Little Known Tricks to Reduce Travel Costs!

Reduce your travel costs Today. That Beer Money could be history with Roaming charges #tavelcosts

Here are Our Battle tested Tips on How to Reduce Travel Costs Every Time esp. Off-peak season!

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As entrepreneurs and travel lovers, there is a considerable amount of planning that goes into all of our family trips and business travel.  Being home business owners too, our plans are built around the most cost-efficient way to travel. 

Fortunately for us at least for Paul, his business trips are fully paid for. But for our own business travels, to events and training conferences, traveling can be costly.

Whether it’s been long time coming or we got a few days’ notice to book, we have found that these events are usually held in peak season…Don’t know why the powers that be don’t think…Cost for Reps or event attendees lol!

This of course usually means traveling at peak times.  Not to mention how high these expenses can get when you decide to make it a Family trip.  Even though you cannot control these costs, there are some cool ways you can save money by knowing where to cut back, without spending your trip on cucumber sarnies and Kool-Aid!

Over the years, we have found that…

Traveling can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be. Yet for most people travel is not Cheap, however there are ways and means to mitigate some of those costs.

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In this episode, we share MORE of our secret sauce to Reduce Travel costs especially during the Off-peak seasons!  I go through the largest costs to traveling abroad and talk about ways to reduce those travel costs.

If you didn’t read it head right to the resource below


To break it down further…

Here are some cool tips to Reduce Travel Costs Today!

#1. In the recommended resource above, we suggested you book and fly on Tuesdays or Wednesdays because it’s usually cheaper than Friday to Sunday. If you are not time bad, always check mid-week flights. By the way Friday and Sunday are the most expensive days to fly!

#2. We also suggested that you book “multi-city”, for surprisingly cheaper rates! Here is an even more surprising tip. When you book your return, trip check the rate for the reversed itinerary. You could save way over $200 when you change the arrival and departure cities. Bonus, yo get to see a new city to and from your trip! #boom 

#3. Ever heard of Airbnb? Well, of course you have and can redeem $25 on your first booking right here.

Yet there is this even lesser known site that can reduce your travel costs on accommodation even further!

Introducing Wimdu this is a hotel alternative that you should definitely consider when looking for that cool accommodation in a new city. Esp. if you wish to vacation like a local.

The Telegragh had this to say about Wimdu:

“People with spare rooms…can let out their rooms to tourists and earn a small fortune”

Wimdu boasts saving you up to 70% in your travel cost. I say Yes please: See their claim below:

“Discover the best deals for popular cities and destinations with our Wimdu WOW Deals – and save up to 70%!”

#4. Here is something most people have on their travel bucket list: Lunch by the Eiffel Tower or getting proposed to, or Honeymoon in Paris etc. Yet there is a much cheaper alternative, seriously!


Since this is all about helping you Reduce the cost of travel, lets save you money and time in Paris!

Head on to Tour Montparnasse. This is the tallest building in Paris, with an observation deck on the roof, with similar views you would get from the Eiffel Tower. This building boasts 59 storeys and is 210 meters tall, with 6 underground levels!

The Eiffel Tower View from The Montparnasse Deck

Their rates also compete favourably with the Eiffel tower prices you can check them out on their website above. Adults pay 17Euros. Children 9.50 to 12 Euros and Children under 4yrs go free! You get a glass of wine for the Evening tour and say “Cheers to the City of Light- ParisTWIT  You definitely SKIP THE Long queues.

Say “Cheers to the City of Light- Paris #Paristours #eiffeltower #cheaptravel Click To Tweet

If you were to skip the long ques at the Eiffel Tower you would still pay at least 45 Euros!  There are barely any queues at the Montparnasse building! It’s easy to get to and the views are great.

And now on to the…


 2 Little Known Sites to Reduce Travels Costs Today! 

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Well I hope you definitely have learnt some cool smart ways to reduce travel costs for business or pleasure trips! 

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