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Would You QUIT A JOB TO TRAVEL? Here is Why I Did Not! #Traveltips

Did I Quit My Job to Travel? Heck NO!

Why I Did Not Quit A Job to Travel and Neither should You Unless…!

Have you read how a travel blogger quit their job to travel the world? Well, in this post I share WHY You Do Not Quit a job to travel, Unless…Happy New Year to you our friend. This is our first post of the new year! Simply because we have had to think about where this brand is headed and how we can serve you better going forward! A lot to think about and going on as we start a whole new journey in this part of our brand. Long story short…

We will continue to serve you as in an even more focused and practical, yet Fun way, with a twist…Look out for it 😀

So, let me ask you: would you Quit a Job to Travel?

The thing is, someone asked us point blank: did you guys quit your jobs to travel the world? If so, how do you make ends meet or how do you make money travel blogging? And what about your children education? 

Being the chief chef behind this blog I can tell you the Simple Truth. I was already a “retired general” from the corporate space due to the 2008 recession. And I had been in the internet marketing and Home Based business , coaching space, by the time we started this blog…So, No I did NOT quit a job to travel!

I know you may have read one too many blogs from an ex-corporate, who always dreamt of travel, saved up a ton, sold everything and became a  digital nomad.

They are living the laptop lifestyle dream ala Nomadic Matt or Nate and life is an adventure…! Or is it?

Thing is, my story is way different and I shared a lot of it inside of my latest book “Afro-Brit Travelpreneur Confessions.”

And yes, its true, most seasoned travel bloggers, gave up the corporate goat and took to the road…Yet, this is not the only way to become a travel blogger. In fact, I do not recommend you do that…I did give some detail of what you can do instead in this post!

If truth be told, many young travel bloggers, live out of their backpacks and have no specific place of abode…And some like it that way, or say they do!

I doubt we can do that, as responsible parents!

Plus, we like to have a place of abode, somewhere we call HOME. And where our children can find stability. We like owning a car or two and not worry about whether we can afford to have it secured and paid for while traveling.

Quit a Job to travel - Beverly Hilton LA @Pkjulesworld
Trader Vic’s – Beverly Hilton LA @Pkjulesworld

What We Did Instead: 

What we did Paul and I is, we made a decision to see as much of this world as we can. And as British citizens, we have the ability on paper, to visit various countries without a visa…hopefully Brexit doesn’t affect that much! Economically, that’s a different kettle of fish that I have shared in various blog posts, one of them here!

[clickToTweet tweet=”We fit our travels around our work and children’s school life #travelblogsecrets” quote=”We fit our travels around our work and children’s school life”]

So, we fit our travels around our work and children’s school life…Which suits us very well indeed. And I am sure this makes every parent breathe a sigh of relief. esp. if you harbor dreams of travel! 

You can travel around your current lifestyle and budget. Here is how to save for that next vacation.

I am here to say You don’t have to quit your job to travel. Nor do you have to be Sir Richard Branson’s son either. Travel does not have to be an expensive hobby either. Your career does not have to be put on ice to travel, in fact, it should enhance your lifestyle with travel as a fun part of it.

Your passion for travel can be quenched and you still fulfill your career and professional dreams!  


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If you dont Quite a Job to Travel, and you wish to travel, you must ask you: what DO I WANT?

You see, I have not said it is going to be easy to include travel as a major part of your lifestyle. In fact, for some it may just not be the right time!

For example, at one time, Paul’s schedule was quite tight and didn’t allow much for him to have long days off! What did we do?

We looked for a new role that gave him freedom, a much better pay check and freedom to work from pretty much anywhere!

Here is another thing, some people just cannot cope with a young family and travel. We didn’t let that stop us. Our daughter started her travels on our honeymoon at 3 months. And our son started at 4 weeks old…Yup #dontjudge! 😊

On the other side, some of you are like my cousin Flavia who left University with a ton of debt. She loves to travel, it’s her passion, yet she had the challenge of having to pay her huge debt first before fitting in travel!

What she did is; she set herself a time frame to bring that debt down while taking a ton of Roadtrips and she became an Instagram queen!

Once that was done, she negotiated for better terms at work, and proved she could deliver the same value working 3 days a week. One of them days working remotely aka home and 2 in the office. The rest of the week she pretty much does what she wants. Travel is her choice of hobby. 

Remember, challenging doesn’t mean impossible, you too can do this!

Many so called “Travel bloggers” cannot hack the demands of being on the road 24/7 with no steady income and end up either depressed or getting back into the life they turned their nose at…the 9-5 life! WHY?

Because the digital nomad life is not a joke guys. Why not ask Ryan Biddulph of the blogging from paradise fame if it is! 

Our Travel First Aid Kit – 20 Essential things for your Trips! #travelpillow #traveltuesday
Whatever you do, Don’t Nap on the Job


Why I didn’t Quit My job to Travel – The Challenges:

1- Shit hotel or hostel Wi-Fi as you rush around trying to find a corner with a signal strong enough for you to meet your paid trip post deadline.

2- How about those Not so integral brands who delay to pay your fee after you publish their branded content aka sponsored post!

Yes, if you don’t make it an upfront payment kind of arrangement, most brands delay to pay bloggers invoices. You should read Afro-Brit Travelpreneur Confessions for some ideas.

My friend, the hustle is real as you chase those agents for money you have rightfully earned…You will go grey my dear lol.

Did we tell you about one of our blogger friends GiGi eats experience with a rogue brand?

Yes, they can even ask you to take down content you have already published, because it doesn’t meet their brand ethos…My bad!

This travel blogging business is not for the feint hearted! So, its not something you take lightly and quit your 9-5 hustle in the hope of the laptop lifestyle income.  

3- Are you willing to move from city to city (some don’t qualify to be called “city”) on a chase of a free lance gig or 2? Well I wasn’t willing to do that…

4- Are you happy to stay for days on end in some scammy environs just because there is a breath-taking beach with Insta-worthy views…? While you get bitten by bugs like mosquitoes, until you look like a spotted hyena?

5- How about you are home sick and Sick as a dog in a foreign country with very poor health systems. And it also costs a small fortune…Many countries in Africa and Asia are prone to this! Your Travel Insurance better be on point.  

Yet we still wanted to benefit from the travel lifestyle, and have our terra firma legs too…In other words have it all!

The only solution was for us was to find work that allows us to be location independent… Meaning we are not tied down to an office…In fact I found the ideal work-life balance.

I too have been working from home as a Transformational Coach and internet/social entrepreneur aka a Home Business Entrepreneur. For the last 5 years, now! Its so good to be at home for our children, while also giving them a life most just dream about!

And I created a resource sharing how I do it for new online entrepreneurs and coaches. and I am happy to share with you if this resonates!  

Affiliate Jetset Academy - JAC

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So, my friend, now you know that I actually did not quit a job to travel. So,  instead of quitting your job, be sure you have a steady income that covers your lifestyle and then some…Then you will write amazing, stress-free stories of your adventures.

I am not saying you shouldn’t do it, if you wish to quit your job to travel the world, there’s nothing stopping you! Go for it.

Yet, most people including Pkjulesworld, much as we love travelling, including international vacations, it’s not sustainable. Yes, you can really travel like a local for a time in some amazing destinations. But, we also like having a base to return to. We love being part of a community, spend quality time with family and friends and plant roots somewhere on this planet!

So, my advice is not to quit your job to travel, or sell everything you own to go back packing. Rather, find your sweet spot, a good balance. And you will be just fine…

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See, Do, and Be more!

Syl Kalungi

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65 thoughts on “Did I Quit My Job to Travel? Heck NO!”

  1. Our Family World

    These are awesome pieces of advice. I did quit my job, but not for the reason that I wanted to travel. I quit because the workplace was way too stressful for me to waste 9 hours of my life everyday. I am now my own boss, working at home with a job that pays well. Travel? Oh yes we do. When the kids have school breaks, we pack our bags and go on road trips or travel to places we have on our bucket list.

    1. Hey Chelley, We are happy to serve you 🙂
      I hope you delete the word “Someday” from your life and commit to your Happy. Coz Life is a gift today tomorrow, someday is not promised! 🙂

  2. I’ve always wanted to travel more. It’s so great how you’ve structured your life so you can travel.

  3. I think its great that you travel so much. It makes you more knowledgable than others who stay put. I do plan on doing more traveling when the time is right. For right now, we’ll still to road trips to neighboring states.

  4. It seems like you have a wonderful setup for being travel bloggers! Traveling around school breaks seems to be key.

  5. Thanks for the tips! I think one shouldn’t quit a job to travel unless he/she has the resource and income to support that lifestyle. I agree that there must always be a good balance .

  6. It seems great to travel as well as fulfill your career and professional dreams. you said it right, we need to work and we also need to travel and explore , only this way we can live life to the fullest.

  7. Being able to travel is so awesome. These are some really amazing insights on how you are able to do this.

  8. Hi Julie! Sounds like great advice. No need to leave the security of steady income in order to travel. As I blog the income I generate we use to make our lives a little easier and to travel more. Keep up the great work. 😍

  9. [ Smiles ] Only a small number of people can actually getaway with quitting their job and travelling without suffering the consequences of facing an impoverished life.

    1. Teheheee I believe I and many could get comfy doing nothing but read good books, eat great food, exercise naturally, swim in oceans, play hard, see the world, cruise, Make great friends all the while making more money and enjoying even more…in fact This is our Pljulesworld vision Erica 🙂

  10. Sound advice, my darling. Good for you for putting your children’s interest into the lifestyle that you created. I celebrate your success in bridging the corporate world to the life you are living now. Congratulations!

    1. Thank you Evelyn,

      Our children are such a blessing , we wanted to show them the world while giving them the stability they need. Thanks for your time, be blessed too! 🙂

  11. These are such important tips for anyone who loves to travel. It is so important to have a home to return to, it provides the much-needed stability and security in life.

  12. This is a great post as I am certain the majority of people think you have to be rich to travel, you are proving you can have a family and a job and still travel the world! Kudos!

  13. You should definitely do what feels right for you. For some, that means quitting your job. Other times, it is a lengthy transition over to full time and that does offer more security and room to grow. It depends on many factors.

  14. These are wonderful and helpful tips for anyone thinking of traveling like this… I absolutely agree about having a home base… It provides stability for ourselves and our children.

  15. As a parent myself, I adjust my travel plans according to my son’s school schedule. And this is the main reason why I have the luxury to travel only twice a year.

  16. It’s definitely not recommended to quit your job unless you’re a famed YouTuber who travels and gets paid to do so. It’s not impossible to travel the world while having a full time job also, timing is everything!

  17. I love the idea of your way of travel! I want so badly to be location independent, not necessarily to live out of our backpacks, moving from from sponsored gig to sponsored gig, but to choose where we want to live and for how long. We’re in the process of making this happen, right now. Thanks for the inspiration and clarification!

    1. hey Melinda,

      Indeed being location independent is mistaken by many and yet when you find that balance, life gets real sweet! And you dont need bags of cash, although that is definitely a welcome addition!

  18. Gladys parker

    This was an important post because so many think the world of travel blogging or any blogging is so easy. It is not.

  19. The reason why my husband and I got the opportunity to travel is because of our jobs. We can’t afford to travel without money that we get from our daily jobs. I don’t know how people do it when they quit their jobs to travel. Perhaps they’re rich. But for us it’s crazy thought. 🙂

  20. Absolutely No! Quitting your job is not the solution for your travel plans. This is something that we need to pay attention. A job is more important than travel.

    1. A Job is A means to an end, a way and symbol of my ability t do more in mine and other people’s lives so to us at Pkjulesworld, Travel is way more important. BUT I would not quit a job to Travel, UNLESSS I had it all planned out and could do so in a level of luxury! 🙂

  21. I want to travel more but when I go full-time with my business I don’t think I’ll be traveling too often because I like routine. Yes it will be nice to be able to approve my own vacation but that wouldn’t be my why.

  22. I want to do more traveling! Thank you for sharing your insights here –– of course, I feel like if we could all quit our jobs and hop on a plane, we might 😉

  23. As a mom of four kids, we couldn’t quit our jobs to travel even if we wanted to, instead we travel when we can find family to come stay with them or take them along for family trips during school breaks. Now in five years when they all go to college…that’s a different story.

  24. I appreciate your realistic and pragmatic take on the travel blogging lifestyle. I think many people are too quick to jump into a business venture. It pays to do your research and really think about the struggles and challenges your new course of action will take. You have some great ideas for incorporating travel into normal life.

    1. Thank you Lindsay and we appreciate you too. Someone has to share the reality and challenges so that young people dont loose time in their career chasing the “Laptop Lifestyle” when they can have it by just taking the time to research and plan! 🙂

  25. Love this post!! I think it’s so important for people to understand that you don’t have to quit your job in order to explore this beautiful world that we live in, and working shouldn’t stop people from being able to do just that!

  26. If I had enough money to bring along a private tutor for the kids, I certainly would do it. But you’re right, they need to get their basic – we’re saving the travel for when they’re in college!

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