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The 2018 Liverpool Giants Spectacular in Full pictorial!

Liverpool Giants, Gave it to us One More time!

Wow, what a week, what a weekend, when Liverpool came to a standstill because the giants came home one more time….We love to call them the Liverpool Giants…YET…

These giant puppets or mobile street art pieces are actually French. They are the creation of the amazing French artist Jean-Luc Courcoult. 

Sadly it looks like he has “Retired the Giants” And we wont be seeing them in Liverpool again… They first came to Liverpool in Summer 2012. What a spectacle they were!

Xolo the dog was so surreal, and the Girl giant became the people’s favorite. For us at Pkjulesworld Xolo won the day.

Then they returned again in 2014. And one final time  7th – 9th October 2018!

Xolo the dog was so surreal, and the Girl giant became the people's favorite. Click to Tweet

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The Penguins...not sure what happened to them! Click to Tweet

So who or what are the Liverpool Giants? 

A family of Big Giant, Girl Giant, Boy Giant and their dog Xolo. Plus several other pieces. The giants of liverpool are marionettes or giant puppets are works of engineering and artistic feat! 

The first sighting was on Friday 5th Oct, when the big giant appeared on a beach in Merseyside. 

For the whole weekend gone, Liverpool residents have been specially wowed by the street art and antics of the Boy and Xolo the dog.

Then a surprise on Sunday the Giant Girl showed up to say her last goodbyes we guess! What a show!

The puppeteers put on an amazing show and the choreography was simply breathtaking.  

The Liverpool giants follow on from the Lambananas and the Penguins, all massive pieces of Street art. As far as pkjulesworld knows, the Lambananas were adopted by various people and organisations via an auction.

The Penguins…not sure what happened to them, probably also auctioned off!

The Liverpool Giants, well they are headed back to France, hopefully to a useful life as a family! Who knows.

The funniest bit for us was the Little-Giant boy headed home in a huge Sandal Boat

Its been said that a conservative estimated 1.3 million people descended on the streets of Liverpool to see these giant puppets. This is absolutely fantastic for businesses and the city of Liverpool Tourism. 


It was emotional for most children, not forgetting the big children ;) It was unforgettable… You too can vicariously enjoy the spectacular that was the giants Liverpool story in our Photos and a video from Jordan Ross below…

You can enjoy the spectacular that was the Liverpool Giants weekend Click to Tweet



Liverpool Giants esp. Xolo the Dog Wow the City Xolo the Giant Dog was the Star in our Opinion!

Liverpool Giants Visit one more time before retirement
Our giant boy with the Boy Giant in Background ;)


Liverpool Giants Visit one more time before retirement - The Boy Giant | Pkjulesworld
The Boy Giant Doing his thing by the Albert Docks | Pkjulesworld


Liverpool Giants Visit one more time before retirement - Giant Knife in Bus!
Giant Knife meets Liverpool Arriva Bus | Pkjulesworld


The Crowds come to See the Spectacle that was The Liverpool Giants!
The Crowds were huge – No Wiggle room by the Liver Building


Liverpool Giants Visit one more time before retirement!
More Spectators



Liverpool Giants Visit one more time before retirement
Giant Pick Axe in Car – clues of the Liverpool Giants!



You can watch the 2012 spectacular below


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And we hope you enjoyed the spectacular that was the Liverpool Giants Curtain Call. We are looking forward to what next the amazing Liverpool City Authorities will bring next summer…

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  1. I’ve seen this on videos and it must be a different kind of feeling seeing it personally especially the crowd. This is so much work for the production.

  2. Catherine Santiago Jose

    I have never been tried to watch this kind of parade and it looks like a lot of fun.

  3. wow! Looks like TONS of fun! i would love to see it with my own eyes, never knew GIANTS like that excised!

  4. Wow, this is so cool! I had never heard of this parade before ! I love how artistic those giant puppets are.

  5. Wow, this looks like a fun event. Those crowds were incredible! Sad to see such a fun event retired.

  6. These giant puppets are extremely amazing! This is such a fun event. It could be more beautiful if you watch it with your kids. They will love this for sure.

  7. Those puppets are amazing. Since I don’t have that kind of creativity I appreciate it in others! Thank you for sharing them.

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