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Wow the Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night in Liverpool on 5th of November was an evening of family fun across Merseyside. We missed it by a whiskers, But we did get to some Pre Bonfire night parties and organised bonfires and firework displays.

Guy Fawkes Liverpool Bonfire night And The River of Light

Liverpool Bonfire Night – The Guy Fawkes Fireworks Show in Liverpool!|  Pkjulesworld

In Liverpool, the Guy Fawkes Fireworks show or Bonfire night isn’t just a celebration. It is an epic production that calls for hundreds of Sparklers and miles of spectators. :) This year it was dubbed River of Light and boy was it a show. 

Every year we make a point to head to town way in advance or a Park nearby. This year was meant to be the same. Yet, alas it was not meant to be…

Wow the Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night in Liverpool on 5th of November was an evening of family fun across Merseyside. We missed it by a whiskers, But we did get to some Pre Bonfire night parties and organised bonfires and firework displays.

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UNSURPRISINGLY, Record crowds showed up to rock around Liverpool’s waterfront for Guy Fawkes night fireworks, bonfires and River Mersey Show! Even though it was just outside the October Half term and holiday season. Most children were out of school yet over 240,000 people took the time to gather and watch the spectacle with the little ones, because it was a weekend.

SADLY, we were not part of the happy crowd because Julie had an accident with a cup of tea and her laptop…Suffice to say we couldn’t go. It was scramble for the tissue, mop up and lots of rice…damage control and clean up. (Fingers and Toes Crossed) :/

But we must soldier on right….So we asked friends to share their views and did some great research. We have bribed friends who attended to bring you the Liverpool Guy Fawkes night Spectacular with chocolate and some extras…And what are Internet Cafes for…?

Once you commit you must #Putthepeoplefirst. So we are always ready to go the extra mile to bring you your weekly dose of inspiration and travel news! :)

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We hope we shall be able to bring you a Christmas special just like our guest blogger Paula Hazel brought the London Winter wonderland, and our Christmas in Liverpool posts last year!

At least 2 to 3 weeks before Christmas and New Year’s, the Liverpool City Center gets so overstuffed with tourists enjoying the Christmas Markets. This year the market is slated to be at and around St George’s Hall, opposite Lime Street Station. This will start on Friday, November 18, same day of the launch of the new Harry Potter Blockbuster; Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them.

By the way did you know St. George’s hall was part of this movie creation? In fact, Liverpool plays a Starring role in this JK Rowling movie woot! Apparently this is part of a series of 5 Movies…Harry Potter Fans here we come!

St. Georges Hall is so amazingly beautiful and original inside. You should add it to the list of things to do when visiting Liverpool.

Anyhow, enjoy the Liverpool Bonfire night also known as Guy Fawkes night spooktacular in Video from The Liverpool Echo. Enjoy xoxo

Views of Liverpool Bonfire Night

(borrowed from friends and @CultureLiverpool)

Liverpool Bonfire Nigth_Guy Fawkes (3) Bonfire Night in Liverpool is one of the best nights of the year, all kinds of people from far and wide get together to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night in Liverpool. Learn more about Liverpool Bonfire Night here. Liverpool Bonfire Nigth_Guy Fawkes (1)

And now we have the Christmas lights getting switched on this weekend as well. So very exciting. How the year has flown past!


So did you enjoy our Views of The River of Light and Liverpool Bonfire Night Snippets? Thanks to our friends who shall remain anonymous on request, and The Liverpool Echo.  Well, then we hope to see you on Bonfire Night in Liverpool 2017. If you did enjoy, by all means do Pin this Post, Like and also Share on Social Media

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50 thoughts on “Guy Fawkes Liverpool Bonfire night And The River of Light”

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  2. Preschool2teen

    First, is your laptop ok? The pictures are wonderful! Looks like so much fun. I look forward to read the Christmas lights celebration.

    1. Hey Sybil,

      Thanks for asking, Our Laptop needs a new keyborad, its on order so fingers crossed akk is well when that gets fitted. We hope soon as well!
      We are plodding on regardless. We gotta serve right! :) Glad to inspire too :*

  3. Liverpool Bonfire Night looks really amazing. What a fun exciting event! Love it!

  4. Rebecca Swenor

    The Guy Fawkes Fireworks show sounds like a wonder show indeed. I would love some day to see a show like this one. My sons are both big Harry Potter Fans by the way. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. [ Smiles ] Lovely event.

    However, spilling tea on a laptop is something that is capable of spoiling your entire day (Or night).

    I recommend that you adopt this method in the future:

    Place your laptop on top of a thick book; that way, it is above the surface of the table.

    If you were to accidentally knock down a cup of liquid on the table, the book gets wet and not the laptop.

  6. What an awesome night that made for some seriously gorgeous pictures! So much fun!!

  7. What an amazing event. The fireworks, the music etc. Looks really great!

  8. Heather Gallagher

    That looks SO amazing! I want to go! Liverpool looks incredibly gorgeous (I only knew about the beetles lol)

  9. What an amazing firework display, especially over the water. The bonefire also looks like a good time. I can see why so many people would want to be a part of it.

  10. Fireworks dazzle and bring the night alive, this sounds like a spectacular show. Its a pity you couldn’t make it. In India, we have this festival called Diwali when the country erupts in glittering fireworks. Loved your brilliant post.

  11. Fireworks is so much fun for me! I’m glad that Liverpool is on our bucketlist!

  12. It sounds like an fun and exciting event to go to if you’re in the area! Sorry about the accident though. I hope everything is well with you!

  13. I missed fireworks night here in kent. some great shorts there Julie. Looks like liverpool had a blast with it.

  14. Beautiful fireworks! I love watching fireworks display with my husband and it’s been so long when we were watched a fireworks display. Liverpool sounds a great place for a family.

  15. Awesome fireworks display! I love watching fireworks and I am really amazed at how well they are timed, and all those colors lighting up the night sky is just superb! I wish I could visit Liverpool at this time of year!

  16. All I can say is WOW! How magnificent is that display of lights and fireworks. It looks magical and exciting. Thanks for sharing the wonderment, Julie!

  17. I love fireworks; the sound they make when bursting, the spark they live, and everything else about fireworks; however, not in India anymore due to the recent pollution issues.

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