Pkjulesworld is a Luxury Travel and Lifestyle hub. It was created in 2013 as part of our sister site and separated to better work with us @Pkjulesworld_CEOserve our audience in 2016. Pkjulesworld was created to Inspire, Entertain and Help you not only create your Travel Bucket list but to Manifest it too!  

Let us help you get your wanderlust on and travel the world for more fun, freedom, fulfillment and creating memories of a lifetime! It is a passion that is truly a joy as a full time journey! 

Since its launch, Pkjulesworld has seen incredible growth from day one as we had a fan base from our training website, where we used to share travel tips and our own travel experiences!

We are creating a recognized and trusted Lifestyle, luxury travel blog and brand worldwide. 

With our sister platform we offer a unique and dedicated demographic of readers interested in Travel, Inspiration, Cruising, Camping, Beauty and Wellness, Blogging, Internet Marketing, Network Marketing and Home Based Business. Most of our readership is interested in creating Lasting Memories across the globe and for many also creating a Residual Income from their travels!

Our articles, newsletters, and posts reach 92k+ Engaged global readers per month through our opt-in newsletters, online magazine, and various social media platforms and followers. The Pkjulesworld audience is constantly growing, and we welcome like-minded brands and companies to partner with us to reach our audience.

  • Impressions: 63k+/Month
  • Daily Site Visits: 3k+
  • Facebook Fans : 10k+
  • Twitter Fans: 8.1k+
  • Newsletter subscribers: 4k+
  • Pinterest Fans 9.5k+
  • Instagram Fans 4k+
  • LinkedIn Fans 1100+ 
  • YouTube 5oo+


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We receive amazing comments every time we publish and share content and beyond!

We also receive emails from readers who dream of traveling or  wish to visit a destination we have already been to, because they have read about it here! 



What our Audience says about pkjulesworld!

Because we moved over recently we have also taken a new approach to Social Media accounts, esp keeping in mind the constant Social Media Changes.

We also cleansed our Social media accounts so we can engage more closely with our audience and serve them better!

We separated our Business blog from this pleasure site and created a whole separate Facebook page. (By the way its great so Like us.)

We do continue to share our content across our existing social follower base over 35k and growing daily! 🙂

NOTE: OUR AUDIENCE COMES FIRST so we will only be accepting only offers that resonate with our brand and our Audience needs! 


You Can HIRE US For:

  • Freelance writing 
  • Events & Workshops (We review events we attend from press days to Company events)
  • Tailored trips
  • Adventure Activities
  • Travel Products/gear tester
  • Lifestyle Products testing
  • Beauty Products testing
  • Airline/Hotels reviews
  • Brand Ambassador* (always happy to work with brands and be their ambassadors).


  • Social Media Coverage & Banners.
  • Press Trips.
  • Sponsored article written By you.
  • Product reviews (Business, e-Books & related products are reviewed on Juleskalpauli blog. Travel products are reviewed on this blog). 
  • Advertising & PR.
  • Banner Ads



We focus on:

  • Travel and Lifestyle related Platforms/Products, these will have priority. 
  • If your Offer is not related to the above areas, then you will have to show that our audience will benefit in some way!
  • Our base rates are fixed BUT Prices are negotiable if our brands resonate and we have collaborated before or You can prove that we can collaborate regularly! 
  • We DON’T Require the following Consultancy services: Web-Design, SEO or  Social Media Management! 


Once you’ve decided on Partnering, Collaborating, Sponsor or Advertising with us Check out Our Starter Packages Here. Then for a faster response, Head on to our New Facebook Page with all the Information, Like it and Leave us a Message.

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To bring great content to OUR audience and potentially new customers, please contact us via our Facebook PageFor Guest Articles Or Business queries only OR to Discuss details of our media kit above.

Please note – Payment:

All sponsored posts, newsletters, and adverts require a signed contract and 100 percent of the fees are due up-front, in full, before blog posts/articles are written, published, or advertisements placed. And please note PayPal Fees mentioned on the Media Kit!

Contact us for our introductory offer and for discounts on 3-month, 6-month, or yearly contracts. We are looking forward to working together!

All Ad fees are non-negotiable, we reserve the right to offer discounts. 

**Our Invoices are generated via PayPal or Swipe, if you have preferred invoice templates please send them through with instructions.  


Every so often we Accept a Guest article. Pkjulesworld is thus looking for experienced Bloggers and World Travellers who have written about Travel, Lifestyle, Cruises, and travel related stuff. Please make sure to check out our mission, Products, work with Us and buzzworthy blogs to understand who we are, how we work, and the high level of writing and Blogging integrity we expect from our guest bloggers and writers.

Created by Julie Syl and Pauli Kalungi World travellers, Global Trainers, Podcasters and. We’re an expanding brand and marketplace.

If you are an established blogger, here are some ways to collaborate:

1) Submit a blog, we’ll blast it on our robust social media platforms and share to our newsletter that goes out to 4,000+. 

2) Re-purpose one of our articles—we have lots of awesome solid content.

3) Join our affiliate program. Check us out and and sign up to work with us directly as a coaching client, then reach out to Julie for next step as a Partner in Building your dream!


The guest posting policy for pkjulesworld website.

Invitation to Guest Authors

We’re always looking for ways to enhance the value of the content in our blog and that includes being privileged to receive and publish posts by guest authors.
This blog welcomes experienced guest bloggers and authors, who can add quality content to it and the welcome mat is out for other reader/commenters like them, who want to create a post for

Please note that this is not a commercial blog and no submissions made on behalf of a commercial client will be considered for publication unless they are Sponsored Content.

We welcome guest post submissions only from those we have a relationship with i.e. from our subscribers, Mentors, Partners, Clients, Customers, Students Or Frequent Commenters.

Submission Guidelines

  • Submission Format: Send in a Google Doc or Word document
  • Subject Line: Please write the SEO title of your blog post
  • Post Length: Reasonable Not too long, not too short (900 to 1500 words)
  • Style: Your voice
  • Hyperlinks: Please Add resource links (Not affiliate) that add value to the post as long as they dont have Similar or copycat content. Reveal the link address in your draft in parenthesis.
  • Bio: Please email a short bio and a high-res square headshot
  • Email: admin(at)pkjulesworld(dot)com or the e-mail you initially used to reach out to us! 
  • What to expect: A post that you can share
  • Notification: Yes, if your post goes live
  • Tips: Originality, personality, great writing, share your post to your online community once published
  • If you are writing an actual article, please include original quotes, we do not publish fluffy Cosmo BS.
  • Curate if you’d like and include a cool infographic or embedded video Otherwise we prefer…
  • Original – The blogger submitting a post must be the author of the post submitted.
  • New and Unique – Posts containing COPY CAT content previously published in digital or printed form anywhere else before without any clear new, trackacble changes will not be accepted for publication;
  • Images Media – Images and media must be royalty free or used in accordance with their license.

(1) All submissions must be in English and accompanied by the URL for the a guest author’s blog or site and/or links to published articles written by them.

(2) The submission must be relevant i.e. focused on or related to subject matter that’s already found in our blog. Differences of opinion are welcome; posts will not be rejected on a difference of opinion alone.

(3) The submission must be original, new and unique, of reasonable length, and Plus At Least 3 images including: A Feature image at 560 x 220 pixels and/or media that MUST meet the requirements above. And 2 Pinterest Optimized images at 734 x 1200 pixels! You can check out our Pinterest Profile to see our style


Writing Guidelines

Part One: Article Editing, Creation And Formatting

Please do not forget to write 3 excerpts for your piece (For Social Media as well). Should be three sentences or less and entice readers to check out your story. Be provocative. 

When you submit your piece, please make sure it is double spaced. Once an article is in the editing process, writers are not to rewrite material changed by our editors. If you have concerns or want to suggest changes, please do so using the “comment” feature in your word program, or simply email specific questions/concerns by paragraph and line number. Try to keep articles under 1,500 words. Send to an editor in a word document like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

In extremely rare instances, after you have established a relationship with us, contributors will be invited to post directly to our WordPress management content system. You will be added as an Editor and your login details sent to you.

Here are some important things you need to do when creating a WordPress article: (first time guest bloggers or WP writers, please just send to editor in word document/Google Doc).

  • When pasting text into a WordPress article, always use the “Paste As Plain Text” button. This way, the text you enter will always be the correct font and size.
  • Input at least five “Tags,” which are basically keywords describing your article. (List Said Tags/Keywords at bottom of draft)
  • Create an “Excerpt” for your article, which will appear on the home page. Use your voice and draw people in. Be provocative and edgy!
  • Insert a “Featured Image” for your article. It should be 560 X 280. You can find free stock photos here (you will have to sign up for free). Or use Creative Commons in Flickr. PLUS a Pinterest Optimized image
  • Make sure your headline is short and edgy, and that every word is capitalized. If possible, try to use words that you KNOW people will search for on Google. You can always use Google Keyword Planner to enter a keyword and find out how popular it is. Read this for tips on how to create a kick ass headline.
  • When you are finished with your article, make sure to save it as a draft instead of publishing it. This will give us a chance to make sure everything is in order before it is posted.

Terms of Agreement

(1) The guest author and we both agree not to republish the same article in its entirety or in part anywhere else either in digital or printed form.
(2) We agree to provide a byline link to their blog from the guest author’s username in a brief bio at the end of the article.
• No affiliation links allowed.
• No self-promotion links allowed.

(3 We agree not to edit save for small and obvious typos, spelling errors, etc. and if we have any concerns about any part of the draft post we will discuss them with the guest author by email, prior to publication.

(4) We reserve the right to refuse to publish any submission for any reasons we deem relevant and will notify the author of said refusal to publish by email.

(5) You will not publish the same Blog Post or similar content on another blog after we have published in on our blog!


We do not as a matter of policy provide Admin area access to our blog unless in exceptional circumstances. After you have emailed your guest post idea to us at admin [at] and received our confirmation of interest in it, you may submit a draft guest post to us at the same email address for posting. We will send you the link after publication and We expect you to Actively promote said Post as much as if it were published on your own blog. We guarantee to do the same!

Thank You


Please email all pitches to admin(at), we look forward to hearing from you!








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