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Prepare for Florida Vacation

How to Prepare for a Florida Vacation in Winter!

Its Always good to Prepare for a Florida Vacation in Winter! Here is Why! 

When our children were little, we used to plan a winter get away at about this time of year…Shss don’t tell anyone, but in those days, you could ask your child’s class teacher for your child to be out of school for a week and it wasn’t a biggie…Today there are all kinds of laws about that.

Anyways, one of the things we looked up were winter sun destinations and guess what showed up every time? Florida. At the time, we decided to save up for it and surprise the little ones with a Disney trip…Boy you should have seen their faces when we told them we were going to see Mickey mouse and co.

Our son jumped up and down with glee… He would hit the ceiling now if he tried that at home 😊 (He is getting pretty tall).

Our daughter being who she is … calm and cool with it at the time 12 going on to 60! She smiled with glee too and said yay…lol.

Anyways, nothing prepared us for the heat that hit us when we landed in Florida. Esp. not after the chill in Atlanta and snow in England!

And it was pretty weird entering buildings that were Air conditioned to the hilt, they felt freezing cold and walking out into a live oven.

We’d assumed that since we went in early November, we had avoided the touristy season and the Dreaded queues we had read such agonizing reviews about!

Ha… Nope!

That said, nothing could dim for us and the little ones, the magic of Magic kingdom, a Night with Mickey and Minnie or Disneyland in general! NOTHING! Not the downpour in stifling heat, not the delay in the queues we had to wait in…

It looked like everyone had got the memo on the summer queues. So, they had all waited for the Winter sun! lol!

We were told to completely avoid the beaches as many people had hit Florida due to an unexpected Snow fall across the states! So, we stayed in our hotel Pool. Which was amazing with a child’ slide, waterfall, and fun things!

Anyway, no spoilers, so are you coming with…

Looking back and looking at winter getaways again, we thought to share with you, How to Prepare for a Florida vacation!

We are sure a local may well give you this same advice or not so much. Either way you will literally want to survive your Florida vacation! So, lets dot that shall we?

Nothing could dim for us and the little ones, the magic of Magic kingdom! Click to Tweet


Want to have Fun- Here’s How you Prepare for a Florida vacation

  1. Prepare for a Florida vacation: Research the weather before you travel

We hadn’t really bothered to check how HOT this winter sun would be. All we knew was UK was freezing and Florida was HOT.

We should have checked the heat levels! Coz we actually went with some winter-ish clothes, that never saw the light of day from our suitcases… Meaning, we carried clothes and stuff that we didn’t need to.

The weird thing was, it rained twice during our 10 days in Florida and boy this kind of rain we had never seen before.

We learnt that we had gone bang inside the Hurricane season. This apparently can run anything from mid-May to end of November

Our advice is be prepared for the heat and the rain or hurricanes too. Make sure you take out ample insurance. Just in case your travel plans are cancelled or you can’t travel due to the weather.

Or God forbid one of you suffers heat stroke. Because boy it was HOT!  In our humble opinion, the only place that could compete in this kind of heat was Tucson Arizona.

Talking of heat…



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  1. Prepare for a Florida vacation: Pack your Hats, Shades and Sun Cream.

Did we say, it was beyond hot?

Well, our children suffered from eczema when they were littler…It flared up with heat or anything really! And the heat had them looking like spotted hyenas…

They were scratching so hard my son bled on his hands. Yet they were too excited by the sights of Disney…to care! We hadn’t taken sun cream, for the longest we were of the view that:

“Black don’t crack…” Boohoo I know…Don’t judge…

Fact is it bloody cracks and needs moisturizing and sun cream ! O.K….

Listen up though, pack that SPF 50-70 Sun cream and some after sun cream too. And slather the stuff on.

If you have a baby,

Prepare for a Florida Holiday_Baby Sun Cream by Moms & World on Amazon
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try the Mom & World Brand SPF factor 50 Sun cream. Of course do a skin test before you slather on the stuff…do it before you leave home so you can get the right stuff for your baba! 


I am not talking about, getting into the pool, don’t wanna spoil the Insta-worthy photo sun.

This sun will burn you in less than 10 minutes if you don’t apply the stuff liberally!  Don’t go anywhere without your Hat or UV Sun glasses too! Even if you are going in a car!  Protect your assets! 😉

I love Wide brimmed Sun hats and I love Red hats too… My best is Lanzom womens’ Bowknot Straw foldable hat! 

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The sun will burn you in less than 10 minutes if you don’t apply sun-cream liberally! Click to Tweet

It was hottest between 10am and 5pm! And the rain didn’t make a bit of difference. It was just as hot when it rained and the water dried off in minutes after the rain stopped!

So, stay in the shade as much as you can…Here is the weird thing, you might need a scarf while inside buildings. Most of them do turn that air-con on high!

Next time you go to Florida or anywhere hot in USA, use the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) App, to check what the UV Index is before you go or when there.




3. Prepare for a Florida vacation: Stay hydrated.

Here is a Habit I have had for the longest. So, it came in handy when we went on our winter sun to Florida: I drink lots of water.

If you have a problem with drinking water or have a fluid restriction for a medical reason, consult your GP before you head off to Florida! Coz you will need lots of fluids and we want you alive. Kapische?

As for me, I love to hydrate all day! I pack my empty drinking bottle so I can fill it out at Airports! Hotels etc.

I love to drink water coz it hydrates the largest organ in my body…My Skin! It cleanses out toxins, it keeps my gut clean and it is plain old awesome.

I love to drink water coz it hydrates the largest organ in my body… Click to Tweet

So, this habit is great for a hot destination like Florida! Of course, I love the odd Alcoholic drink esp. on holiday! Yet I realised just how much more I was drinking and refilling my bottle of water while out and about.

I was also sweating a bucket! I actually started taking an extra top and bottles of Drinks, Gatorade,  juice for all of us in my large “Beach style hand bag because of the sweat and heat!

You can check out my Drink Bottle on Amazon below. Now only is it for water, it also is a Water Filter! Buy yours here.

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4. Pack the right Gear & Outfits.

Did I tell you about having a scarf for when you get inside buildings in Florida?

Okay, so on the first night we met up with friends for a meal and catch up. Since we had tasted the heat, we threw out the cardis/fleeces and jackets. And we embraced the summer beach wear aka Tees, hot pants and shorts!

Now I never go anywhere without a large scarf in my hand bag. I had to let our children cover themselves and cuddle close to stay warm. So, I was freezing! :/

My sistaoo, the air conditioning in the restaurant we met in was so on full blast our skins had Goosebumps in seconds of entering the building.  And we were shivering with it by the time our meal arrived, So much so two of us got head colds by the 3rd day.

Have a scarf for when you get inside buildings in Florida! Click to Tweet

So, our recommendation is, if you intend to pop in and out of buildings, take your light cardigan, jacket or fleece with you or a big scarf! Or dress in layers.

Remember the rain/hurricane season? Good, take an umbrella. The kind you can fit I your purse so you can whip it out if caught in a down pour, and they can just come like someone opened a tap in the sky! And stop just as abruptly lol!

Twice this happened!

Now our children were not infants, but we also travel to hot Africa every year since they were wee babies. Despite the heat levels not comparing, this applies to Florida even as well:

Dress your baby, and little children in light, loose clothes. Put sun cream on them and be sure to put a hat on their little heads too!


5. Did we hear Bugs?

Ignorance is a killer and this was a biggie for us. Our children hate spiders and anything that crawls lol! They also hate mosies aka mosquitoes and Florida beats Uganda hands down on this front.

Thank God the Florida lot don’t cause Malaria!

We bought insect repellent and it didn’t seem to affect them one iota…what do these mosies feed on?

Truth be told there is a heck of a lot of water bodies in Florida.

Funny thing is I didn’t feel the mosies as much when I had a Weekend in Tampa FL!

Could it be because I was mostly indoors with friends, and enjoying much Conferencing? So that’s my advice then on the bug front.

Keep indoors as much as possible, Keep the nets closed on windows and wear long sleeved clothing to also protect against the cold Air con. Bingo, two birds one stone! 😉


6. Prepare for a Florida vacation: Where was the Wildlife?

We had definitely prepared for this. We had been told to watch out for snakes, sharks and gators everywhere… lol! Thank goodness we didn’t see any out of place.

The only wild life we saw was in Disney Animal Kingdom. And it was pretty safely docile or fenced off for protection. And we were on a “Disney boat cruise” inside Disney world!

I mean this was a mini African safari, including Ankole cattle… That was a fun addition. All the way from Uganda and here we were in Disney-world seeing Ankole cattle, what!

Ankole is in the Western part if Uganda and well known as the Original home of the long horn “Ankole cattle”.

The only other place we have seen them outside of Uganda is Knowsley Safari Park in Knowsley, Northwest England.

We had been told to watch out for snakes, sharks and gators! Click to Tweet

We are sure that if you had a conversation with a local, you would get much more tips on how to prepare for a Florida vacation.

Suffice to say, we hope to have given you a taster of the basic essentials to take care of before you leave home and while you are there.

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81 thoughts on “How to Prepare for a Florida Vacation in Winter!”

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  20. i live in ohio and we went down to florida for vacation in august! we enjoyed ourselves and thank goodness there wasn’t any scary hurricane warning going on, but it was raining pretty much the whole time we were there, which was about a week! lol thanks for these tips! πŸ™‚

  21. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I don’t think there is ever a time when Disney parks don’t have queues! Haha. Anyway, the trick to a successful vacation is always planning ahead. Thanks for your tips!

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    It’s a great mid-winter getaway, for sure

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    I loved the practical tips that you have put together for a Florida vacation. Staying hydrated is so important as is applying lots of sunscreen

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