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3 Legit and Quirky ways to Save for a vacation

3 Quirky ways to Save money for a Vacation

3 Quirky yet Legit ways to Save 100% for your next Vacation Starting Now!

First, we thought maybe we should simply update and refresh our post on 15 Tips to Afford your next Vacation. Then we thought naaaa, this is too quirky to just add to a post. So in today’s episode, we share with you 3 quirky ways to save for a vacation!

Understand that We are NOT a normal Average Family 😉 After all we live in a normal neighbourhood and shop where others shop right…! So dont let this be your excuse….

So now that we have got that out of the way, how about you understand that you don’t need to earn a fortune or be related to Richard Branson, to vacation like a celebrity.

That is if travel is your passion, like it is ours.

We look for little ways to just get away, even if for a day. For instance, we took off to a Spa day to re-ignite that energy before the final push for this year. 90 days of pure momentum.

Quirky Ways to save for a vacation - Spa date!
A Spa date that cost under £100 for 2 | Pkjulesworld


If you are one of those people who wait for when you have 7 days or annual leave and thousands of $$ to plan a getaway, no wonder you haven’t been on vacation for yonks.

You definitely can make every day a vacation, and take off for little treats even if you have a little nursery of kids! So…



What are those Quirky ways to Save for a Vacation then?

Here goes…

#1. Avoid mainstream Providers & Cut your Mobile phone bill

I used to cringe every time I got my phone bill. Yes most people think having a cell phone on a monthly pay plan is smart…I say you are paying those fat bellied Shareholders 7 Star vacays…(Are they fat bellied? I don’t know) :p

Anyways, I know for sure that EE is NOT Cheap. At £40/month for a good plan, you definitely can find cheaper options!

For Instance, if you are a student in UK, how about you try Roxy mobile?

Now as an adult, you absolutely Must Negotiate a better deal with your current provider. Go shop around, negotiate a good Pay as You Go Deal…Then do this….

You then come back to your current provider and let them know that someone is offering you a better deal at say £15/month and if they can match it you will stay!

I did exactly that with EE and that’s how I got a monthly rolling plan at £15/month. (I can cancel anytime, no contract, no hidden fees and no penalties).

This gives me 10 GB Data, Limitless texts, and 5000 Minutes talk time/month. Which I have yet to ever finish per month!

My hubstar on the other hand was paying £45/month until I told him my strategy. Now he happily pays £20/month with limitless minutes for the extra £5.

Plus, we can use our phones and Data in any country inside of the EU…Sweet.

We saved a total of £45/month. And if we wanted to go on a weekender or Short vacation that equates to a saving of: £540/year  

Also, our phones default to the home Wi-Fi and that saves on data usage, so our data never runs out. 

Afro-Brit Travelpreneur Confessions by Julie Sylvia Kalungi


#2. Become an Affiliate and Sell Stuff Online

See most people would not consider this as an option to save for a vacation. The thing is you can save up for anything or pay off loans with the extra cash you get!

First you can write little books on any topic of your choice, create a series of these little sweeties. Make them under 90 pages and publish on the Amazon KDP platform for free. 

First you can write little books under 90 pages and publish! Click to Tweet


Our friend Ryan Biddulph does this and has written over 200 books and counting. These bring him a sweet residual, Passive Income every blessed month! And guess what he does? Yup you guessed. He travels the globe, Does lots of Island hopping and shares it all on his blog

You can read Ryan’s book about How to Write ad publish a book in 24 hours on Amazon Here

I wont sugar coat this though. You Must Learn how to drive traffic either by DIY (don’t to this) or Invest in a short course.

There are numerous courses online. We recommend the 4-CFormula to your first 10k online. Then you will be bringing in way more than enough for a vacation and then some!

If writing is not your passion, you can actually become an Amazon Affiliate and sell whatever you choose.

I hope you do know that Amazon also offers an online affiliate program in addition to being the top eCommerce drop shipping store?

There are millions of amazon sellers making 3-5 figured per month from this amazing platform! And you dont ever have to have stock in your house. Drop Shipping baby

There are millions of amazon sellers making 3-5 figured per month! Click to Tweet


We put together a PDF to help anyone who wishes to sell Anything ESP. books via Amazon, you can take a look at it here!

Amazon book sales can earn you anything from an extra $50/week or more if you learn how to Leverage that platform and Drive traffic!

For affiliate sales, it all boils down to the price point of products you choose to sell and Of course how much traffic you drive to your Amazon Links. 

For affiliate sales, it all boils down to the price point of products you choose Click to Tweet


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Ever Heard of the multiplication method for saving?

Okay, my mom was a saver par excellence. She could squeeze cash out of stone…She made every penny stretch, she had to…I learnt frugality from her.

Today, I believe that this isn’t necessarily a the best way to build wealth. Yet Bless her, she did her best!…See, you can hold your abundance back if you are looking to make a coupon last for years lol.

Then, I heard of the “Multiplication method” from a fellow traveller. Today I pass on my version of it, a mashup of my mom’s lessons and the method above.

You will save and accumulate extra $$, best of all your little ones will love it! Ours did!

So, let’s save for a vacation already Jules…Oookay…

You got 52 weeks per year, right?  Now all you have to do is decide a small amount of money you will put aside each week. Be sure it’s an amount you are happy to save up. Because Every Week you will compound it…!

Can be as low as 0.50 pence to whatever you are happy to save

And by the way, you will start to enjoy the saving you won’t miss the things you will consciously cut out to make this work.

And you dont need to be part of any group savings clique. In our language they are called “Nigiina,” Sacco, Group Syndication or whatever… You Can Do this on your own, if you have a steady monthly income! With Discipline! 

Here is our example, we increase by 5 every week.  We started with a small amount and increased the savings weekly by that amount. You can do the same by whatever your budget allows.

Week 1 save           £10
2nd week save         £15 = 25
Week 3 save           £20 = 45
4th week save          £25 = 70
Week 5 save           £30 = 100

6th week save          £35 = 135
Week 7 save           £40 = 175

NOTE: You literally increase what you save each week. By week 7 we usually are past £150. You can have a break week every 5 weeks as well thus the gap above…Gives you a breather! 

See how you can very quickly save for a vacation or whatever you are looking to save up for?

By the 52nd week you’ll have saved a total of £7,150. This is either an awesome 5 Star family vacation or several smaller great holidays!

It can also be a college loan paid off, a new car, a mortgage deposit, medical bill for a relative etc.

Remember, if your budget is tight, try an increase of £1 or £2 and you still have an extra £1k+ or £3k+ saving for a vacation or whatever the heck you are looking to save up for!

In our case, we take days away, road trips, weekenders, and family holidays! Our children save up for their own fun trips the same way!

The other option is to get the total lump sum you wish to save up for and divide it by 52 weeks. And you DECIDE to be DISCIPLINED ENOUGH to put that figure away per month! In this case it would be £244/month if you compound by £2/week. See screenshot of our spreadsheet up to Wk 17 for a £5 and £2 compounding below.

3 Quirky ways to save for a vacation

And you have it, our 3 quirky ways to save for a vacation or whatever you are looking to save up for and never go without the fun things in life!

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See, Do, and Be more!

Pauli & Syl Kalungi

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