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Effective Strategies to Stay Safe While Traveling Abroad

Effective Strategies to Stay Safe While Traveling Abroad

Effective Strategies to Stay Safe While Traveling Abroad

Isn’t it becoming super important to be vigilant and make sure to stay safe when traveling?

Way back in the day, one could leave their suitcase on an airport bench and go browse the duty free and not worry about finding it in situ…Today the whole airport could be closed off and a red alert sent out.

Your “seemingly abandoned bag” is taken and checked or even “exploded” in a safe environment. Then it will be passed off to the media as a suspected terrorist device…to save face of course…

Please don’t get me wrong I am not in any way undermining personal and public safety! That’s why today’s Guest episode by Mike Johnson is focused on strategies to stay safe when traveling abroad or away from home in major cities!

Also, when I was younger, travelling abroad was this super exciting yet distant thing. I had never crossed beyond my own village and city so I could only imagine from post cards! Then my very first trip abroad came when I was 19 and only over the border to Tanzania. I was not only over the moon excited, I was terrified too!


So, why terrified?

Because I had never really left the confines of my country and I had been couched in boarding school. So, traveling far wasn’t normal for me.

Despite the fact that I was heading to University into the big world, that still was going less than 5 miles from home.

So before D-day, I was wondering if the plane would actually not disappear into the infamous Bermuda triangle…Seriously my geography needed checking lol! 

I hadn’t even thought of the effects of flying let alone solo travel…I wish I had read this article on traveling alone then! My mom was a hot mess…She was even more worried about me traveling alone than I was. At least I believed so…She fussed and fussed like most moms do…!

Are you a fusspot too as a mom…I am genuinely not one!

Our children travel on their own a bit and we have learnt to let them go and bless them…They have contributed several articles on here including the London winter wonderland and experience of Costa Del Sol among others.

And yet we cannot undermine the world we live in today.

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Even seemingly safe destinations are not 100% safe anymore. Before I go into all that I want you to remember this…

The world is a vibrant and diverse landscape, with so many cultures existing side by side. Yet, each culture has their own preferences and outlook on life.

It’s this broad and varying aspect of life that gives us such rich experiences when we leave our native land, forging memories that are simply priceless.

With the above diversity comes a myriad of different expectations and behaviors.

Way back in 2016 we did share with you the great travel habits to adopt today and also some essential vacation etiquette…Those two are must read resources before you go to any foreign destination!

For instance,

  • Do you know how to properly conduct yourself in the Middle East with respect? Paying attention to the social contrasts?
  • What about visiting a Muslim country, are you aware of appropriate dress codes and associated occurrences when things such as bathing suits can be worn?
  • Or what about making sure you’re not being ripped off by a local taxi firm, do you know what to look for?

If you answered NO to any of the above, then fear not, for Mike’s Gear Reviews has you covered. Check out the info-graphic below and educate yourself on all the dos and don’ts of travelling abroad in order to keep yourself safe and well!

With a couple of Exceptions: if you’re a travelling by Air. We suggest YOU DO NOT Carry Knives or Safety Matches. Rather purchase them in your destination if you must. Simply because they are a hazard in their own right esp. in air travel. If you are traveling by boat, bus, train, going camping or on road trip…definitely pack what you want!

And now without further ado here is your, Definitive Survival Guide List on…

How to Stay Safe While Traveling Abroad!

#1. Why not travel in a Community or Group type style. We do via a Global travel club, details of which we are happy to share, simply contact us here and we shall arrange a quick chat! 

With this kind of travel, you have safety in numbers, you have a Host whose job is to ensure your safety, you can be part of the group or not as you please and you will never feel alone abroad! 


Click on the Infographic to expand

So, which survival tactic to stay safe when traveling do you feel hit home the most? For us it is the emergency numbers around the world,  very important! 

Remember, to always be mindful, of your surroundings, who you hang out with. What is going on around you. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for all security measures from the authorities! Remember common sense is king and enjoy this amazing planet with the energy of a youth! Don’t let anything stop you from enjoying your travels! 

  The Ultimate Pinterest Roadmap

What do you think are the most pressing fears for safe travel? How many of the above have you allowed to hold you back? You may need our Travel Matters tips for a lil nudge! Let us know in the comments below!

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I am sure you wish to learn more about our guest author Mike, you can do so here! 

See, Do, and Be more!

 Mike Johnson & Julie Syl

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38 thoughts on “Effective Strategies to Stay Safe While Traveling Abroad”

  1. Roseann Hampton

    Lots of great information on travel! My mom always traveled overseas with a group and had a tour guide from the country where she was going. She never seemed worried that way!

  2. We are headed to Cancun next week. I am nervous, especially since the state dept. just issued a warning. Now I am wondering if it is even safe to go!

    1. Take the necessary security measures Michele and enjoy your holiday in Cancun πŸ™‚ Life is meant to be lived so dont fall for the reign of fear being spread by the Nasties, agents of the enemy!

  3. I found the graphics very engaging. Okay, the lesson here is to do your homework before you venture out the door on a jaunt around the world. Gone are the days of expected civility. Nowadays, we must also check with our embassies to determine which countries are a no go zone … sigh!

  4. I have never gone abroad but these are some great tips. So much people should know before they leave the country.

  5. Having apps is such a life save when traveling. I have never spent time abroad but would need these tips for sure if I ever do

    1. I dont give it a second thought once I have done my research prepared as much as I can and Put the rest to God Stephanie! πŸ™‚
      That way I dont give into the fears that the enemy wants me to!

  6. There are really great tips for people who are traveling for the first time and returning to the said countries. Before you travel, first you do a research so you know how you act and what to do while you’re visiting!

  7. You have some great tips! It’s always good to be aware of your surroundings when you travel anywhere, but especially into another country.

  8. That’s an awesome guide for people who are traveling for the first time or those who are returning to the said countries. It’s really important to do your research so you know how to act and what to do while you’re visiting.

  9. These are such great tips and I am so loving the graphics you included! I also you appreciate the modesty issues in different places, so, so important!

  10. As an avid traveler, these tips are really good and I can agree with every single one of them! At the very core, just stay street smart as you always do when at home. Will be sharing this πŸ˜€

  11. travel blogger

    This is so helpful! What a great breakdown for travel. It is so dangerous to travel when you aren’t prepared. It is crucial to understand local customs and be aware of potential threats. You can’t just expect that people will cut you some slack because you are a tourist.

  12. This is an extremely helpful article although it does make me worry about traveling out of the US. I’ll be with a tour group at least. I need to buy a money belt now.

  13. Gladys parker

    Great article, but I don’t think I will have pleasant dreams tonight. I think I am best off right here. My adult children travel though so I will tell them about this. Yes, I am a fusspot about my children traveling, especially alone. I will be more so now.

    1. Aww Gladys,

      Loosen up a little, live a little, the world is full of more Wonderful people than crazies πŸ™‚
      It ws our intention to help you loosen up πŸ™‚

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