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Best in Travel 2017, by Pkjulesworld and A Global Travel Community!

Pkjulesworld’s Best in Travel 2017 List #bucketlist

Our Top 20 Long Haul and Europe Best in Travel 2017 Destinations, As Voted for by a Global Travel Community! 

Top 20 Long Haul Best in Travel 2017 Places to Go. Travel tips| Best Destinations|

Ya thought we had forgotten had you? Well no way Jose, Here is our Annual #travelbucketlist: The Pkjulesworld Best in Travel 2017. Also one of the Top Questions on our Blog Poll

Before we dive in, let us ask you a question…

What is the one thing almost every one works 50 weeks a year to take 2 weeks off to do? The answer is Vacation…! And we know that many of you love to travel vicariously with us.

Yet, in this post we would love to stir the wanderer in you. Allow us to Inspire your travel-lust to come forth. Plan your next get away with our Top 20 Long Haul Destinations 2017. This could be your very own  #travelbucketlist too!

Allow us to Inspire your travel-lust to come forth #wanderlusting #traveltuesday Share on X

You see, our Travel Savvy Experts have put together an enviable list of the 10 best places to travel.

AND the top 10 Platinum Destinations, i.e. Pure Luxury… At a Steal!

Top 10 Platinum Destinations, i.e. Pure Luxury At a Steal! #traveldestinations #bestintravel Share on X

This is a process that takes several months of surveying, and talking to writers, frequent travellers, Digital Nomads, Airlines, Travel agents etc. These are destinations, Beaches, and cities worth visiting or re-acquainting oneself with.

Note: The Average Daily budget is based on the assumption that you would stay in a hostel or shared dogs, commonly called dorms. So, eating out would be a treat maybe once or twice tops. You would be self-catering i.e. cooking most of your meals and using local transport.

Here is the thing though: You don’t have to do the above! For the same budget or slightly more, you could go for several trips of a life time, create peak life experiences and enjoy more of your hard earned cash as part of a global travel community. Visits to 4-5 Star Accommodation would be the norm. Yes, it means staying in fancier accommodation and eat out more often…Details below!


And, without further Ado, here is the: 

Pkjulesworld Best in Travel 2017 – Top Platinum Destinations


#1. Budapest, Hungary

Average daily budget for a Day/night in Budapest

Daily cost: $ 60

Hostel (Shared digs i.e. dorm): $12

B & B 2-3 star Hotel per night: $30

Taxi: $6

Value Meal: $20; Plus, litre of Water at $0.99 Or a Pint of Lager $1.60

We love Budapest. It’s a tale of Two cities: Buda and Pest on opposite sides of the Danube River. We wrote a full Post about our Dreamtrip to this beautiful, cultural European City.

Budapest is increasing in popularity, esp. with lovers and romantics, Its great for a Hen do or bachelor party. Its Prices are way below most of Europe so add this beautiful country and its capital on your list.

We absolutely recommend the Hungarian Cakes, you wont want to stop popping them into your mouth. Don’t spend a fortune on spas, Head for the public thermal baths, esp. in winter. :) Learn more about what to do on a Budapest getaway via our full detailed Article here.

Top 10 Platinum Destinations, i.e. Pure Luxury At a Steal! #traveldestinations #bestintravel Share on X

#2. Visit a Scottish Castle:

Average Daily budget for a Day/night in Edinburgh

Av. Daily expenditure: £50

Hostel (Shared digs): £15

B & B or Av. Hotel: £50

Taxi: £4.50 (1 Mile)

Meal: £10 Plus litre of water £0.86 Or a pint of lager: £3.80

Fairy Pools Isle of Skye – simply breathtaking



Pkjulesworld Best In Travel 2017 - Plan yours -Scottish Castle
Culzean Castle – mage Courtesy of

Scotland is so beautiful where do I stand. You might decide to go visit the more well-known Edinburgh Castle.
Or head on to the Isle of Skye which has its own number of castles. You will be amazed by the sheer beauty of the lil picturesque fishing villages and rugged landscape. Not forgetting the pubs with lots of authentic Scottish Whisky and lil museums for your shot of history!

The Scottish Highlands won’t disappoint you esp. if you visit in the less cold Spring and Summer months!


#3. Santorini, Greece:

Average Daily budget for a Day/night in Santorini

Av. Daily expenditure: $60

Hostel (Shared digs): $15

B & B or Av. Hotel: $50

Taxi: $6

Av. Meal: $15 Plus litre of water@ $0.60 Or a Pint of Lager: $4

Pkjulesworld’s Best in Travel 2017 List #Travelbucketlist
Hellas – Santorini – Blissful

This romantic, picture postcard perfect, Greek Island is on most people’s bucket list. It’s perfect for honeymooners, family, a weekend to regroup and all in between. APART from those with mobility issues. It’s quite hilly.

The views are absolutely astounding. Nature at its best.

Note that many of our travel community members from Greece have shown a dedication to live a full life despite the economic problems they are facing. Including a cap on how much one can withdraw from their own bank!

The economic problems have helped keep prices down in Greece, although you would never know in Santorini! So, head on to Greece for your annual beach get away and sun worshiping. Santorini will have you breathless with beautiful sights. With the right balance of entertainment and Relaxation.

Pkjulesworld have been to Crete, Rhodos and Athens…Its time to get Santorini!

And Numbers #4 – 10 are listed below as we intend to share full posts on them or we already have done !

#4. London Experience, UK

#5. Amalfi Coast, Italy

#6. Tuscany – Florence, Italy

#7. Northern Lights in Finland

#8. Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

#9. Swiss Alps.

#10. Romantic Paris, France

Our Best in Travel 2017  – Top Long Haul Destinations

#1. Adventurous Safaris.

We shared a great post on Uganda as a Safari Destination. in fact it seems our Travel Community heard our suggestion and created an amazing Safari to Uganda in April 2017. Check out the details Right Here.

Other areas to consider are Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and also South Africa for the adventure junkie is….

#2. Sexy Brazil – (See Feature Image)

Average Spend for a Day/night in Brazil/El Salvador

Hostel per night (Shared digs aka dorm): $5-10

Budget Hotel: $20

Taxi: $5 City Buses are very cheap at $1

Filling 3 course Meal: $14, plus a litre of water: $0.90 OR a pint of lager: $2

Av. Daily Budget: $25-30

Details according to Nomadic Matt :D

Don’t know about you, but the Olympic games did it for us. We got the Brazil Bug esp. that Copa Cabana beach.

There is also the colourful, steeped in history former capital of Brazil; El Salvador. Most people think of Rio De Janeiro when you talk about Brazil. The real fun, authentic cuisine right out of Africa, Art, Music all day long and beautiful Insta-worthy architecture that goes way back to the 17th Century, can be found in Salvador.

Not that Rio isn’t awesome. #justsaying :)

#3. Exotic South Africa

Average Daily budget for a Day/night in Jo’Burg or Cape Town

Hostel per night (Shared digs): $8

2 Star B&B per night: $40

Taxi: $6

Filling 3 course Meal: $25, plus a litre of water: $0.90 OR a pint of lager: $1.63

Misc. Daily Budget: $60

Breathtaking Sunset view of Table Mountain - Best in Travel 2017
Table Mountain view that takes your breath away

This is a less travelled destination esp. by Europeans. Let’s focus on Jo’Burg and Cape town. You have a variety of airlines flying to South Africa esp. Capetown from various destination. Our Biggest attraction being Table Mountain, the Views are Incredible both of and from Table Mountain!


#4. Exciting Vietnam

Average Spend for a Day/night in Vietnam

Ave Daily Budget: $ 30

Taxi: $1.80

Hostel (shared dorm): $4 – $6

B & B: $15

Value Meal: $10 plus; Water Litre: $0.40 or Pint of lager: $0.70

Grand Palace Bangkok - Featured on Pkjulesworld Best in Travel 2017 #BangkokGrandPalace
Image Courtesy of TopWorldResort


Vietnam is a real popular choice of the young professionals and back packer demographic of our Travel Community. Predominantly because the cost of a visit per day is way lower than most Asian countries.

Transportation across the country is great with lots of Buses, luxury coaches and Trains are plenty. Competition for the tourist transport is Quite high so you get to travel in comfort! Looking for more on Vietnam, you literally can learn a ton from the numerous travel blogs from backpackers online! There is so much to see, we can’t wait to visit Vietnam!

#5. Oriental Thailand

Average Spend for a Day/night in Bangkok

Av. daily budget: $60

Taxi: $4/base rate

Hostel (Shared digs): $5

B & B: $25

Value Meal: $7 plus Water Litre: $0.40 Or a Pint of lager: $2

Breathtaling Tall Boats in Phuket - Thailand. Best in Travel 2017 by Pkjulesworld.

Thailand has been a staple on our Pkjulesworld travel Bucket list for the last 4 years. While it may be a cheap option for some, the flights from Europe, the Americas and Africa, make it less so. Yet we can’t avoid its popularity among the Travel community members and backpacking Digital Nomads.

We have heard so much about the Grand Palace in Bangkok. Know that Bangkok cost of living is rising and the Tourist prices with it!

Our Community highly recommends Thailand as a Best in Travel 2017 for you.

and like the Top Platinum above The rest are listed below. And you can learn more about them in the Video Below :)

#6. Spicy Indonesia

#7. Dreamy Maldives

#8. Mystical India

#9. Sombrero Mexico

#10. USA Food Tours


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  1. So many amazing destinations, Budapest is also on my bucketlist for this year! xo

  2. Oh wow. So many places for the bucket list on here!! One day I hope to tick all of these off. I have to say Budepest is one of the most incredible places I have ever been. Dying to go back.

  3. This list is so awesome! I’ve been thinking about traveling more lately, and it would be nice to know which places are worth going to for this year especially the ones that require longs flights.

  4. Thanks for sharing the list! I would love to visit these places, Hungary is on my top list!

  5. That is a great bucketlist! I need to create something like this for my family. I have loads of things I would love to do this summer with my kids. :)

  6. Gareth Torrance

    I would definitely recommend Hungary! It really is a beautiful place! I’ve been there a few times when I used to live in Bulgaria

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    Amazing places! I love all the places included in your list, their are really beautiful.

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    I have been to a few of these places, but there are so many more I still need to cross off my list. My husband and I are hoping to go to Italy this year. This makes me want to start booking flights!!

  11. Wow! I love all your list. All the places are beautiful, I hope to go to some of those places.

  12. Wow! Each one has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to beautiful sights! The places are marvelous, no wonder they’re the best! I like that you also included the budget!

  13. Well I definitely like to see the places people visit. I have a family, and a fixed budget and unless I can fly my whole family for under $500 somewhere, we just can’t make it work. But I’ll gladly look at pictures and think about days when I don’t have a responsibility to my family.

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