stockholm, Sweden.

If you’ve never visited Stockholm, definitely the hop on hop off bus will give you the quintessential experience, and it’s a great way to get oriented with the city. It stops at many of the major sights making it easy to cross them off your list.

We went to the New City and walked about the Harbour, took in views of a few museums including:

  • The ABBA Museum and restaurant
  • The Spirit Museum
  • The Nordic Museum

Then head on to the Stockholm Old Town and take a look at the Palace, walk the cobbles and get to Check out the Nobel Museum.

Plus have a taste of Stockholm’s most tasty Ice cream. Grab some more shopping in the market and have a fab day. Check out our Photos below for your Pleasure.  

Enjoy xo

Stockholm Sweden Perfect Itinerary for a first time Visitor - The Abba Museum
Arrival at Arlanda Airport Stockholm, and The Abba Museum – How Apt


Stockholm Sweden Perfect Itinerary for beginners - The Underground to Karlaplan.
At the Underground Gardet – And Parts of the Stockholm City Centre


Stockholm Sweden, Perfect Itinerary for a first time Visitor
The Cruise terminal – Gardet Stockholm, Sweden @Pkjulesworld


Stockholm Sweden Perfect Itinerary for a first time Visitor
The Palace and The Nobel Museum – Old Town Stockholm, Sweden


Stockholm Sweden Perfect Itinerary for a first time Visitor
The Abba Museum and The Palace guard at The King’s Palace Stockholm Sweden.


Stockholm Sweden Perfect Itinerary for a first time Visitor
Shopping in Karlaplan Stockholm Sweden


Stockholm Sweden Perfect Itinerary for a first time Visitor
Karlaplan Stockholm Sweden


Stockholm Sweden Perfect Itinerary for a first time Visitor
New Town Stockholm Sweden


Stockholm Sweden Perfect Itinerary for a first time Visitor Stockholm Sweden Perfect Itinerary for a first time Visitor


Whew! That should cover your first visit to Stockholm, Sweden! What else would you add to the list? We’d love to know!

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    1. Hey cassie,

      You should definitely Go to stockholm its such a hidden gem and if you didn’t you would be really missing out i’m hopeful that my tips can help you 😀

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    1. Hey Rachel,

      Suprisingly It was mid range price wise and i think if you look for the right places you can get some bang for your buck … If you get a chance you should definitely go 😀

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