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Post lockdown travel - responsible travel

Practical advice for Safe Post Lockdown Travel

Practical Precautions to Take When Travelling –  Coronavirus & Post Lockdown Travel


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Post Lockdown travel – to go or stay-cate? With no clear treatment for Covid-19, Is it safe to travel again? Is Stay-cation safe? Today I deep dive into these questions and try to bring some much-needed light for you.

So, if you are confused about traveling right now. We share what we have found on travel restrictions, how to stay healthy, and what you need to know about booking your vacation.

Most of us have witnessed or heard about Coronavirus and the effects on families, communities, businesses, etc.

COVID-19 and the global lockdown have resulted in what I hope is a Temporary change in somethings. And a Permanent change in other ways.

Life as we knew it literally changed like a shooting star. Super-fast.

Pauli has to get to work via the motorway, the other Sunday we took a drive as we used to pre-lockdown. And by gosh the motorway were mostly empty, closed shops, food stores closed, no life literally.

Whenever we travel to Walsingham for instance, we take a pit stop at a motorway service and my gosh they used to be hives of activity. Families, truck drivers, and all kinds of travelers taking a break.

My observations are, what with the new rules on Social distancing, and also business owners have to do a lot of deep cleaning life is definitely feeling weird right now.

Before you travel anywhere, check your local authority/city health department’s website for information about local restrictions aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Even Roadtrips can bring back Ms. Rona with you. 😭

Having won my battle with Coronavirus, I know that the best way to protect yourself from the COVID-19 is to avoid exposure. Read about my boxing ring meet with Covid ad who won here.


Mind you you might have protection from your Crystals like an Obsidian Pixu bracelet or necklace. Still, you must take extra care of yourself. 


So now that you are free to travel to some destinations and locally. What is that place you would like to go to first?

Well hold on to your bootstraps and Read this before you plan or book that trip.

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#1. Post Lockdown Travel Must Do’s and Don’ts

  • Double-check if your destination allows foreign travel and if they have any quarantine conditions on arrival.
  • Be sure to check your preferred airline Hygiene, social distancing, do they provide hand sanitizers abundantly, and disinfection materials. Do they offer face masks? What Covid prevention protocols are in place?
  • Book your tickets early, check-in online.
  • Check if your airports guarantee regular deep cleaning, disinfection and provide sanitisers including pre-boarding and landing.
  • If you have luggage to check-in or checking in at the airport or Train station; follow social distancing processes. This applies to baggage claims too.
  • Be mindful that you may find you are sitting a distance from your travel mates. (in-flight social distancing). It is only a few hours. Unless it’s a child so double check your seating online. Call the airline to confirm you are traveling with minors. Of course, carry your face masks and wear them, where appropriate.
  • Lots of airlines may not be providing food or beverages. Be sure to pick some up in Airport after security checks.
  • Avoid touching door handles, so we recommend you have gloves on in case its unavoidable. And Have your hand sanitizer. 100mls max. To be honest, most travel stations and airport doors are now automatic.
  • You definitely must check the refund policy or if you can be offered a further date travel/flight.
  • In every way check, double-check, it’s your life after all and that of your loved ones and countless others who may be faced with this virus.

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#2. Post-Lockdown Travel – Where Can one Go abroad?

First of all, why would you go anywhere for non-essential travel when there is no clear vaccine or treatment protocols for the pandemic?

Most countries in the west have opened up their airspace, but have some countries as “non-grata” as the COVID stats keep coming, the EU opened internal flights but predominantly barred Americans as Covod-19 numbers are still high.

They are only allowing flights from countries where reported coronavirus cases are relatively low or dropping steadily.

The United Kingdom is welcoming USA visitors and has even lifted the 14 days quarantine requirements.

But Belgium, Portugal, Iceland have recently extended their U.S. travelers restrictions indefinitely.

If you are reading this, you have access to the internet and Wi-Fi. Meaning, you should have a thermometer. Check before you travel and if you have a temperature of 100+ degrees, it’s highly unlikely that you will be permitted to board a flight. On landing, you will be held in quarantine for further investigation.



#3. Post Lockdown Travel – Are Hotels Safe?

This is a hard one. Hotels are a high touch; body fluids everywhere type of business.

People sleep on beds, sweat, breath, cough, sneeze on bedding for hours.

The Coronavirus stays alive on some materials for days.

Begging the question:

Is a traveler safe sleeping on a hotel bed without daily deep cleansing? We all know about hotel cleaners’ attitudes…

Can hotels afford the daily deep cleaning required to protect travelers?

And here is the kicker, Most Insurance companies DO NOT Cover Coronavirus. Nor will they refund you if you fall sick. So, it’s up to you to look after number one and your loved ones.  

Word to the Wise: Don’t let the last 14 weeks be a waste. If you’re at a higher risk of serious illness, don’t rush to travel or go to public gatherings too soon.

Your life is much more precious so, it’s safer to stay home. More so if some of your household members are back at work or go out often… My advice is they isolate themselves from you.

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#4. Post Lockdown Travel – Eating Out

COVID-19 is airborne FACT. So, when you go for a meal out at a restaurant it must be safer for you and your family to be 𝗶𝘀𝗼𝗹𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝗳𝗿𝗼𝗺 𝗼𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗿 𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗲𝗿𝘀, and not simply a meter apart from them. YES?

And the restaurant staff? Is it not safer to be isolated from them too?

Are such precautions practical – or even possible – for some restaurants? Is it possible to attract nervous customers with such high levels of safety?


Numerous UK restaurants already use small transparent pods for winter dinning. And now, to guarantee the safety of their customers when they reopen this week, More restaurants are installing pods as the new norm. For the foeseable future anyway, not just for Christmas/winter dining.

Below you can see the Aviary in London. Jimmy’s Pop-ups aslo the Sipping rooms have Pods similar to the one below. 

Post Lockdown travel - The Aviary London
P.C. The Aviary London

And considering how portable and durable such domes are – and how they do extend restaurant capacity in all weather conditions even after the pandemic the cost may be a worthy investment.

So what do you think? Do you own a Restaurant? What are your plans to stay Afloat, increase eating space, while creating social distancing post lockdown?


Are you a traveler or love eating out?

Do you agree that eating out with your family while isolated in a pod is 𝗮 𝗹𝗼𝘁 𝘀𝗮𝗳𝗲𝗿 than eating at an open table with people milling about, sneezing, coughing, and breathing on your food?


Post-Lockdown Travel Group Travel – Hostels, Dorms.

We know for sure that whenever we go on a pilgrimage to Walsingham, some of our fellow travelers in “our tour group” sleep in a dormitory. This year it was canceled due to covid-19. 😭

Also, lots of backpackers and solo travelers sleep in hostels, which offer dorm-style sleeping arrangements with shared bathrooms too. 

We at Pkjulesword, really prefer our creature comforts so at most we do glamping.

But how about those who love travel, yet can only do group bookings, Hostel living, AirBnBs, etc? 

Well, unless you do your research and are reassured about SOPs for social distancing, wait. When you stay in a dorm you share with so many other travelers, boarding school style. And beds can be bunk beds, usually less than a meter apart!

Highly risky we think. Rethink that plan. 


The virus has created fear in people, more so when it comes to Solo travel, backpacking, and sleeping in dorms.

So unless you are camping solo in a tent or pod-style rooms, like in Japan, I would put group travel on ice. 

The whole idea of going on a group tour is the camaraderie, making new friends, surrounded by other people, usually not from your household. As a solo traveler’s dream. 

Today, the future of tour groups is uncertain! 


Final Word

So, you are excited that lockdown is eased and can’t wait to travel?

I highly recommend that you critically look at the risks associated with whatever type of travel you’re planning.

You could be exposed to COVID-19 on crowded public transport, sitting for long hours: Train, Bus, flight if other travelers are infected.

Traveling by private car may be a lot less risky, as long as you don’t include Pit Stops at locations with high crowds thus high risk.

Here is my last word; we can take all the precautions we like, but if your mindset is fixed on fear and dis-ease, you will not be helping your health.

Go ahead and enjoy your life with a little bottle of hand sanitizer! 😊

Our sister platform has a mantra:

Live. Learn. Love.

Love the people who are dear to you, who go through all kinds with you.

With the digital means of communication, facetime them as often as you can. And know that there is a higher power in you that can withstand a ton of Coronavirus and stay standing. I did. 

To help you with mindset, I created a video of 40+ affirmations to start off your day in the right way. Tune in every morning and set your day for success


More Resources for Safe Post Lockdown Travel


For EU Parliament Advice – Check here.

Check out the World Health Organisation (WHO) Travel Advice – Go here.

A comprehensive Wall Street Journal on Post COVID Travel – Learn More.

Check the Mayo Clinic platform for more details on safe travel – Go Here.


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See, Do, Be More

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  2. I think these are all great tips that help people work through their own ideas of what works best for their family. Each of us has different factors that inform our decisions but knowing the right questions to ask and things to consider help tremendously. Stay safe!

  3. Great tips! Would you feel comfortable traveling now after getting covid? I’m not quite ready yet, except for things close by to us.

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