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Happy 1st PKJULESWORLD Anniversary and 18th Anniversary to Julie Sylvia & Paul – BLOG PARTY + MORE CHRISTMAS STUFF

Welcome to Our Pkjulesworld Anniversary Thanksgiving and Celebration Party! Pkjulesworld was born on 11th November 2015 it was indeed Thanksgiving week when we published our first blog post… #TravelTuesday




Please join us in celebrating two special occasions. Julie Syl and Paul Kalungi’s 18th wedding anniversary and @Pkjulesworld 1st Anniversary! So this is a Blog Party yes or Yes? πŸ™‚

Guess what, we have known Julie and Paul well for all of 17 and 13 years respectively, we think they are a super cute couple, role models and parents! To us they are simply Mom and Papa! πŸ™‚ We are hugely biased of course! πŸ˜‰ 

Today, they have taken a much deserved break while we take over, God love them. 



Welcome to Our Pkjulesworld Anniversary Thanksgiving and Celebration Party! Pkjulesworld was born on 11th November 2015 it was indeed Thanksgiving week when we published our first blog post… #bloglinkup




The Art of Pinterest Profits on Amazon KDP #pinterestexpert

Pkjulesworld Anniversary Travel Blog Party – The Journey

12 months since Pkjulesworld was launched, so much has happened #blogparty #traveltuesday Click To Tweet

In the 12 months since Pkjulesworld was launched, so much has happened globally, it could put off any travel lover’s wanderlust! Like the bombing in Paris and Brussels. ISIS is still torturing people! Fidel Castro has passed on the life baton.  Brexit happened, and Donald Trump is President elect of USA…Who would have foreseen all this?

Yet, Our parents are still our most inspiring role models! πŸ™‚

Yes or Yes? 

Pkjulesworld has done its best to keep you inspired, entertained and informed on the goodness of travel and why travel Matters! We promise to always remind you of the best vacation etiquette. And the travel habits to cultivate now, why its essential to do your research before any trip local or international! 

With over 90 posts its been amazing! We did write a couple of them as well! What

Happy Anniversary to both @Pkjulesworld and The brains behind it #gratitude #luxurytravel #celebrations Click To Tweet

Pkjulesworld journey started off with a Red Carpet experience in Florence! And we have never looked back. I Paula-Marie coined the 5th article on A Pit stop in LONDON Winter wonderland. I was at first reluctant to do so, but once I got into it, I loved sharing. And I am so excited to be allowed to share again!

Well I Paul-Sol was finally allowed to share my travels this summer with Tales from Costa Del Sol MALAGA SPAIN. Frankly I couldn’t wait to flex my blogging muscle. I know its one of them things I will be doing more of! Watch out Pkjulesworld! πŸ˜‰

So, dont you think these are more than enough reasons to celebrate? Then let’s do exactly that!

pkjulesworld-anniversary-blog-party-6On this Pkjulesworld Anniversary, do go right ahead and share your awesomeness, aka Promote your brand/blog. Don’t worry, Julie & Paul say it’s okay. πŸ˜‰

Use comments section below! 

Don’t know how to self-promote? Duh, its super easy, here is what to do:

Introduce yourself, your website/blog, share what you are about and post a link to your favorite post or website or not. You decide!

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Before we go, below is a sneak peek of the lovebirds enjoying their Anniversary weekend! Sshhhh dont tell them we shared! Our Secret! By the way, why not go wish them more happy plentiful years on Julie Syl’s Facebook right here!




A throw back to D-Day for Julie Syl & Pauli and A more recent one. They haven’t changed at all πŸ™‚





Thank you for joining our celebratory party!


Please share with us what you hope to see on Pkjulesworld in the Next 12 months! 

A – Any travel related questions!

B – Destinations we have been that you want deeper Intel on?

C – Kids Travel Experiences – That will be Us sharing our secret sauce?

D- Bob’s dinner or how to keep mom and dad guessing… πŸ˜€

Please do share your ideas  in the comments below with A, B, C or D or ALL!

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See, Do, and Be more!


Paula and Paul Jnr.


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