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Why You Should Choose Life Experiences Not Material Stuff everytime! #travelexperiences

Material things Vs Travel and Life Experiences!

My grandmother once told me, “when you grow up Amooti (pet name), you will learn to live in pursuit of happiness than material things!” I always thought, “Don’t material things bring you happiness?” …Today I know she was spot on!

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Imagine: having a cramped home full of stuff or a passport full of destination stamps…I know which I prefer and so for me the question of Material things Vs Travel Experiences is moot!

I hope you too know that money can’t “buy” happiness. BECAUSE It’s an INSIDE JOB. Although having money and impacting your life and others can Definitely make you happier. (For many, money seems to be a limited resource…This is Mostly because of your thought process and Lack of ACTION)…But that’s not the topic for today!

What’s better; Material things Vs Travel experiences. Why You Should Buy the  Experiences instead.

So, can we agree that it’s what we spend our money on that impacts on our state of happiness? for instance we started this Blog to share our Life experiences and it has ended up bringing us an income. We shared is the post about how Travel blogging can make you rich!  

We buy stuff because we believe we will feel good having them…And in most cases they don’t deliver on that promise…or may very briefly!

Imagine, traveling the world travel – Swimming with Dolphins – Sky Diving- Catamaran Cruise off Waikiki Beach – Dancing Zumba on a Caribbean Beach – Sipping mimosas in a beach side hammock…


Buying a Rolex watch, Having the latest Samsung Smartphone, Finally getting that custom made bespoke LTD Edition Hermes handbag…

It’s a hard call, which one is BETTER, right? Yet the former list is all about life experiences on most people’s travel bucket list. And why not have Both anyway? Back to the money matter lol… Here’s why I believe your money is much better spent on life experiences, vs material things…Experiences tend to leave a legacy! Talking of legacies…

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#1 Material thins Vs Travel Experiences; The former are short lived!

Tell me when that scuba diving experience you had 7 years ago expired? You can still see the scenes in your mind’s eye even now. Yet those limited edition Nike shoes you bought last year have already been replaced with the next edition..Arg!

How to Maximise Your Next Spa Visit or Vacation! - Material things Vs Travel Experiences

[clickToTweet tweet=”The biggest enemy of happiness is expecting external things to make you happy!” quote=”One of the biggest enemies of happiness is expecting things outside of you to make you happy!”]

One of the biggest enemies of happiness is expecting things outside of you to make you happy!

Yes, many of us buy things in the hope they will make us happy! Come on admit it…(I used to shop for England) It didn’t make me happy. Just burned a hole in my bank account! (I still remember my first pair of Red heels…) They only made me happy for a while, and they got destroyed in the house flood. Why did the joy only last a bit? Because I adapted. I got used to them. Familiarity maybe!

What once excites you becomes the norm, the excitement wears off. Normal can be boring, and boring is NOT happiness. (I know I still went out and bought more shoes, less expensive shoes and the red heels were sat in a box waiting for a “Special Occasion” all of $400 worth!) I am glad I manned up and realised I have enough shoes to fill up my loft…Ssshhh and I wasn’t happy, so what changed?



When I got my first smartphone, I was like I am gonna have this forever, I LOVE IT. 12 months later, I was after the next model and the next after that…Then the flood happened…It made me reassess my life, I wondered how long would I continue to look for happiness in material things…

Why not instead take my children on amazing experiences? Why not get away for a Friday night with my babe and simply enjoy a 5-Star experience? Take an adventure trip? These never got old…I look at the photos and I feel the warmth in my soul….

Material Things Vs Travel Experiences, Our Los Angeles Trip of a Lifetime!

#2 Memories are Shared, Material things rarely create chances to share in your Twilight years

So, you bought that LBD and love it. Then it sits in your wardrobe for a year…Life Experiences on the other hand are different…How many times have you heard someone say “now that’s a story for the grand children”?

Chances are, that came from an experience you had that is so great it IS LOCKED in your memory bank for life! Thinking about it, sharing it, brings such wonderful feelings of HAPPINESS!

I KNOW that Travel will naturally do this to you

And finally, my reasons why travel experiences way out weigh material things….

International Vacation Etiquette in 9 Simple Steps. Travel Experiences #traveletiquette #traveltips


#3 Material things Vs Travel Experiences: The Planning and Anticipation

So how long did it take you to meticulously plan the purchase of that Little Black Dress? All of 10 mins, right? 

Yes, I know the anticipation of finally buying those LTD edition Manolos can be high. Sadly, it wears off pretty fast, esp. when that credit card bill comes in. In comparison, I look forward to those moments we have with family, the trips we take, even if it’s a road trip…I am more excited than a child in a candy store! That’s why travel matters in life! 

How about this…Why are most people super excited about working on a Friday afternoon than waiting out Sunday evening to Monday? (BY the way I love Monday just as much as Friday lol.) I learnt this after I read and applied the Monday Morning Choices.

It’s because you anticipate the weekend on a Friday! You get more and more excited for what’s to come over the weekend even if you’ve got no plans! Most people love the extra time they can spend in bed on a weekend to no alarm clock…Unless you work shifts lol!

Then on Sunday, your brain starts to play tricks on you…You start to think of Monday as BACK TO the HARD WORK. Maybe you even dislike your job, it’s not your passion, or you are not friends with anyone at work and your manager has made you their punch bag…Unless You love your job then Sunday afternoons for most are the start of the so called Monday blues!  Which brings us full circle to EXPERIENCES!

[clickToTweet tweet=”Sunday afternoons for most are the start of the so called Monday blues #Travelexperiences ” quote=”Sunday afternoons for most are the start of the so called Monday blues”]

The same happens with life experiences…Lets use your DreamTrip to the Bahamas as an example.

Travel Experiences_Punta Cana

Once you’re booked in and set to fly out, the anticipation and excitement begin to kick in. Months leading up to the vacation, become a frenzy of excitement, preparation, and anticipation of what’s to come.

Throughout the whole experience from the time you book, until years after you return, you will have increased your happiness much longer than any material thing ever could. The people you meet, things you see and do, food you eat, the photographs you take, the facebook livestreams, the Insta-stories…All these will provide memories to last a lifetime… And may even be passed on to generations of your family!

Material things get old, outdated, lose that sparkle much quicker than memories…Those memories may fade, but they never completely lose their Sparkle! 

[clickToTweet tweet=”Travel memories may fade, but they never completely lose their Sparkle #TravelQuotes” quote=”Travel memories may fade, but they never completely lose their Sparkle”]

OK… You may be driving the latest car, and it’s great!

But if you’re tossing up between doing something “outrageous” or buying the latest “thing”. I would go for the experience EVERY SINGLE TIME!


Are you someone who values experiences over material things? Maybe a world of travel is right up your alley…Join our group of lifestyle enthusiasts in our Travel Club Community, and start Living your dream lifestyle today!


Okay, I believe you got the picture and if you havent, well my job is not to convince you, rather to have a conversation πŸ™‚

What do you think? Material Stuff or mega Travel Experiences? Which one has given you the most amazing memories thus far? Let us know in the comments below!

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68 thoughts on “Material things Vs Travel and Life Experiences!”

  1. Jen ~ The Tipsy Mama

    I would take travel experiences over material things any day, over and over! The people you meet, the memories you make and the experience you learn so much from are immeasurable!

  2. Memories are the most priceless gift you can give. I’m totally going to remember that when I have kids. πŸ™‚

  3. Savannah Pham

    I recently had a conversation with someone about this topic. People are too focused on satisfying their wants (buying the hottest thing that are too expensive) that they sometimes don’t realize that those items are going to be “sooo yesterday.” Traveling lets you create memories with loved ones or even yourself – you get to experience other cultures and priceless things that money often can’t buy.

    1. Amen Savannah,

      Aint that the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help us God to travel More πŸ™‚ Love your insights, thanks for sharing!

  4. You guys love your inspirational post!! Like you, I would rather travel. Life is all about experiences. One can explore life by travel and being present to that moment. No one ever said at the end of their lives, β€œGee, I wish I had more stuff.”

    1. You got this right Evelyn,

      We are all about Life experiences and by the way one can have it all…but cannot do it all. So we chose what we want and get on with life πŸ™‚

  5. I really want to travel more. I have friends that cut back on everything just so they can travel multiple times a year.

  6. It’s an easy choice for me and always has been. The few material things I have are attached to memories. I prefer memories. I prefer remembering the times I danced with my husband, or walked hand-in-hand with him across a moonlit beach, or floated down the river in a canoe together – or partied together at Pleasure Island. Memories beat stuff hands down.

  7. I would love to do this more. I know that it can be hard esp with getting the money to do it in the first place. I am not much for the latest things so I guess I am on the right track!

    1. Via Bella,

      With the right focus and financial management anyone can go on short road trips and extend those to cross country visits, Bingo you are traveling! And flights can be dirt cheap of you know where to look! And we do πŸ™‚


  8. What an amazing perspective and comparison between material possessions and travel experiences. I love to travel and experience the world. The travel experience will be with me lifelong and something that I will be able to share with many.

  9. I agree with you 100%! I recently had to choose between having a little disposable income each month or spending it all on a holiday later this year with my boyfriend and his mother – I chose the latter! I won’t have a penny to spend on holiday clothes or anything like that, but at least I’ll get to travel, which is way more valuable than a new bikini πŸ™‚

    1. Way to go Nicola and wit that energy, you will be surprised at how the bit of extra income will show up for you. We are rooting for you and enjoy your trip! πŸ™‚

  10. I am like you I would rather have the experiences than the ‘material goods’. For example to me spending money on a great restaurant or hotel is better than spending money on a pair of shoes as that is an experience that lasts forever. Very well said!

  11. I will always pick a memorable experience over a material items. Material things are sometimes necessary, but in terms of treating myself, the memory last so much longer.

  12. I love the idea of traveling more! I do a lot of travel for work but really need to squeeze some more personal journeys in there.

  13. I love traveling. I love going to somewhere that gives me happiness. I love having fun and great experience with my friends and families.

  14. I choose traveling always rather than staff. Travel makes us much richer and a better person!

  15. I think, Experience brings more happiness to me than buying material stuff. Because travel fun cannot be changed over everything else. I still have more cherished when I travel than buying things.

    1. Hello Sue,
      You were only a stone throw from us over the pong in UK πŸ™‚ You are very right, travel also makes us appreciate our home more. Not all though. Many times I want to stay at the vacation destination for longer, yet the reality is the money has to be made for the next one huh!
      Thanks for stopping by! πŸ™‚

  16. Hi there! I’m currently travelling and am fortunate to be able to do so! I love your list and agree wholeheartedly with you. Thanks for sharing at the Blogger’s Pit Stop.

  17. Cover C- easier to read and gorgeous water!

    I prefer travel over stuff and am giving gifts of experience instead of stuff too. It makes life richer!

  18. Oh absolutely! I try to teach this to my boys too; I often offer them a fun day trip/ family outing in place of a party or special toy/ gift that they want. The memories of those experiences will last much longer than any toy.

  19. Life experiences stays forever, material things don’t. Great comparison!

  20. Experiences win out every time. I think making moments into memories last so much longer than ‘stuff’.

    I would pick either B or C . . . I think C is the winner πŸ˜‰

    1. Aaaww Tiffany,
      You are the First person so far, who has suggested a cover and for that You will receive a Free copy of the Book when It comes out. Please do share your email with me so I can make it happen! <3 And as long as you give us a Review on Amazon, we are good! πŸ™‚

      Julie Syl

  21. I would prefer life experience than have or buy some material things, because life experiences is the thing that no one can buy, in other words if you have the experience you only have it and it’s pasted in your life unlike material things, someone can buy like that!

  22. I would prefer life experience than have or buy some material things, because life experiences is the thing that no one can buy, in other words if you have the experience you only have it and it’s pasted in your life unlike material things, someone can buy like that

  23. I totally agree. We may not travel as often as others but when we do, the experience is priceless! I hope we can visit more places in the coming year.

  24. Gladys parker

    As a family we went to Florida, Illinois and many other states for a couple weeks ever four or so months as a vacation. We went to Disney Land, the Keys and so on. I will always remember those trips. No, they weren’t as lush as yours but to us they were amazing. I cannot tell you one gift I received in those years and there were many. Point taken.

  25. Experiences bring more happiness to me rather than buying material things. Things can never replace the joy that travel brings to my heart.

  26. Jessica Hughes

    I would much rather have experiences than possessions and I want that for my kids as well. Travel is one of my favorite things and I am blessed to be able to travel often and bring my two littles with me. Always do what makes you happy!

  27. I’ll take travel over material things any day. We can’t take material things wih us when we go and memories last forever.

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