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Liverpool Pockets of Paradise



Often times we share our travel series, where we explore new destinations. In this episode, we’d like to share with you the exotic side of our adopted city. Our home for the last 20 years. The hidden treasures, Liverpool’s pockets of paradise right on our doorstep.

In the old days, Manchester was preferred to Liverpool by the powers that be. But with the EU, Liverpool’s fortunes turned….Even though we face BREXIT today.

Liverpool’s pockets of paradise are nestled on the Mersey River Banks estuary. A stretch of river developments with a dock and promenade here and there on the natural waters of the Mersey.

During the summer season, the backdrop turns exotic with tall boats and even mega cruise liners like the Two Queen Marys. And you can while away the day kayaking, paddle boarding or take the Mersey ferry across the river to Birkenhead and the Wirral.

At very low tides, you wouldn’t want to be paddle boarding though…

There is not an ice cream van on the Albert Dock promenade, unless there is a special summer show.

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Back to the promenade, a short still to the Liver buildings to the events room and balcony and you have a po jet of paradise. A view bar none.

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At fist glance, the Liver building may be mistaken for a purely commercial and corporate offices. Click to Tweet




You may be mistaken at fist glance, to think the Liver buildings are a purely commercial and corporate office structure.

Stand on its balcony facing the promenade and docks and you get A view of the river that will take your breath away.

On an evening, when the moonlight glimmers an occasional ship, boat, ferry or fishing vessel 🚢 can be seen flickering in the distance.

If you like your tea with a dramatic view, the Tate Liverpool cafe perched on the Tate Art gallery is hard to beat.

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Enjoy the sights and sounds of wild life a short drive away to the Welsh walking trails. Head to the Castle and follow other ramblers ending with a quintessential English tea with scones in a Welsh cafe.

Or stick to the Mersey side to the best kept secret. Hilbre Island 🌴 where you will walk on the sea bed when the tide’s out, find history galore and seals abound. Be sure to head back to the mainland before the tide gets back in or you may have to call the coast guard to rescue you off the island. 😂

Of course not forgetting the majority of the Liverpool museums that are open and FREE All year round.

What’s not to like?




Liverpool's pockets of Paradise... You could do much worse this summer. Click to Tweet

And there you have them. Liverpool’s pockets of Paradise… You could do much worse this summer.

If you enjoyed this snippet of Mersey tourisma do feel free to comment below, book your trip and…



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  1. never been to this place ..however reading our article makes me feel that i am also with you walking in that seabed .. thanks for sharing

  2. Liverpool is a beautiful city in its own way and I love how you pulled us into your view of it.I haven’t been there in ages so I bet it’s changed a lot.

  3. Nina Cochingco

    This place seems so romantic. It was such a great experience to walk in a seabed.

  4. Walking on the sea-bed!!! That sounds amazing. I can already feel the wet sand on my feet.

  5. It’s always fun to try out things you from a local’s perspective. It shows you how to truly embrace the experience!

  6. Wow this awesome and the walking trails sound like my kind of adventure! Thank you for sharing this. I always wanted to visit Europe one day.

  7. I love nature trails, walking and leaving my thought behind and just enjoy and connect to the nature. I Would love to visit this place soon !

  8. Talking about Liverpool I think of the Beatles. I have been to the place ans also like it very much.

  9. Mandi Morrison

    Liverpool is a great city to go exploring around. It is full of culture and there is a lot to see and do!

  10. I have never been, but I always look for guides for places I plan to visit. I like going somewhere and doing local fun instead of tourist destinations.

  11. I would love to visit Liverpool someday. And not just Liverpool, but all of England if possible. :)

  12. I haven’t had the chance to go to Liverpool yet but it sounds like a fascinating place to visit. Lots of things to see and do!

  13. Crystal Carder

    Liverpool sounds like a great place to vacation. I love how the museums are open year round and free! Sounds like my kind of trip!

  14. I love local perspectives! Liverpool is a great city and I love how much you can do there!

  15. You’ve convinced me! A quiet trail in Liverpool sounds like a dream, need to visit sometime soon…

    1. You should definitely think about doing a writeup on the best spots to eat in Liverpool! Those are my favorite pockets of paradise!

  16. Annemarie LeBlanc

    The walking trails and the museums that offer free admission all year round are reasons enough to visit Liverpool when in the UK. Everytime I visit a new city/place, I tend to favor the less crowded places. It offers a better learning experience for me.

  17. The scene in the balcony looking at the river stays on my mind till the end of your article. And then you’ll see the clear moonlight at night. Isn’t it romantic? I wanted to see this place in person.

  18. The scene in the balcony looking at the river stays on my mind till the end of your article. And then you’ll see the clear moonlight at night. Isn’t it romantic? I wanted to see this place in person.

  19. A walk on the sea bed alone specially at sunset is a peaceful experience. I imagine my self walking barefooted on the sand and the wind caresses me..and then when I continue reading – “Be sure to head back to the mainland before the tide gets back in or you may have to call the coast guard to rescue you off the island. 😂” wtf.. hahahhaa… my dream shattered.. lolz.. my romantic imagination just turned horror.. ahahha

  20. Kathy Kenny Ngo

    I hear the words LiverPool and I am reminded of the Beatles. I would love to visit that place and see where it all started.

  21. Roseann Hampton

    The walking trails sound like my kind of adventure! So glad you shared at the Blogger’s Pit Stop!

  22. Dalene Ekirapa

    The though of taking a short drive away to the Welsh walking trails would get me excited. I love nature trails especially when I’m walking alone- can be such a good moment for reflection.

  23. Nina Cochingco

    It’s nice to see a city in different angles. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics. So helpful on making plan for a visit.

  24. I love to visit all the cities in the UK and Liverpool is one I hope to visit son. I will keep all the tips here in mind.

  25. You have opened my eyes to the possibilities of Liverpool and including it on a UK itinerary. I never went further north than Hemel Hempstead when I lived in Surrey :)

  26. David Elliott

    I always love taking a look at a city from a slightly different angle. Sometimes you just need to change perspective to find the beauty in something. I know I would love to do this and visit Liverpool again sometime.

  27. I would love to see the river view from building on summer evenings. Sounds like a great city if you want to spend time enjoying things casually.

  28. Ewuzie Kingsley

    Wow!!!! this sounds interesting to know I love cruise and will love to experience such in Liverpool, I hope to be their someday on a vacation.

  29. Mudpie Fridays

    Wow, such a detailed post that would be so helpful to plan a great trip to Liverpool. Loving the pictures so much.

  30. Alexandra Cook

    I have never been there but it sounds like a nice destination getaway during this Summer vacation.

  31. I hope to visit Liverpool at some point, it sounds like there are many beautiful things to do. I do like hiking and I have been walking on a lot of trails in the UK. It’s good to know that there are plenty of options around Liverpool too.

  32. I have not heard of Liverpool; however, it does seem like a great place to visit.

  33. Tamás Bradford

    As a Brit, Liverpool has always been on my list of cities to visit. After reading this, I want to visit Liverpool even more!

  34. Paula Stewart

    I would love to see the view of the river from that balcony of the Liver buildings. You’ll have to snap a picture the next time you go.

  35. I have never been to Liverpool and it looks like a nice destination for me to visit on our next family vacation. Your article giving us a guide of what to do in this place on our future visit.

  36. Maartje van Sandwijk

    I’ve been to a lot of places in England but have yet to visit Liverpool. Definitely visiting these places!

  37. I haven’t read about this before. I only knew these names as football team names. It is interesting to know about these places, will be helpful when I go there for a tour.

  38. planning my trip atm and you just reminded me that You certainly won’t be short of things to do in Liverpool! thanks for the recommendations!

  39. Wonderful! I’ve always wanted to visit Europe. Hopefully in the future I can visit Liverpool!

  40. Samantha Donnelly

    I visited Liverpool years ago and would love to vist again at some stage it is a city full of history x

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