Potential Effects of BREXIT on UK Travel. Rise or Fall out?

The Potential Effects of Brexit on UK travel and Europe Immigration! #uktravel #worldtravel

Potential Effects of BREXIT on UK Travel and EU Immigration! Could This Mark the end of Cheap Air Travel?

First Published in 2018, this post is getting its final update. An update on the effect of Brexit on UK Travel and EU Immigration. Scroll to the bottom on Heading clearly marked “UPDATE on Effect…” Especially poignant for immigrants and those with family in the UK who are EU immigrants! We will keep you posted and updated as promised! 

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UK Travel & Brexit…it’s got to be considered. So let’s come right out and ask you?

What do you reckon could be the effects of Brexit on UK Travel, Europe and the rest of the world?

See we have no precedent to base our thoughts and findings on other than conjecture and guess work…But hey the Pro Brexits run a less than brilliant campaign on just that and won! So we @pkjulesworld wonder what this could lead to!

Will the EU countries now impose Visa fees on UK Passport holders? What if I live in Gibraltar and work in Spain or vice versa? What happens to the millions of Europeans working freely in UK without work permits or Visas? And what about UK nationals in Europe?

Okay you may be wondering EU Brexit, what the heck? You can learn more about the European Union on good ole Wiki and Brexit simply means “Britain Exit European Union!” And on Thursday 23.06.2016 Britain Decided by a Ballot to leave its 43-year-old Economic and Free Travel marriage with Europe.

We don’t usually focus on such touchy subjects, we prefer to inspire, entertain and maybe educate you every so often…yet what happened on Thursday 23rd June 2016 in UK could be of seismic effect on British Travel!

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To be honest all we have got thus far on any inquiry based on the question “what will be the consequences of Brexit on …?” Have of necessity been answered by; “we don’t know.”

Thing is the Brexit politicians gave people the impression they had it figured out. Clearly, they did not imagine the paperwork, the red tape, the amount of Legalese tied to UK & European Laws Rules & Regulations that now have to be undone, negotiated, started from scratch. The sheer cost of this will be felt for generations to come and hasn’t been shared with the taxpayer…So what does Brexit mean for the Brit  & European traveller?

Well while we don’t know, we can definitely make a reasonably educated guess. 

To be honest we believe that short term – very little will change. You still have to mow your garden, take out your trash, walk ya dog and book your own flights. No lil Aliens have flown in to do that. Longer-term, well that depends on the withdrawal negotiations & treaty which the rest of the EU will offer UK!

“Disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are our own, they have no political or social leanings whatsoever and aren’t meant to be used as Fact!

First I suggest anyone who wants to travel to Europe Pack your passport and go enjoy Europe in the next 2 years, before the switch is flicked i.e. the Lisbon Treaty article 50!

So having chewed upon this particular bone over the weekend and listening to all kinds of expert and otherwise opinions, here is @Pkjulesworld views to the question.

Let’s look at possible short term and long term outcomes of a Brexit vote to UK and Europe travel. Focus is on leisure and business travel! These are closely linked to residency & citizenship too, but that’s for another day maybe!



Short Term Effects of Brexit to UK Travel:

First and foremost, the travel industry will continue to grow, irrespective of the post Brexit drop on the Pound Sterling. Travel and Immigration to & from the UK will continue regardless of what has happened. The referendum ballot result may mean an end to Visa-free travel between UK and EU states. This remains to be seen.

Definitely, workers will have to think about Work Permits. But these aren’t immediate concerns! Yet be prepared to face these gremlins now.

Your EU branded passport will definitely be changing back to a British one! Arrrg we just renewed ours lol!

Potential effects of Brexit on UK Travel!


This ballot has not determined how many immigrants are allowed into the UK, where they come from, and what criteria will be used. The journey has just started really!

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Let’s be realistic, right now, nothing much changes: Holidaymakers should not panic. Flights are still taking off for Europe, your cruise still sets sail and so will the ferry! On the face of it, you won’t see a big change in the short term…things will tick along as before!


By the way, did you see the @Ryanair Twitter gaff, Wow £9.99 flights to celebrate Remain in EU…Clever Marketing or gaff?

Potential Effects of Brexit to Air Travel #Ryanairgaff

Ryanair spokesperson had this to say:

It’s a good job we’re better at running an airline than political campaigns.

Britons are booking our £9.99 seats in record numbers in what will be the last big seat sale of its kind, as they look to flee a country which will be run by Boris, Gove and Farage.” Mirror News.

Their Follow up Advert was funny and clever too!



Journey without Limits - Amazon review Artwork

Effects of Brexit on UK Travel and Life!

The success of the “Leave Vote” has caused division, raised the ugly head of racism, bigotry and stirred discord among communities, neighbours, workmates and even families. They played on people’s immigration fears and deep ingrained racist tendencies.

The work is in putting it all behind us now and work together to rebuild the torn UK so we can travel freely and continue to enjoy benefits as global citizens.

Change is normal, let’s work with what we got…and play the hand we’ve been served! 

So you got our views and thoughts on the possible effects of Brexit on UK Travel and immigration. Of course, we are facing uncharted territory at the moment. Yet the UK will survive. More people may choose to stay home and so Britain may see a rise in Hotel bookings.

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Remember you as a Brit Traveller still have a lot of clout. Most EU countries that depend on tourism need your Pound Sterling! We are big holiday spenders so travel and hospitality companies will work hard to keep our custom!  As a UK traveller continue to Build Bridges, As I stated on Facebook;

“The youth, millennials & boomers: Travel, embrace Europe, Study and work abroad, Love abroad, Show how great Britons are. Its time to Step up and Show that Britain is still Great…! The old and insular have let you down. ‪#‎KeeptheUnionJack I always say ‪#‎YourPowerEchoes



Effects of BREXIT onUK Travel and Immigration #ukimmigration #brexitupdate

We promised to keep you updated on matters that could affect your Europe, UK Travel and Immigration following the #Brexit Vote on 23rd June 2016. So here goes…

  • There are no immediate changes to the UK employment and immigration laws as a result …for now!
  • The legal process for Leaving the EU will only begin when the UK notifies the European Union of its intention to withdraw under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. We have up to 2 years from that notification to agree terms. (Can be longer if terms are agreed!)
  • All European Economic Area and Swiss nationals will continue to have the same rights to Live, Travel and work in the UK and Europe for the immediate future.
  • If you are an EU National based in the UK, you may wish to apply to the Home Office for a document certifying permanent residence to prove your right to live in the UK permanently. If you have been living in the UK for five years or more. Your family members may also be eligible to make such an application. More information can be found on the This Government website.
  • From 1 January, the guarantee of free mobile phone roaming throughout the EU, including Liechtenstein, Iceland, and Norway ended. Travellers are advised to check with their phone operator regarding roaming charges.

    Some mobile operators – O2, EE, and Vodafone say they have no current plans to change their mobile roaming policies 2021.


So BREXIT Happened 1st January 2021 and Below is the Immigration Update

The UK’s new points-based immigration system will come into force for immigrants.

And now, EU nationals will be treated the same way as non-EU citizens. They will now have to apply for visas to live, work or study in the UK. But, Irish citizens will continue to enter and live in the UK as before Brexit.

EU citizens will not require a visa to enter the UK when visiting the UK for up to six months.

Those EU nationals already living in the UK, as well as those from Switzerland,  Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, have to apply to continue living in the UK after 1st January 2021 under the settled status scheme.




So now that the hoohah about Brexit is a little down and the pound is as strong as ever, I can’t help but update this post.

This is especially for those who would love not just to travel to UK, but to migrate for maybe work! I share some tips on what you can do and I am sure if you are a frequent UK traveller you will love this post!

Like all Important Things, Have a Plan

If you don’t know where you are going how can you get there? So Very important: Know what you want from your trip or stay in UK and Make a PLAN! This may include the documentation you will need, Visas and the type of Jobs you want to do and their availability as well as skills you will need to access them!

FOCUS and RESEARCH are key here!

Have a Budget?

Until you bag that job or unless you have a rich sponsor, you will need to have some money with you or access to credit. So, what is that minimum amount you can live on for at least 3 months? Make sure you have or can access it!

If you did your RESEARCH as advised above, you will have a job offer on the table, and hopefully somewhere to stay for free and live like a local, to start with. So, you won’t need much.

Otherwise, your minimum budget must be able to cover your meals, accommodation, and transport for 1-3 months. Meaning that to be on the safe side, you may need anything from £1500 – £3000 GBP.

This figure will vary, depending on your choice of city or destination within UK. London being the most expensive as a melting point. Of course, you must plan a London experience.

If you did not plan your accommodation, then you will need to get up and close with some online property search resources like:





Meaning you will need to have some room or rental cash with you PLUS expenses like, Utilities – (water, electricity, gas), council tax. Not forgetting your TV Licence!

Learn More About the Effects of Brexit on your life here.

So do you have any insights on the effects of Brexit on UK travel? Do you reckon its going to change the face of travel? Where would you choose as a vacation destination? Like and share if you got value and drop a comment below with your experiences. We do the research, Let us inspire you. Why not  start by  subscribing to our blog here and let us know your travel needs.

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