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Our Dream Travel Bucket List From Kampala to Punta Cana!

Pkjulesworld Dream Travel Bucket List – From Kampala to Punta Cana To Inspire Yours! #DreamTravel

Some of our Now not so secret Destination Bucket List Items! @pkjulesworld

Has it occurred to you that there are things in life that you want to do and haven’t done, places you’ve dreamt of seeing, and how old are you today? When it’s the latter it’s commonly called a travel bucket list, and today we wanna inspire you to create yours and Start ticking it off.

Pauli and I grew up in the Kampala suburbs, and boy did we envy people who went “abroad” and anyone that “flew to UK” was considered to have gone to London irrespective of which part of UK they were visiting!  You went to USA for holidays or vacation, my goodness, you were considered super posh and everyone wanted to be your friend.

One of the things that drew us closer was that we had a hunger to travel widely and we had “flown Abroad” in our uni days.  🙂 We also had a mutual desire to see a heck of a lot more, fly off to explore far off places together. We literally talked about Europe, Asia, USA etc. and created our travel Bucket List way before we created Pkjulesworld. As we travelled more and ticked it off, the name evolved in our family. Lo and behold, we created this travel one-stop-hub growing day by day and today we share Pkjulesworld Inspired Travel Bucket list!

Well you may be wondering whats a travel bucket list?

“A bucket list is essentially a list of experiences or achievements one wants to have in their lifetime!”

A bucket list - a list of experiences or achievements one wants to have in their lifetime Click To Tweet

Even though I have always been a city girl, Paul was born in Rural Soroti, Northern Uganda.  I must say he has definitely embraced his “country boy” background. But we both love to call Liverpool Home and Uganda our motherland. Our love of travel has offered us mega opportunities to grow, learn and embrace other cultures cuisines, traditions and above all people.

Sadly we know and have found lots, esp. on our travels who have never left their locality and it’s not for want of resources. They just don’t think travel is for them. And we like to test their mentality with a Qn that almost always shows that they would love to travel more, they just never really think about it as a priority. And whats that question then?

 “If money was not an issue and you had all the time, where would you go and why? 

If money was not an issue and you had all the time, where would you go and why? #travelsurvey Click To Tweet

Due to our love of all things travel we have been fortunate to be able to visit lots of world destinations that would turn many shrek-like. 🙂  Cities & locations like Assisi, Breckenridge, Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta, Rome, Pyrenees, Lourdes, Greece, Cyprus, London, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Llndundo, Cardiff, Austria, Paris, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Munich, Nairobi, Dar-Es-Salaam, Florence Mwanza, Bukoba, Tucson, (in fact you can read about our trip here), coast to coast UK, wales, Edinburgh, Glasgow etc. In fact we’ve left our lots and I can tell you now we have lots more to see while we still have breath and thus our Pkjulesworld travel wish List!

Our Lourdes Pilgrimage @pkjulesworld



Our Roman Invasion – The Food was Yummy! @pkjulesworld

We are also blessed to have access to a travel app that allows one to put together a travel bucket list online, which automatically enters one in a draw to have your dream holiday created into a dreamtrip experience. These experiences are not your normal type vacation. They include Accommodation to 4-5 Star Properties/Hotels/resorts  with airport pickup included for most, Your Breakfasts, special 5 course meals. At least 2 excursions or activities in the Local area, and much more. How about taking part in a voluntour where you get to build a school for children in need while staying in a 5 star hotel all meals included, excursions etc. Giving back to those less fortunate is such a good thing. And the best of all you could go free…! Some of the popular Travel App Bucket list items are shown below. And our own Activity & Travel Bucket List created via the travel app is shown  with the ones we have done grayed out. They Include Locations, Activities and Dinning or places we’d love to eat out!

You can see we’ve put together a series of destinations within the app and bookmarked them. We have been ticking off item after item and adding more as we go.

This travel wish list is focused on locations and activities in general and includes some summer travel bucket list ideas. Destinations and travel experiences we wish to partake of. Predominantly because the liluns have lots of places they want to visit while mom and dad are still paying lol. We the adults also hope to get away at least a couple of times for R & R. So the question is what makes them so special to us?

Now that’s pretty personal, to each of us. Yet PKJULESWORLD’s vision is to Inspire and encourage you and many others to go beyond your geographical limitations and See more of this beautiful planet, Experience more and Become that better person and thus our Tagline:

“Travel the new Living – See more, Do more and Be more.” ~ #Pkjulesworld Click To Tweet

Travel the new Living – See more, Do more and Be more.” ~ Pkjulesworld

It’s time to get more out of the box, there is no box, let’s burst that comfort zone, and lets inspire you to see a new destination or 4 every year at the very least. Use our travel bucket list items to spark your own. Book mark this post and use it as a beacon of light and guide. We shall be adding to the list as we go until its a Formidable Ultimate Dream Travel Bucket List, so don’t forget to check back often… 🙂

So while this is nowhere near our Ultimate bucket list, below in no particular order are the 8 destinations by country that we plan to visit or re-visit soonest in next 10 months:

USA – Re-do Orlando Fl

Belgium –

Spain – Spend a Weekend in Madrid

France – Have an evening at the Eiffel Tower

India – Revisit the Taj Mahal

Caribbean – Yeahmon…anywhere

Africa – The usual

Scotland – Lock Ness & the Edinburgh Summer Festival

On a wider scale there are some Peak Life and Travel experiences that everyone must simply partake while you’re alive and below are 18 bucket list items to inspire you in no particular order:

  • Zip lining in Hawaii or other exotic location
  • Build a bottle school in Guatemala
  • Do a beach barbeque and drink cruise in Waikiki
  • Have a picnic at the Pink Lake in Australia.
  • Take a Wild Life Safari in East and/or South Africa
  • Take a Cruise Round the world in 30 days!
  • See the baby turtles on turtle beach
  • Have a Mud Bath in Dalyan Turkey (we’ll tell you more about this soon)
  • Visit Disney world (This never gets old)
  • Take a Guided Tour of Beverley Hills LA
  • Swim with Dolphins
  • Sleep on or own a water bed
  • Simply Chill out for a fortnight on a Caribbean beach
  • Eat caviar with champagne at the Louvre
  • Experience the Great wall of China
  • Scuba diving in Shicheng
  • Go to Rio de Janeiro and spend lazy days on the beach
  • See the gorgeous Icelandic Scenery and the Northern Lights…

Yes some can be done in your locality. Some we’ve done too but there’s lots more to see, do and be more across the planet; we’ve only just started. 🙂 We shall be sharing our trips either prior to, during, or after. While it’s so much fun to share during a trip, its not always possible. But to give you a taste of what we shall be sharing here are 9 subjects to explore in each destination:

  1. Some Random Facts, fictions, culture, and a wee history about the exact destination.
  2. Some must See tourist and non-touristy places to see.
  3. Airport and Transportation.
  4. Accommodation in detail.
  5. Food and where to eat.
  6. Entertainment and fun places.
  7. Shopping of course for the memorabilia.
  8. Our Experience of the destination and whether it lived up to our hopes.
  9. And finally our recommendation on whether it should be added to YOUR travel bucket list! 🙂

As smart travellers we like to return home from our trips with way more than memorabilia, tans, extra body mass and Kodak moments. We love to learn new cultures, cuisines, games, a bit of the language; Our hope is that our children come home with a piece of that destination in their souls.


we want to our children to come home with a piece of that destination in their souls #traveltuesday Click To Tweet

So why not be a smart traveller, read our Article right here, learn to respect the cultures of others and what travel habits are acceptable!

And on that note we hope we have sparked a fire in you too, create your Life experiences or travel bucket list and share with us. Reach out to us for your travel needs. And stay tuned as we take you on our travels with this dreamy bucket list travel. We shall be unveiling our first trip abroad 2016 soonest! Super exciting xoxo

So let’s ask you the same question; if money was not an object, where would you visit and why?

Do you have a suggestion for a “must –visit” destination or life experience to add to our list?

Are you planning any vacations this year? Drop your answers below and…


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See, Do, and Be more!

Julie Syl Kalungi

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85 thoughts on “Our Dream Travel Bucket List From Kampala to Punta Cana!”

  1. I am glad that you have Australia on your bucket list. I am going to the Great Barrier Rief in July. Then I would like to go to Western Australia to see my son. The place I would like to re-visit is Niagra Falls. Thanks for such an interesting post and for putting it on The Blogger’s Pit Stop where we love quality posts.


  2. This is my bucket list:
    1) Guam – I don’t know why but I have a feeling it’s a stunning island!
    2) A cruise – I want to be spoiled & entertained from morning to night. 🙂
    3) New Zealand – because wow those mountain landscapes!

  3. Hi,
    I travel often too. I almost became a travel blogger.
    Thank you for bringing your post to Blogger’s Pit Stop.
    Janice, Your Pit Stop Crew

  4. Wow, this looks really awesome! I wish I could visit all of these locations. What a lucky life you have! 🙂

  5. My travel wish list used be mostly European destinations, but I moved to Europe from the States nearly six years ago, so I’ve seen most of Europe now and my list has gotten more exotic. Right now, Tokyo and Bora Bora are at the top of my list!

  6. I have wanted to go to Paris since I studied French in high school. However I have never flown and suspect I never will. A bigger wish – while not necessary a place as this could happen anywhere is to go someplace where Boy Goerge is and get to sit down and talk to him. That would be a true dream come true.
    I have taken a lot of press trips here in the US and love all the things I have seen. I was not aware there was an app, but I do intend to check it out. I don’t have plans to go anyplace this year – and have never taken a vacation other than a working one, but this post was inspiring! Thank you!

    1. Wow Sheri, Never say never…who knows where your ext work trip will take you! Keep your Paris dream burning!
      Wow Boy George is on UK’s Tellys The Voice right now, You cold sit with him and have your fill for now 🙂
      Our App will have yo traversing USA to your heart’s content Flying outside of it will be the next natural step 🙂
      Would yo like us to let you know once its launched to the open public?


  7. I could not imagine a trip like this!! I am so jealous over here at my kitchen table while I read this!! My dream trip would be to Ireland…but now I’m considering other places after reading this!!

    1. Hi Hannah,
      Ireland is absolutely gorgeous. Have you been to Dublin? It is gorgeous, we had a wonderful 10 days DreamTrip last year. the people that went sang its wondrousness to date! We shall soon tell you about our adventure to Dublin…It started at the Airport…but thats a story for another day 🙂

      Get out there lets see the world together!

  8. As an American, it is fun to see a bucket list from the other side of the world. It also gives ME good ideas for my own, places I might not have thought of.

  9. I love you bucket list! I’ve been making a similar list of place I want to take my daughter to before she turns 18.

    1. Awww Esme, We would love to visit Asia. We have only been to India and that is absolutely beautiful. We will be coming soooon!
      And you will come to Europe one day. Set your intentions and see the universe deliver.


  10. Wow I love your photos! They look so fun. One of the major reason I began to blog was to make some money… Haha I think that why a lot of us started lol but I have a set goal of the amount and if I am able to reach it we will be taking my daughter to Disney World again. My hubby and I have also been planning a vacation to Europe for next year…

    1. Wow thank you Tiffany and We are so glad you have SET your Intentions. Thats very important! And you will get it.
      We dreamt of Disney for like yonks and we took our children on a 10 day Disney tour It was pure fun. Our club offers crazy low prices for the value we get and we simply cant recommend the packages enough. Recently we took over Disney Epcot, exclusively. Our club members families, children it was a dream. No queues …Disney Bliss. So yes stay focused and purposeful.


  11. Rebecca Swenor

    This sounds like a great travel app and dream travel bucket list. If money was not an issue I would love to visit Italy. It would be great to see if I had any relatives from my grandmothers side still alive.

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      I betcha you do have them all you gotta do is do a google Family tree search. It is an amazing travel app and does so much. We are blessed to have access and you too could if you so chose! Italy is absolutely GORGEOUS. Its one country we dont mind visiting annually And Spain 🙂 Thats only Europe though!


    1. hey Suzanne,

      Time is what you make of it. Prioritize, zone in and chose what you do with your spare time. Create it if you dont have it. Coz you die once!
      Your plane awaits 🙂


  12. Wow! It’s amazing that you get to do all this! There is nothing better in life than being able to see the world and what is beyond just what we know. The cultures, the amazing sites, these are all things worth living to see!

    1. We truly thank The lord for our good fortune…We work hard yet we know its all down blessings and gratitude. We choose to see the world as our reward for the work and pay if forward too. Thank you Lexie for your time!


  13. francis Carter

    Wow what a bucket list…Hey I thing I will have to piggy back off you and add this to my bucket list as well

    1. Hey Francis Carter come create your own via our App. All you gotta do is Like our list and you get it all 🙂 and who knows you could totally go on several free ..Its super. 🙂

      Cheers man!

  14. I’m a city girl too but I did enjoy a brief stint in the country. I do have a long travel list.

  15. It looks as though you are steadily ticking through your “list” of must-see places around the world. Love the photographs.
    I would like to travel to Italy (food), Ireland, Austrailia (has always been WAY at the top of my list, and I vacation at locations that are near the water. I’m drawn to large bodies of water.

    1. Yes Bonnie, Outside of r children, Travel is a major part of our life, vision and hobbies. Its also now part of our brand and growing. So yes we aregoing until our last breath. You can too and we encourage you to absolutely! Thanks for stopping by!


  16. Tara Woodruff

    I Absolutely Love that you are traveling so much and helping other people Fill Those Buckets! So Awesome. i Have Tons of traveling to do!

  17. I want to go to Switzerland!! I could die happy afterwards….

    I also would love to go to Italy (and the Vatican), Australia sounds fun, Argentina, Chile, London….!! Man, I would love to go everywhere!

    1. welcome to our world Sofia, You have the right burning desire and You just might get to all these places…The next step is making a Decision to go and Take the Action. We got the App, have you got the motions 🙂

  18. Shavelle Turner

    I really enjoyed this post & today im making a list of tropical places I’m heart set of visiting! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Glad to see you encourage folks to travel. Too many people think they can’t do it. My husband loves to travel and has passed that on to me and the kids. My favorite place has been Bermuda so far!

  20. Carmela Mempin

    Wow, so glad that you have bucket list, I’m sure you will reach those places.

    1. Ahaaaa…be specific or you wont go anywhere Annie…its like saying I want to eat everything..what do you want to start with…and the next etc etc…
      A 5 course meal starts with an appetizer…where is your appetizer and where is your dessert? Be specific, the universe is listening! 🙂
      How can we help you zone in!


  21. I have never used a travel app. I know people love them though and I might try one out the next time I go somewhere fun. 🙂

    1. Teheheee we feel you..WHERE do you wanna go Milena?
      whats your budget
      how many days have ya got
      Beach or Adventure/action packed
      child friendly or adult zone
      road trip or overseas…start with those?
      Cruise maybe? We have access to cruises for under £300 for 10+ days 🙂


  22. I have friends that just haven’t been anywhere. Barely out of their own state. I’d love to go over to Italy, Ireland, Sweden, – places like that one day. I’ve only done things in the Carribean.

    1. Start by stating a specific Place you wanna visit in each of those countries and why Krystle and it shall cristalize in your life!
      And most of us wanna see the Carribean over and over yeahmon lolol 🙂


  23. United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, and Japan are on my travel bucket list. I can’t wait to fly again! 🙂

    1. Fly Czjai Fly
      UK is awesome..just choose summer unless you like it wet and cold! Its great in Edinburgh in August and make sure to enjoy the street art and free Festival all month!
      Londn is Fast and furius…wallet hard too 🙂
      Italy is amazing…you wanna go to Milan, Perugia, Roma, Tuscany, Lake Garda region???? Where?
      France Paris first deffo then go out to other arrondisments!
      Japan…we are right behind ya


  24. Valerie Robinson

    Wow what a detailed bucket list! My coworker is from Australia so I have my eye on that. I also want to go to Fiji :).

    1. Aaahhh Kenny migration season of WHAT? Coz we can tell you every creature has different seasons..depending on which area they live and the season aka weather! You dont want to go on a Safari in January to east Africa, you will roast, just saying!


  25. Stephanie D'Laroy

    Great post Julie. I just love all these places & pictures. Makes me want to make my own bucket list. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  26. I would really like to go visit the UK. The UK is definitely on my bucket list. I just think i woukd love their weather.

  27. Traveling is one the best rewards you can give to yourself. You learn a lot of things from it and you also get good memories to boot! It’s awesome, the places you’ve been to and are planning to go! Don’t stop traveling and keep enjoying life!

  28. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] It is nice to know that you are making the effort to visit numerous countries around the world.

  29. If you visit Belgium, skip Brussels (or just spend the time it takes to get out of the city from the airport!) and go see Antwerp and Brugge. I have lived in both Antwerp and Brussels, and Brussels is boring, and pretty ugly.

    In Brugge be sure to eat some Waffles with strawberry and chocolate, and do have some french fries as well. The Belgians are famous for them!

    1. Wooot woot, We love Tips from our readers. You just made my day Sandra.
      We have a trip to Brussels with our son, he is a singer. So while he does his thing hubby and I shal sneak off to Brugge and do the waffles & fries Yummmm!

      Thanks for that Tip and addition to our Bucket list 🙂

      Jules <3

  30. I will check this out. We like to travel but normally I only think about travel we can actually take in the next couple years, but a bucket list would be fun. I would like to make a bucket list of places we want to take the kids before they graduate and then just one with the hubby.

    1. We do Weekend getaways with hubby lots, Jess. As we can ask a family member or friend to stay wit them for shorter stints. Thne we do family vacays and funs things in their half terms or summer/easter/xmas holidays

      You definitely should get started 🙂 they grow so fast!


  31. I keep a running list of places I would like to visit. If I could go anywhere right now it would be Costa Rica! I have a Pinterest board dedicated to this country.

  32. Australia is definitely on my bucket list! It is a place that had we not migrated to Canada would have been my next choice. 🙂

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