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The Spring Clean that lead to the Pkjulesworld Beauty Update!

The Spring Cleaning Challenge That Lead to A Full Beauty Update!

This is How Dr Miriam Sekandi’s Spring Cleaning Challenge Lead to Pkjulesworld First ever Beauty Update! A must read! 

So 14 Days ago Dr Miriam Aka Senga Miriam Sekandi Started a Spring Cleaning Challenge. Oh My Goodness I did not expect the emotional journey as I did the dailies…Nor did I expect to go on a whole Beauty Update…definitely NOT what you think

And guess what, this is our inaugural beauty and fashion episode…Wohoo wish us luck! Hope you love it and look forward to another rare treat! 

Table of Contents
  • Pkjulesworld Beauty Update
  • Skin Care
  • Lipstick
  • Sun Care
  • Scents, Colognes, Perfumes
  • Hair care
  • Makeup brushes
  • Mascara
  • Final Words


Okay, in this 21 days Spring Cleaning daily activity, we remove certain items from our lives, with daily instructions from Dr Miriam on what to get rid of. From clearing old files, kitchen cabinet contents, to underwear drawers… πŸ˜‰ 

By the way you can still join the Challenge and start from day one….Join in at the BreakFree Zone Private FB Group. Its FREE for now…But why should you even consider joining?

Well, this challenge is meant to help you Remove old, unused, broken, unwanted or even no longer useful stuff from your life, home, work space, digital space to create room for what you desire. Or even to clear the energy so your life is lighter…you know Baggage and all that jazz!

Trust me I had some old stuff including thongs…Oops shh dont tell anyone! Pretty Kontagious had a good ole laugh at this…

Anyway, day 10 was all about checking our drawers, walk in closets or wherever you keep your fashion and beauty accessories for all that old unused beauty products…!

And this is when I made a shocking discovery…Wanna know about it?

Let me ask you, when was the last time you really looked at what is in your makeup drawer or bag? Or even your bathroom cabinet? Could that be 3, 6,  12 months or was it years ago?

Well then its time to take stock for your skin sake…

Pkjulesworld Beauty Update:

Did you know that just like the food you keep in your pantry or kitchen cupboards, your beauty products have a shelf life? And dont even start on that “I am a man I dont do beauty products” malarkey! 

If our Pauli has a beauty routine and beauty products, then so can you! I love a  man who looks after their skin just as much as their footie match…Oops I digress, back to the task at hand, this Beauty Update…

Anyhoo I know 100% there are products lurking in your cupboards that are ancient…And frankly it is time to release them…yes THROW THEM AWAY! 

This beauty update and cleanse includes lip balms, chap sticks, (no kissing girls and liking it until you do), that lipstick from 1998, eye shadow…Ditch it! 

If you can do a body detox then you can definitely do a beauty product detox!

Here is a list of where to focus your beauty update spring clean:

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Beauty Update- Skincare

Have you ever attended a home product party and got some samples. Or you bought some moisturizer, serum, makeup or lotion? Later you find it doesn’t really go with your skin?

I have…they then sit in my cupboard, for months or over a year…Applying such to your skin could cause harm you see.

Plus, I am kind of a traditional girl when it comes to skin care. Until recently I used Clarins and Clinique products for years…so I dont always use generic “product party samples.” Do you?

Then recently, I started getting adult acne, bloody why?  Thank goodness I came across the JKTaylor product range that was created specifically for Afro skin.

By the way tune in to the interview Your Power Echoes had with the amazing CEO of this beauty and skin care line here

I have since switched to hr recommended Moringa Skin cream and Black coconut seed soap. Boy, my skin feels like it had an orgasm. Way more supple and glowing more than it was in my 20’s!

To be honest I didn’t have a beauty routine then other than:

wash with whatever soap at hand and apply whatever cream my eyes and hands landed on…

This changed as I grew more mature and understood that I gotta live in this skin till I am 100…Yes! 

[clickToTweet tweet=”We all gotta live in this skin till we are 100 years plus …Yes!  #BeautyUpdate” quote=”We all gotta live in this skin till we are 100 years plus …Yes!  #BeautyUpdate”]

I have had breakouts after applying a cream to my skin, in a hurry as its just sat there and I haven’t had time to replenish my usual Moringa Cream! Don’t be like me. 

Here is the pro Litmus Test:

  • Does it look discoloured, i.e. cream or brown if it was white?
  • Has it separated?
  • Does it smell funny? 
  • Did you open it 6-12 months ago? 

Ditch the thing and save your skin as it may irritate you. I have it on authority that products that are liquid or creamy go off faster than powders! Why? germs grow in them faster of course and they also can mould fast! 

Pro tip: If the product contains retinol, antioxidants or vitamin C, these degrade and so its not effective anymore! 

[clickToTweet tweet=”Lipsticks are naturally a breeding ground for germs. #beautyupdate” quote=”Lipsticks are naturally a breeding ground for germs.”]

Lets also Talk about Lipstick: Did you know some men do wear lippy? I have nothing against that…anyways, I love reds. Yet lately people wear green, black, purple lipstick…I am like, what?

Yet to each their own. New generation, right?

Anyways, if that lippy has been in your posession for more than 24 months it could be harmful. 

Lipsticks are naturally a breeding ground for germs. Come on, think about it. You apply the thing on those luscious lips and do it again for weeks.

Save those kissers and invest in a new lippy princess! 

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Beauty Update – Sun Care

Okay I had a sun cream that we bought way back in 2012…It sat there unopened as we have had more branded products!  I couldn’t for the life of me find the expiry date so thought it never expires lol! Don’t laugh at me, at least laugh with me! 

I have since come to learn that sun cream goes off too. And it will not protect your skin from UV rays effectively. So you expose your skin to burn and even skin melanomas. 

The thing is you dont know how long that cream sat on the shop shelf before you bought it… Plus the formula apparently degrades in the heat…So if it sat in your beach bag through 2 summers, give it a rest for good! 

Pro Tip: if like me you have no clue where to find a “Use by date”. Mark the product with the date you bought it and get rid 12 months later if unused or half used. 

Beauty Update -Scents, Colognes and Perfumes

Let me tell you a secret, I used to think I could keep my perfumes forever. Some are quite expensive after all and I get lots of them as presents…100ml bottles of the good ole stuff, yet I work from home…

Still I spray some scent on before I walk downstairs to my office…I love smelling a million dollars, Ta very much!

So, what about perfumes? 

Well, good news is these last for 3 – 5 years as long as you store them right! If you store them in the sun with caps off etc. the scent changes and they do go off, I am sorry to say! 

[clickToTweet tweet=”Well, good news is perfumes last for 3+ years even 5 if kept correctly! #beautyupdate” quote=”Well, good news is perfumes last for 3+ years even 5 if kept correctly!”]

I dont know where I learnt this, but perfumes are meant to be kept out of sunlight and heat as these degrade the “notes.” They are best kept in the drawer or cupboard.

Yes,  I know that bottle looks sexy on your dresser, but the contents dont appreciate the light or heat!  

And if you have had that pot of scent for longer than 5 years, Bin it! I am sorry, I know it cost £100+ but your life is priceless! 

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Beauty Update – Hair Care: Conditioners and Shampoos

Okay with 2 women in the house and men who know what personal grooming is when its at home, we use up most of our shampoos within 30 days! But we always have the conditioner left over for way longer. How about you? 

Don’t even talk about those little left over shampoo bottles from hair straightener Products…!

As frequent travellers, we almost always come home with little quirky bottles of hotel shampoo & conditioner! Don’t judge… 

Well, according to research, shampoos and conditioners should be used up within a year of opening! 

If your shampoo and conditioner sits  in your Bathroom with the heat and steam it will deteriorate even faster than the 12 months. Plus it could grow bacteria, especially if it was left a wee bit open…Yes most of us esp. the males in the family leave things half open…! Yes you do! 

This can cause scalp irritation and even allergies! So get rid! #YouAreWelcome πŸ˜‰ 

Pro Tip: Most beauty products have a PAO symbol (An open Jar with a number followed by an M.) This tells you how many months after opening the product should be disposed of!

Yes, I didn’t know this either until I looked deeper into why I should get rid of my trusty ole shampoo pots…(Thanks Miriam) πŸ˜‰

By the way connect with Dr Miriam on her website Breakfreezone! Dr Miriam is a Holistic Healer and Visionary Coach. She can help you unblock that energy that is keeping you at D when you could be an A* human!

Anyhow, back to your beauty update…. 


Beauty Update – Those Makeup Brushes

By the way, men do have those powder brushes for after shaving or whatever..Yup those too.

Okay I confess, I have had a set of make up brushes for yonks. I wash them religiously…Does that count? ABSOLUTELY.

But let me ask you, when was the last time you washed that caked on foundation, face powder and schtuff off your brushes? 

Hm if that was less than the last time you used them for your facial artwork, they are habouring a multitude of nasties, aka germs! Bacteria, fungi, viruses eiiikkk!

Go wash the darlings in some good old shampoo with a dollop of bleach. Rinse them thoroughly to ensure they are squeaky clean…we dont want you getting bleach burn. You are welcome! 

Now to my Achilles…..

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Beauty Update – Mascara

The Spring Clean that lead to the Pkjulesworld Beauty Update

I can tell you I have never understood the beauty behind this product, yet every Clinique bag I purchase has one of these.  Then I tell myself; I will give them away or throw them away, the Mascara! But I never seem to get round to it.  

Anyway, these little products must be used up within 3 months or get rid! Yes that short…

See, the brush wont be as effective for your “sexy lashes”. Plus it is the perfect lab for those pesky germs to grow, and you dont want those anywhere near your eyes! 

Hello eye infections…yes that kind of pain!  So if its older than 3 months and has been used even once, Ditch it! 


Spring Clean – Beauty Update Final Words

So you can imagine how many $$ worth of untouched makeup, and product I got rid of in this Spring clean beauty update. I was slapping my face upside down for not giving away the new product!

All that Clinique Mascara…what! Half used perfume bottles, lippy, chap sticks, creams…Gosh, I had a full germ lab right here in my house…How about you? 

Those brushes you washed 5 years ago, or never, they need a serious bleach session. Save your Skin and Life, treat yourself this spring and clear out some old stuff. This will create room for more goodies and you will feel Great!  You can thank me and Dr Miriam Sekandi later…

And if you loved my spring clean beauty update, why not Join the Free Challenge, no selling involved and Do one of your own?

Do Share on Facebook, much appreciated!

Your turn…Spring clean time, let me know in the comments below what you found! 


[clickToTweet tweet=”And if you have had that pot of scent for longer than 5 years, Bin it! #travelTuesday” quote=”And if you have had that pot of scent for longer than 5 years, Bin it!”]

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See, Do, and Be more!

Julie Syl Kalungi 😀

JuleSyl n Pauli_Pkjulesworld

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90 thoughts on “The Spring Cleaning Challenge That Lead to A Full Beauty Update!”

  1. Dr Miriam Sekandi

    Your skin as a major sensory organ will always give you hints on what’s going on inside your body…. it expresses emotion through color change, breakouts, sweat, temperature etc. Great idea to care for what goes on to it!

  2. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I think I have to spring clean my make up kit. I rarely use it so it would have all probably gone bad. Thanks for this timely reminder.

  3. Until recently my skin routine was awful but I have started taking care of my skin and I am seeing the difference. But you have just reminded me that I need to go and throw out old skincare and makeup because like you said it is bad for your skin.

    1. hey Ana,
      Your skin is your largest Organ and is also the least cared for in the bigger scheme of things. when you look after it from the inside out..i.e. what you eat, its imperative that you look after the outside too, i.e what you put on it. And you will glow into your 100th year πŸ™‚
      meaning a clear out of everything that is old and doesnt serve your skin health so you are not tempted to use it either!

    2. Dr Miriam Sekandi

      Your skin as a major sensory organ will always give you hints on what’s going on inside your body…. it expresses emotion through color change, breakouts, sweat, temperature etc. Great idea to care for what goes on to it!

  4. Elle (CleverlyChanging)

    I always seem to have bad reactions to different people’s products. I try to just stick with the skins serums from brands I know and trust.

  5. I’ve got some spring cleaning to do, including my beauty products. I replace my sunscreen and lotions, but I’m sure I’ve got more that needs to go.

  6. I try to clean-up my make up and beauty products once in a while. But I don’t use a lot of make-up products.

    I agree that clearing up your stuff, cleans the energy…

  7. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I don’t use make up that often so I guess I have to throw out the ones I have. I don’t worry much about lipstick going bad, but it is mascara that I am scared of. Eye infections/irritation is not a very pleasant experience. I will also warn my daughter and my niece to take a look at their stash of make up.

    1. Hey AnneMarie,
      Glad you are here. Indeed i too dont use much make up, but what I have I used to keep for ages, I had to learn to let go! And creams well, same thing Best for our skin!

  8. Ann F. Snook-Moreau

    I never knew there were so many nasty things that could go wrong with old beauty products. I just cleaned mine out less than a year ago but it might be time to do it again!

  9. Leigh Anne Borders

    I am certainly in the middle of spring cleaning. I need to really think about what I have in my bathroom. I know there are things that need to go!

  10. Autumn Murray

    Love these tips! And yes, we should plan to live in our skin to we are 100+.

  11. Well said! I’m impressed with all the facts and tips provided – I will surely follow for the love of my skin. Thank you

    1. Yes! Taking care of your skin from head to toe is an amazing self care choice. It allows your skin to breathe and release unwanted and negative toxins. The skin says a lot about how much you love yourself!

    1. Great concept of decluttering! Give your self an ultimatum so that you can then focus on activating and enjoying the newly created space πŸ™‚

  12. That is some great advice. We must get rid of old makeup products because they do more bad than good πŸ™‚

  13. That’s a very informative detail about your beauty products. Its really necessary to clean your makeup brushes and beauty blenders as bacteria starts developing on it if its not cleaned regularly .

  14. I need to spring clean my house from top to bottom. I love the idea of spring cleaning your beauty products. I’ve got some that need to go so I can refresh my look and my skin.

  15. I definitely need to toss some makeup!! Prior to the mascara I’m using now, I was using the old one for like 8 months and that’s a big NO-NO for mascara, and don’t even ask how old my foundation was before I tossed it!!
    This was a great read…I still have some skincare spring cleaning to do!

  16. That was a great tip on how to be organized. I always make sure that I dispose my old makeup.

  17. Yass! I just went through my make up closet and threw away so much old make up from maybe years ago! It felt so good to clean things out and start from fresh. Great tips! Thx πŸ™‚

  18. These are some seriously helpful tips. I do wash my makeup brushes regularly and keep my fragrances in the shade. I need to be more careful on the dates of the products for skin, hair, and makeup. Great information on where to look on the bottle and what to look for.

  19. Thanks for reminding us that makeup can get out of date and to be sure to clean your makeup brushes frequently.

  20. Ann Snook-Moreau

    I just did a big beauty product clean-out when I moved in September. It’s crazy how long you hold on to things that went funky just because you like the idea of them!

  21. Kristy Bullard

    I need to do this! I hold on to makeup, cleansers, and creams too long and that’s not a good thing.

  22. This has definitely given me a boost to clear out my beauty drawers! I always tend to forget that makeup has a shelf life too. It is time for a spring clean indeed.

  23. Great challenge! It’s so important to become healthier and prepare your body for summer! I need to take part in more challenges as well myself!

  24. This was an awesome post! “I am a man, I don’t do…” – I love that! I am guilty of this, I need to have a beauty clear out too. It’s funny, because I do it in all other areas, but not my lotions, potions, and makeup! Thankfully, when it comes to perfume, I only use 2 scents (Opium & Sahara Noir), so they never last too long. Tweeting that quote.

    1. πŸ˜€ we gotta tell it like it i Azlin, Some men groom themselves more than even women πŸ™‚ So lets look after ourselves and make sure our lotions and portions ate up to scratch πŸ˜‰

  25. I learned years ago that skincare products have expiration dates. So I chucked everything out and now only ever get as much as I will ever use. So I tend to never really have hidden bottles of anything around because I’m scared to use them, especially since I’m getting older and feel like I definitely have to be careful!

    1. Wow Karlyn,
      You are super organised, but have no fear of getting Older its natural, be more observant of what you bring into your life, skin and inside πŸ™‚ Te skin is our largest organ and also the least looked after. It protects so much for us, it deserves to be loved on! No old makeup caked on brushes or whatever πŸ™‚


  26. The Spring cleaning challenge is indeed keeping you on toes and fresher each day. I’d definitely start from disposing old makeup , brushes and oils…I think I have a couple that are just idling on my shelf!

  27. Lauren Ashley

    I have a lot of makeups and I always make sure to dispose all of them. Just a reminder to check their expiration date.

  28. A beauty post from Julie, yes! πŸ™‚ Great reminder for those of us who forget to dispose of old makeup or are too lazy to clean their brushes on a regular basis. πŸ˜€

    1. Yayyyyay Czjai,
      yes I finally succumbed to the call of duty and May from time to time do so, if inspired or If The adoring public says so πŸ˜‰
      So glad you do clean out your brushes. So many people dont!

  29. I cleaned out/updated my skin routine at the beginning of this year and I will never go back to what I used to be doing – cause right now, my face looks just as good, if not BETTER and what I do now costs only a FRACTION of what I used to pay!

    1. Hey GiGi hun,

      That is fantastic news to hear. we have to make decisions that feed our lifestyle and make things even better. In Pursuit of Happy right! πŸ™‚
      Good to see you here hun! πŸ™‚


  30. I need to clear out all of my makeup but it always seems like such a waste! I also hoard samples of things from hotels and shops – those need to go

    1. Hey Cristina,
      We are similar in that and I can tell you most are already expired, coz we dont know how long they were in the shop and then hotel…hmmm! get rid! πŸ™‚

  31. Yes! I love a good spring clean, it makes me feel so much for at peace and ready to take on my work week. Thanks so much for sharing this!

    1. Now I do too Shalee πŸ™‚

      Apart from my Fridge Freezer, I never really did do a spring clean….Sporadic cleaning of certain spaces and a general weekly cleanse maybe!

  32. I have a ton of samples here at home, I didn’t even realize that most of them are probably “expired” until I read this. Still, there are still some that might still prove useful. All I need is time to revisit my cabinet and look for them.

    1. Thats what happens Esme and so we keep going πŸ™‚ Glad you are gonna release them along with the stagnating energy they bring when they expire! πŸ™‚

  33. Wow! Julie Syl, what an amazing well thought out and researched blog with a powerful personal touch! Thank you kindly for partaking in the challenge and better yet, sharing one of the shifts that you experienced. Yes beauty products are tricky because we always think we shall get around to using them and we never do! Anything around us that doesn’t get used simply stores heavy energy and generates a negativity that we sometimes cannot explain! Clutter is truly a joy killer, and needs to be attended to on a regular basis. Anyone wanting clarity, needs to assess his/her environment for Chi energy movement… more in the challenge as we close down on 21 days!

    1. Wohoo,

      The One and Only Dr Miriam Sekandi Herself. Good to see you here hun and thank you fr giving me the opportunity to Clear my energy space…I am Open to receive, Wiiiide open! πŸ˜‰
      So anyone looking to do the same better be part of this or the next challenge! Namaste
      Julie Syl

  34. Well said Julie and totally agree. We keep things we don’t even know we have. I have done this challenge with Dr Miriam and I was amazed how much clutter I had. My hand bag is the number one victim πŸ™ˆ.

    I am going to clear out all.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. hey Sarah,

      So glad you are doing thew challenge, what can i say, Dr Miriam is a Blessing that many arent yet taking advantage of πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ We gotta make sure she is nolonger the best kept secret out there esp in the Afro-Diasporan Global Community πŸ™‚

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