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My Pitstop to London Winter wonderland! #VisitLondon #pkjulesworld

A Pit-stop in London Winter Wonderland!

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Disney Store Detour to London winterwonderland! #visitLondon #getaways
I Loved the Disney Store Sparkly floors Can You tell? :)



It’s been months in the planning, so why have we waited this long to tell you all about it? We didn’t want to give away spoilers for this guest blogger. She went, saw and conquered. :) She is gonna wow you with a tale of her visit to London esp. the amazing London winter wonderland 2015; in the London Hyde Park.


This was a trip I had arranged with a group of friends a couple of months ago, and we were all very excited to go and enjoy a day out together in the UK capital. It started with an early Saturday morning wake up call as we took the virgin train from Lime street at 5am to London Euston. I had originally planned to sleep the journey away, but we instead chatted and joked for the duration of the two and a half hour ride.

Before I go further be warned its best to book your Hyde Park Winter Wonderland Tickets in advance to avoid the queus. Book your tickets at the official Hyde Park website here! Entrance to This awesome Park is FREE you only pay for the rides i.e.: 

ice skating,

the Magical Ice Kingdom,

Zippos Circus,

the Giant Wheel and

Bar Ice

Learn more about these rides on: things to do in London winter wonderland with TimeOut



As soon as we arrived at Euston, we walked over to Kings Cross to see platform 9 3/4 from Harry Potter. We had pictures taken with the trolley halfway through the wall, wands and scarves, then we went into the gift shop to buy the picture. The shop was amazing with fake owls in cages dotted around the ceiling, and lots of merchandise like wands, chess boards and Hogwarts Express tickets. It really brought back memories from the movies.

We bought day travel tickets AT £12 so that we could move freely, and then got on the tube to Oxford street. We went straight for the Disney store, unsurprisingly it was packed full of Star Wars paraphernalia at the entrance and everywhere. I loved the cool blue granite floor the most. When we were done there, we went to Victoria’s Secret on New Bond Street. It has five floors, ground floor being the PINK section. The top floor has the angel suite, and toilets with printed thick paper hand towels and each individual toilet has its own sink and dryer. It was all so posh and luxurious. I loved visiting the store, it was at the top of my list to visit, and I was surprised I only spent an hour there because in the Manchester store, I’d be lucky to spend such little time. :D 

Then we went to Pandora, my friend wanted to buy her birthstone ring! We were lucky we got there early because the queue behind us started going outside the shop. After that, we went back to Bond St to the high end designer shops as we wanted some Calvin Klein stuff. (We found out the hard way, it’s not there anymore). We were searched on entry in Chanel and Louis Vuitton, they were super posh. I absolutely loved Ralph Lauren, It’s like an old country mansion, it was pure class. The prices in those shops weren’t even on display, clearly because money isn’t a concern for the usual customers. I can imagine this kind of life! This is where the rich go to shop. I was not too glad to be searched though! 

We went to Hamleys on Regent Street which had five floors. Disney, Lego, London underground, magic, Board games etc. Everyday is indeed a Magical day, it was for us! :) It was such fun, there were workers with certain toys on display like virtual reality headsets and space crafts that work without remote control!

Everyday is a Magical day indeed in Hamleys London! #visitlondon #winterwonderland Share on X

We went to Camden lock afterwards to eat because apparently the markets had the best food. The food there was nice, the conditions it was made in not so much, but we ate and looked around. Most of our time was spent in a record stall, (I didn’t take any pictures there sorry). It didn’t quite live up to the Oxford & Bond street experience…let’s just say, we didn’t have pigeons pooing on our heads over there…don’t ask :)

I know you cant wait to learn about the London winter wonderland, but we didn’t get there Dr.Who style…so before we got there…

A Detour via Harrods to London Winter Wonderland
A Detour via Harrods to London Winter Wonderland

We simply had to see Harrods on Brompton Road Knightsbridge. It’s really massive, and my mom had warned that it didn’t exactly have the usual high street prices, but I did manage to buy a few things, in fact I spent most of my money in there. It was hard not to! It has an Egyptian themed floor, I loved that. The store hosts many designer brands and has several restaurants to feed different palates. We made a wise decision (for our wallets) to skip the Harrods dinner and head to Pizza Express before we walked off to…Drum roll please: The London Winter Wonderland. I had never seen so many posh cars on the way. Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Porsche. We even saw an Audi TT with a crystal encrusted picture of Marilyn Monroe…wow!

We travel not to escape our life, but for our Life not to escape us! ~ Unknown #travelfun Share on X


Okay Okay we get to the exciting bit now…About that London Winter Wonderland Pit stop..Well it was the highlight of our trip to London, so I wanted to leave the best for last! 

London Winter Wonderland beckons - The walkway! #pkjulesworld
London Winter Wonderland beckons – The Majestic Walkway!

By now we were very much in the Christmas spirit as we approached & got into the London Winter wonderland in Hyde park. It’s really huge, it sparkles, its fun, Lots of rides, lots of food stalls. Honestly there must have been thousands of people there. I had Nutella churros…yummy, they were delicious, a definite must have if you ever pay a visit!


We walked around, took lots of pictures and people watched, It was real magical I promise you every child, or “young person inside” must see this place when you visit London during the Christmas season. Look out for the fire pit where people toasted marshmallows. Also what I later learnt to be a Bavarian village, and Mr Fogg’s pop-up bar. We didn’t enter this, not the right age, and not our thing! But it definitely would suit someone with an old world eclectic style!  If you are going or coming next year remember to wrap up warm its  a winter wonderland after all and the Ice Bar area & Magical Ice kingdom are both cold! 

I’ll let my photos in the slide share above speak for me.

And anyways we had to get back home so we headed back on the tube to London Euston aaaahh, to say we had fun is an understatement. As  Schwarzenegger says, “I’ll be back!”


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Well I  sure hope you enjoyed My SlideShare of  my London Winter wonderland Visit you Can Take a Look  here if you Missed it, real good fun. It was magical…I believe every young person deserves to see :) Hope you enjoy and come visit soon too.




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  2. Wow sounds like you had a blast! I would love to go there some day. Happy New Year and looking forward to some more great content in 2016!

  3. Philip Lapinski

    This is so great! My girlfriend and I really want to take a European vacation and were debating on if we ever wanted to go to London or not, looks like an amazing place thanks for sharing :)

    1. Hi Jojo,
      You will love London.
      We took so many photos but I had to be conscious that many had my friends.
      So A lot more private! But PKJulesworld promises to produce a London Destination Blog!

      So watch out for that!


  4. Vincent Mosweta

    Wow, this is amazing. I’m now think of visiting London on my next vacation date. Thank you Julie!

  5. Your photo look like they’re from the movies – NICE! And, I’m not surprised that there are so many people and long queues. I agree that purchasing tickets ahead are totally convenient.

  6. Was the guest blogger your daughter or at least was your daughter the young lady in the first picture, coming up the steps? Beautiful! Thanks for the introduction to this destination.

  7. It’s definitely wonderful! I would love to visit someday and enjoy this place with my daughters. It’s all kinds of fun! There’s so much to do and so much to see!

  8. with visiting Kings Cross station to see platform 9 & 3/4 and see Harrods I would have been in Heaven!

  9. Brian and Felicia White

    What a wonderful post of a lovely visit to London for the Winter Wonderland and shopping festivities. Looks like a blast Julie! Yes, the Disney store is pretty and quite entertaining. Thank you for sharing your pics and experiences with us so we can make a mental note to come visit sometime. Love it! :)

  10. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    My sister and her husband were just in London and stopped there, too! It is very cool.

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