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Why It's Never the Perfect Time to Travel Until You Make it so! #Travelinspiration

Why Tomorrow is Too Late to Travel!

Why Today is the Perfect Time to Travel, Never tomorrow! Confessions of a Travelpreneur Extracts! 

Are you always put off your trips or vacation? It's never the right or Perfect Time to Travel or Invest, or take a calculated risk. Yet, today is the best time to travel. travel inspiration, travel thoughts, Travel Advice, Life hacks, ... Repin if you Agree

With Christmas zooming closer by the day, many will be thinking of winter vacations and trips to loved ones. Many are considering Sunnier warmer exotic locations and amazing adventures, although Irma and her male friend Hosea have made some of those disaster zones!

But then surprisingly, most people drop their plans and throttle their dream vacation as fast as they think it, faster than a dog gobbling a piece of meat!

Frankly speaking, I can’t imagine when we ever behaved like that at Pkjulesworld. Simply because to us travel is a breath of fresh air that we crave and go after with gusto.


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Yet for many, something else always takes priority over their personal happiness!

I know, I hear ya, some truly cannot afford it and in most cases these people do not spend hours trolling the internet looking for a snazzy holiday! They are out and about looking for life’s basic necessities!

So, lets back up a little, if you do have a job and save a bit on the side, and also purchase loads of crap…Why do you make travel plans and keep putting them off until tomorrow…or that “perfect time?”

Because, take it from a friend, that time will never come. Didja check your watch and found it yet? 

It will never be the right time to do anything remotely risky or fun really. From investing in a new income stream, a much needed system to heading to that African Safari…the time is what you make it!

Your home is, well your castle, yet you don’t have to stay there every blessed day!

Stop finding excuses why you can’t leave this month or the next! See those paths wont all straighten so you can simply take off with all the benjies you ever needed and a dashing knight by your side. That’s Mills and Boons  fantasies! 😊

So, you have to get out there and create your happily ever after, your own peak life experiences today. Tomorrow is too late, for you will have lost another day!

You gotta dig out your happy, from the inside out! Start today to create a life other people say is lucky…simply because it’s a vacation every blessed day!

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No, we haven’t gone cuckoo on you! We just want you to realise happiness is a state of mind, not something you will find on the outside. That’s salad dressing, the nutrition is on the inside of the fruit, YOU!

Remember what I share below and make sure it’s not in your last breathing moments…Make it today will ya:


Here is 15 reasons Why Today is The Perfect Time to Travel!

  • Today is the Perfect day, if you decide it is, and so is the next day. Never Tomorrow!
  • Even though your wallet seems to never have enough, write you a check for $10 million bucks, stick it in that wallet/purse then it will never be poor! Guess what will soon be full of those kwachas
  • Just know that tomorrow, you’ll  still have those residual bills so why not Create a Residual Income and go travel the world!
  • Well, tomorrow all those social commitments will still be there, there is always a christening or halloween to go rave at!
  • Guess what, who knows if we are making the right decisions or choices! Life is an ongoing lesson, so go out there and get in class, learn yours fast so you can live your purpose!
  • I guarantee you, you will still think twice about everything, even if you apply the 5-second rule, so go for it!
  • And you will still have some gross things happen, after all bad things do happen to good people! Ever read the book of Job? Go read it today!
  • Yes, you heard this before, so why not one more time: “Never put off for tomorrow, what you can do and accomplish today!” So, stop putting off those gorgeous plans today!
  • Whether you believe it or not, You DIE once…no second chances, no rehearsals and No one knows the day! So, don’t wait, tomorrow could be too late!

My mom died a sudden death at 43! I had all these great plans for our life when I make tons of money…She had all the great plans she put off, to give me an education…I always think, what if…!

  • Heck the more you wait, the more you’ll find another great sounding excuse why you can’t go. (Shut that monkey brain the f**k up) and let the elephant in you take charge! They know how to rule and dominate!
  • Those naysayers, doubters, fear-mongers…and their bed fellows? Yup they still exist, just not in your neck of the woods from now on! Cut them loose or unsubscribe from their list!
  • And cherry on this Creamy Chocolate Smoothie; tomorrow, is a new day with new experiences, and it will never be perfect unless you so choose! By the way, it will always be tomorrow every new day…so when will that come your way? Is it on any calendar? Today on the other hand is Yours to enjoy, it’s called The Present!

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Don’t let your inner self run out of tomorrows, Do It Today!

  • Don’t let your inner self run out of tomorrows, don’t allow your story to be a sad one, every day you write a new chapter. Create a beautiful today! Go Travel and guess what, your God will replenish…he always does!
  • No more excuses, no more waiting, tomorrow is too late, and for many It was Definitely Too Late as they are now the late!


  • The Right Time to DO anything worth doing is NOW. Today!


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And you just had a taste of whats coming out in a few weeks. Look out for our Julie’s New Book: “Confessions of an Afro Travelpreneur”, coming on a Kindle near you! This book will get you off ya butt and booking that next vacation!

The Perfect Time To Travel, to live is Now!

I dont know about you, but I believe I have made a great case for getting out of your own way and Living Life out loud.

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40 thoughts on “Why Tomorrow is Too Late to Travel!”

  1. nice truly great tips you just shared here. Thanks pkjulesworld for keeping us informed about travel πŸ™‚

  2. Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today. This quote immediately comes to mind when reading your blog post. Enjoy your new adventures.

  3. Hi Julie and Paul,

    Amen on so many different levels guys.

    It floors me when folks put off stuff for tomorrow, that becomes, next year, or never. It’s a human form of insanity that we have a license on; letting fear cloud our minds, so we delay our greatest fun, and greatest happiness, for some nut job reason.

    I have been circling the globe for the last 6 years. Never been happier.

    When you travel, you feel free, you have fun and you grow like a weed because you sprint out of your comfort zone persistently.

    No better way to live.

    The perfect time to travel is now. No waiting to book the trip. Book it, whip out the credit card or pay cash, however you do it, just book it and do not put things off like so many folks do….especially here in the USA, where we see the lunacy of folks literally working themselves to death, putting off their dreams and winding up in a coffin.

    Not me, no way. Lesson learned. And we have a nice trip set up to NYC in a few days.

    Loving the message here guys.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Well look who is here,
      We are graced with the Blogging From Paradise aficionado himself. How are ya Ryan. So Good to see you here and Boy are you right!
      So many human species simply boggle the mind with the excuses w egve for living mediocre lives. And Like you we said NOT US and look where we are. Cool beans…when our kids are not in school off we go every weekend…and in Holidays we have multiple little days away and they love them! People think you need s solid 7+ days nope πŸ™‚


  4. Our Family World

    I would like so much to travel the world, but right now is not possible because of our health (me and my husband). It was great when we were young and strong and traveled when and where we wanted to. Hopefully, in the next few years we can start doing that again.

  5. So very true. I live in one of the most exciting areas in the world and I never explored it. So, in the last ten years or so I have, plus I have gotten out and explored other places.

    Very nice.

  6. With retirement we decided to no longer put off doing the things we wanted. We decided retirement was our time. And this meant we had to put aside the negative nancy type thoughts – like you can’t be away from your children and grandchildren for so long. We are currently travelling full time, for an extended period. We have embraced the idea of doing what we want today. I think the fact we could say we wanted to do this while we were fit and healthy helped us no longer put things off till tomorrow πŸ™‚

    1. Way to go estelle, and what a life, am sure you wish yo had started earlier, but her, No regrets right! have a to of fun and if we can help in anyway jst holler πŸ™‚

  7. You are so right! I am a gypsy at heart and I love to travel to different parts of the globe. Fortunately we have instilled ‘work hard, play harder’ in our family and have treated ourselves to any kind of way to see more of what is out there.

  8. I believe the real reasons people don’t travel is all in their heads. If you want something bad enough, you will make it happen. Otherwise, you’ll make an excuse. Period! I COULD travel more right now, but I’m not willing to do the things that are required to make that happen, yet. However, when the itch gets bad enough, I do all I have to in order to scratch it!

  9. I love adventure – I love exploring the unknown – this is why I love travel. Sadly, I can’t just up and go on a moments notice (I can do that for things in the city I live in, but leaving the country in an hour probably wouldn’t work)…. But planning for a trip is what gets me excited πŸ™‚

    1. Definitely we are the same GiGi, esp. as Parents we have to plan things, and its the planning thats so exciting. I am sure most people are the same, even if they may be free of parental or spousal responsibilties πŸ™‚

  10. I agree 100% with you. I have a five-year plan in place to get out of West Palm Beach and travel. We moved from MN almost three years ago to Florida in the quest to move and become Expacts.

  11. This definitely resonates with me. We have been wanting to travel for a while, but I think if we cut some expenses we could save up to do so. I feel like the longer you talk about it, the less of a chance you’ll actually go.

  12. Victoria Heckstall

    I would love to travel and travel in different places around the world and live my life to the fullest.I agree with this that perfect time is today not tomorrow. But can’t travel in lot of places right now maybe soon..

  13. We’re actually getting ready to head back to Seoul, and as always, my son is the most excited! πŸ™‚

  14. I love the qoute that you shared never let yourself run out of tommorow’s. This is something I need to take more note of and simply trust and live life.
    thanks for sharing

  15. This year we just had another baby, but we are totally making an effort to travel more. Next year we have 2 trips planned with the kids. These are great tips.

  16. I truly could not afford to travel, although I daycationed in years past. Now with almost everything I procrastinate, put off today what can be done another day. Pretty soon it will be to late. I need to motivate myself to move now.

  17. We normally don’t travel much but we have two trips planned. It’s time to do what we’ve talked about for years.

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