7 Ridiculously Sneaky Airline Fees and How to Avoid them|

7 Ways o Avoid The most common Sneaky Airline Fees. #traveltips #airtravel #TravelTuesday


Why does a cold SANDWICH on a flight cost almost the price of a cheap meal?

Surely it’s not worth £3:99 approx. $5. Yet that’s what you pay for a cold, unappetizing sandwich on most low-cost carriers like: EasyJet, Jet2, Monarch, and sadly even large ones like Brussels Airlines.

We were not too long ago charged that plus £2 almost $3 for a bottled drink for our Son on a large airline. Serves us right for not practicing what we preach! Although we packed the snacks and forgot them, on the kitchen counter! 

We read it somewhere that a passenger was charged $12 for a blanket on a cold Flight to Hawaii. He refused to cough up in some colourful language, and the whole flight was diverted to disembark said passenger. For using colourful language to the airline staff…!!!! True story

What the heck is that. The world gone mad! Aren’t those blankets supposed to be part of the price one pays for the flight as in “FREE.” (So, next time you take a flight, why don’t you walk away with your blanket. You are paying premium for that thin piece of material!)

Weighing the supposed cost of an extra blanket on that flight $12 vis-a-vis diverting a whole flight…That’s thousands of dollars! Not counting the unhappy passengers who may demand recompense, for missing connections. The mind boggles!


That extreme story aside…We as frequent travellers, have noticed a creep in and up of all kinds of sneaky airline fees, add-ons are rife without any real reason!

The most unrealistic and annoying fee for us is:

  • The alleged admin fee for changing your flight after 24 hrs of booking! Anywhere from £50 – £100. In some cases, you have to pay for a whole new ticket! Remember you booked it yourself ONLINE so no person administering said actions. And the website is updated by a SALARIED person/s right! Ridiculous!

We had the displeasure of paying an extra $110 each to Turkish airlines after visiting the office 5 times in Kampala. That was $440 more for a flight change that wasnt our fault; from Istambul to Manchester Airport! To say I was pissed off would be an understatment! Saved us 23 hours in Istmbul Airport…Worth it in the end as Julie had food poisoning as well

Now the seemingly smaller yet just as ridiculous and annoying sneaky costs:

For a full list of all the sneaky airline fees we recommend you check out this article by Hopper! Seems like airlines are earning upwards of 10% from all these add-ons, yes that baby sick served as a meal costs you $10+.

The problem is that the fees vary greatly from airline to airline and class to class, which means comparing base ticket prices has become almost meaningless.

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But here below we share with you the most common airline fees to avoid!

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#1. Chose the right flight for Your Needs.

This definitely mean also picking the right airline.

Most of us just need a value airfare to get us from A to B that’s it. At least that’s what we at Pkjulesworld do.

But the thing is most low cost and even larger airlines have numerous add-on, so much so, your quoted price could get out of hand. Also, its impossible to compare from one to another.

So, depending on your needs, we advise that consider booking a fee-free airline. Could look like it costs more, but it gives you peace of mind!

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#2. Avoid Paying for Inflight WiFi

We normally check on Gogo prior to flying for a 24hr Wi-Fi pass for those Airlines that use its services esp. in USA, Canada and Mexico where they have coverage.

Flights to USA are our best bet for Wi-Fi, we get quite a bit done. For instance, we can update our e-courses, schedule blog posts, create content, Or simply listen to some powerful self development audios. Go check it out before your next flight.

Gogo is specially good for United, Delta, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines and Virgin America! 

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#3. What are those Taxes for?

There are; green taxes, carbon footprint taxes, VAT, charges, carrier fees, taxes on taxes etc…What!

Solution- Book Via Our Trusted Booking Engine

While most people dont have this luxury, there is Absolutely No reason WHY YOU CANT if you so chose. When we book via our ROVIA booking ngine, we know what you see is what you pay for. And even if taxes and fees are included. You still get a better value for money deal!

See an example of a British Airways Flight to Budapest and exact same flight via Dreamtrips. The dirrefence in price is more than $100. Note that the BA fees are quoted in British Pounds GBP, whish is stronger than the dollar. Therefore, the price is way higher when turned to dollars!

The DreamTrips Price for a flight to Budapest, No sneaky Fees!
The British Airways Same exact Flight, Fees way different because of what they add on!

BA price for same exact Flight – the addons, increase the cost though the quote includes taxes!


The only thing is, when we are traveling to europe, we use the cheaper low cost airlines like Easyjet, Jet2, Mornarch, Whizzair etc. The travel time is way lower. And we do find some awesome deals via out travel club as well! Learn how you too could be part of our invitation only Travel club here!

DreamTrips Travel Club p- Is it For You?


4 More Sneaky Airline Costs to look out for below:

Well, did you get value? What was your biggest take away?

By the way, do not expect to see these fees to diappear anytime soon. Yet here at Pkjulesworld, we would like to see the option of paying for changing a flight to disappear, thats pure robbery!

You should also use common sense and take a light scarf or pashmina, you can use as a pillow or extra blanket. Save some money by taking your own Snacks. That way you dont have to pay for overpriced airport food! 

And definitely check the small print and unchek or check any boxes you need to to avoid beig charged because you missed that little check box! 


And for the fun news: right now, we are right in one of our best destinations. Look out for some insta-good images and Livestreaming too. Cant wait to share some more awesome Travel related stuff with you. 

I hope you never get caught up. Did you get value on the Sneaky Airline Fees and how to avoid them. Definitely share this with anyone you know who travels lots. And you are well armed for your next flight too! 

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