Our Spring Break Ideas to Meet Every Family's Wish List


Until we moved to Europe we didn’t know that spring was the best time to book your trips. Cushioned between Winter and the Rip-off summer prices, it is the perfect time for a vacation. We love spring. And in UK over the last few years spring shows up like it is summer. And summer simply washes away… In this post we talk about our Spring break to-do list for families like ours. 

Most Spring breaks we take off on a Road Trip somewhere local. Others call that a Stay-cation. 😉 But this year will be a tad different.

We have a young one preparing for their exams and another who is one foot out of the nest. Well, she really comes home most days, but does what she wants. 😉 Meaning we could get away with a couple’s get away again, very close to the Valentines one.

Well we shall tell you all about it soonest.

So, tell me, are you ready for the best spring break yet? Then, let us to make it easy for you. We’ve put together the ultimate spring break to-do list that anyone can tweak to suit their local Geo-location and interests in this post.

That way you will always have the most memorable break of all time – every Spring break. The kind you’ll tell your grandchildren about (or keep under Vault security…).

What are your plans this year?

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Here is Our Spring Break To-Do list!

READ * Journey Without Limits.

It is a book about, going after your dreams with sheer laser focus, dedication, and determination. A book about Change, Life,  Travel, fun and struggles. Dreaming, Perseverance, and Acceptance leading to Success!

The author,  Julie Syl Kalungi, offers up her wit, wisdom and experience on how to create a life you love via online entrepreneurship! She takes you through her life journey way back as a child growing up in Uganda to her life in UK. And she does this in a light, fun and self critical way! ๐Ÿ™‚ 


Definitely get your Summer beach reads ready as well…because its round the corner. 

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LISTEN * Add on your Spring Break to-do list a Podcast to Empower, Entertain or Uplift you. We highly recommend the “Your Power Echoes” Podcast.

It is where you can grab some pure vibranium on Digital, online and social media marketing, while preparing dinner, packing for that Get away or simply on your drive home after a long day’s work.

Why Your Power Echoes podcast?

  • Because, you will definitely get to learn what’s working today for marketers, bloggers and business owners.
  • Because you can increase your Value in your workplace with Personal Development thats not offered in the standard traditional institutions. 

Tune in Here for iOS:

Tune in Here for Android:

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Other Podcasts you might love:

Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income 

Neil Patel’s Marketing Podcast

Jessica and Ray Higdon’s Meet The Higdons


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Obviously we could recommend any number of museums across the globe we have been to, like in Rome, or Hawaii. But we shall stick to the local theme and recommend the  Liverpool Maritime Museum.

If ever in Liverpool, with family, your children might prefer the Liverpool Science Museum instead. They would love it because there’s so much stuff for them to do, Dinosaurs to play with, bugs to see and even play with, lessons about animals…A great spring break day out for you and them, that they will not forget fast!

And it won’t cost you a penny…Apart from that which the little ones will bribe or blackmail you to spend…Candy anyone? ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

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Spring Break To-Do List – DO* Eat Out

Okay, you might be thinking: come on Pkjulesworld, am trying to save some bucks and release some body mass here!

Here is my response: Life is a Gift and you make or break it. How about you do what Mike proposes in “Profits First” and pay you Top of your income list. That way you can do some fun things without justifying the not doing of them, as a health choice. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yes #YW

Now choose that restaurant you have been coveting to try their menu for yonks. Don’t forget that camera, smartphone and Selfie stick…(Do people still use these things?) And share the fun on Social wish us all! 

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In this space I say Meditate more, if you are spiritual or do a devotional every day at least once a day if you are religious… For meditation I love Meditations by Rasa.

You might like to check out Dr Miriam’s Sacred Mindfulness Meditation Journey & Workshop. You will learn how to centre your mind, thoughts and Goals for a more productive day and life. 

Do a Spring Clean ,we shared the steps above and yes they do work. ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Be happy, motivated and the light because all of these come from inside of you. No one can give them to you or take them away from you unless you let them.

For at least 24 hours completely UNPLUG from the digital space, this includes Social media. You and your loved ones do not deserve to adopt Social media Anxiety so practice this every 3-6 months. Then you’ll know how much fun life truly is without gadgets.

You could, get to know your peeps, take a walk, go biking, just laze about in your garden. Or go visit your parents! 

This time could be utilized to step up on your Body beautiful game so that you are Bikini ready for that Vacation or beach get away. Or simply those sexy summer tops and dresses. Speaking of sexy dresses, you can try our 28 Days Fat Blaster routine for summer. With a Winning Planner you can only achieve your goals faster

The Winning Planner



Our best natural and home-made mask is the Avocado 🥑 and Honey mask.

Ingredients and Preparation

Take half of a ripe avocado and mash it to a smooth paste.

Add a tablespoon of raw honey.

Mix the mixture well until it’s a smooth paste.

Apply this goodness to your face and neck. 

Leave it for about 10-15 minutes. You can do other little things as the time goes, like reading a Pkjulesworld post or tune in to a podcast.

Rinse off thoroughly with warm water. And apply your favorite moisturizer. Job done. 

You can use this love mask 1-2 times a week. Your Face will glow just like Julie Syl’s 😉 #YW

WHY Though? Because the skin is your largest organ, so do your best to feed it the same goodness and ingredients you feed your stomach! Less chemicals, more naturally elastic, smooth, supple, clean skin! #Bingo

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Also as part of your spring break to-do list,  Travel More. #pkjulesworld #Springbreak” quote=”Also as part of your spring break to-do list,  Travel More.”]

Also as part of your spring break to-do list,  Travel More. Have you seen all those local attractions, museums, bridges, walkways, etc etc…I bet you haven’t?

You could take a road-trip on a Sunday afternoon and be sure to observe the beauty around you.

Appreciate that you are still ALIVE and breathing…And simply thank source for the gift called life as you contemplate the week ahead, and set some mental tasks to hit the week running!

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What else would you Read, Listen to, Do and Go to or add to this spring break to-do list? Have you planned your summer break yet? That said, we will be coming up with a Summer To-Do List too….in the meantime Share on Facebook…


See, Do, and Be more!

Julie Syl Kalungi

JuleSyl n Pauli_Pkjulesworld
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