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New Travellers Tips Part 2.

Newbie Travellers Tips Part #2

This post is a follow on from Last week’s Post which we shall call Traveller’s Tips Part #1 and you can read it here. We don’t want you going through the FOMO 😉

So, this post will provide you with some common-sense helpful tips for your trip abroad, esp. to the tropics. And ensure that your trip is a healthy one.

Bookmark it and save it for ease of access. And you don’t want to miss out on the regular updates

Tips for Travellers – Before Departure

#1. Insurance: If you’re travelling from UK to anywhere in Europe you need to obtain form E111 from a Post office near you. And know what Brexit may mean for you.

Go right ahead and also read our comprehensive post on Brexit and the UK Traveler

The E111 form will enable you to receive treatment in EU countries for now anyway, again this could change with Brexit for UK/EU travellers.

Travelling further afield? Then make sure you have the right Travel insurance cover. By this we mean cover enough to cover the cost of being flown home in an air ambulance in case of a major emergency.

Or evacuation to a safe place in case of political turmoil…common in tropical countries.

Ask lots of Questions from the insurance agent. You will have a stress-free vacation or trip. 

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#2. Regular Medication: Are you on some kind of medication? Then definitely consult your GP about your travel plans before you go, at least 4 weeks prior. Just in case you need to take extra or some meds weeks before travel.

Ensure you have the right quantities of your regular medication while away as it may be extremely difficult or impossible to obtain it while abroad.

Make sure to have a Doctor’s Note to show why you take that medication. Some destinations like Dubai can give you a hard time if this is not with you. And this hard time could manifest as jail time! Don’t risk it. 

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#3. Jet Lag: A very common occurrence when flying across time zones. Your body can and might take days to catch up with the new day and night cycle. So how about you help it along…

You might include stop overs in your travel plans and drink plenty of fluids. While EATING LESS SALT…hmm! Yup this will help reduce your chances of water retention and “Swollen Feet” after your flight.

During your flight, avoid fizzy drinks and coffee. Also, you may be tempted to drink Alcohol esp. if its on offer FREE… (Not so much on most flights these days). Alcohol usually leads to extra toilet breaks which of course means dehydration. And that could lead to puffiness for days after. Weird isn’t it. 

After you take off, set your watch to the destination time zone and eat, drink and sleep according to the New time. Cool hack, right? 😉 #YW 

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And now to…


Travellers Tips Whilst Abroad

#1. Sunshine –Vitamin D on tap right?

Well its also potentially also sun burn and sun stroke on tap if you don’t take the right precautions and/or prevention.

Sun stroke can give you a terrible headache, nausea and vomiting as well as an increased risk of future skin problems.

So, time your exposure to the sun carefully and try to avoid exposure between 11:00 am – 3:00 pm.

Always use appropriate strength sun blocks for your skin type. We use a minimum 50 SPF sun cream/block minimum. Indeed black does crack ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

And when necessary cover up and protect your skin with hats, long sleeves etc. you know the drill.

Animals are NOT always pets in some parts of the world. For instance dogs are kept for security purposes in most African countries. And they are predominantly NOT vaccinated or  even ever seen the inside of a Vets surgery.

So, avoid close contact with animals as they could carry rabies.

If you are bitten by a dog even if yo know said animal, wash the would thoroughly, rabies could be fatal. Seek immediate medical advice even if you got the pre-travel vaccine.

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Travellers’ Tips – When You return Home:

Of course, you made sure that your home was as secure and tight as a moat surrounded castle, yes?

Then let’s focus on your body beautiful. Ensure you do the following:

  1. Continue with any anti-malarial medication for 4 weeks after your trip.
  2. Do a detox of your body and flush out any exotic toxins you may have consumed, we have just the 5 days Detox Plan for you. Or push the boat out and hit the 28 Day Fat Blast challenge
  3. If you feel ill on your return, you MUST tell your doctor immediately that you just returned from abroad. Some common tropical ailments mimic a simple cold, don’t take any chances.
  4. Give yourself at least 24-48 hours home time before you return to your work or daily grind. This way you can transition into your time zone, release jet lag and savour the trip memories whether work or vacation. Upload your trip images to a cloud storage of some sort and clear your phone, lots of people end up losing their beautiful memories coz they forget to do this and phones are prone to losing data. That’s what most people use to take their trip photos these days, right? . 
  5. Get back on your routine as fast as you can after above time to Save up for the next fantastic getaway.

And once again, Bon Voyage. Remember travel is meant to be fun and can be trouble free is you educate yourself of any potential risks and take necessary precautions.

I believe you now understand what you might need to do to have a great trip with these Newbie Travellers Tips. Feel free to share with anyone who might enjoy it. And also comment below on your favorite tip or your biggest takeaway. We can’t wait to see your comments! Share on Facebook… 

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    These are all great. It can be easy too forget about all of this when you’re busy planning.

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    Insurances are often taken for granted, and I’m guilty with this, but I realized its value the wrong way. During my latest trip to Vietnam, my boyfriend fell very ill, and we had to go to the hospital. It would have been nice if we were insured.

  8. These are definitely sound tips. I know I should get insurance before travelling because I was sorely disappointed a couple times without it.

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    Thanks for the tips..! This would be very useful for my next travel. I enjoyed reading it as well.

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  11. Joy Della Vita

    So far I have never consulted my doctor before any trip, however I’m about to visit some areas of Africa next month, will definitely make an appointment to ask if there are any requirements ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for this helpful post!

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    Thanks for the tip about the brexit-form. Didn’t think about that one…

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    Insurance is the one thing I tend to miss on whenever I travel. I need to learn to make this a priority.

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  37. You are right about being careful bringing medications into Dubai. There are many prohibited substances listed as controlled or banned medicines that may not be brought into the country and these are listed on the official government portal for the UAE under ‘Drugs and controlled medicines’.

  38. Amy-Lynn Denham

    Great tips. The medications one is HUGE. As someone who uses marijuana CDB oil for pain I know that I cannot take my meds out of country at all and, thus, need to be prepared with a script for the less-natural, more toxic and addictive pain meds I will be able to take with me (still makes no sense in my mind).

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