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Was The Linked Offline Networking Event a Wow event?

Take the Conversation Offline – The Linked Offline Networking Event, Yay or Not on your Nelly?

Did you know that you can actually meet your digital acquaintances and turn them into meaningful relationships?

Of course, you did, right?

I mean you are not a keyboard warrior, sending newsletters all week-long month on month. Never connecting deeper with your network, hiding behind that PC of yours?

I tell you if you are, you are going to become a victim of “PC Butt”… He spreads himself wide on your butt, you cant get rid of him then… 

For today, allow me to share with you a networking event I have been to recently.

Mind you I have been in a bit of a twist as to whether to post this episode on our online business hubAfter all this was a business networking event!

Yet I have coined a few posts on Networking success over there…


Hey-ho, the lifestyle platform won the knicker twist contest… Because the event was also a socializing kinda thing. A lifestyle you might like to adopt as a biz owner! 

Mind you the delay in sharing sooner was because I got super focused on Publishing a book, along with 24 amazing humans. Its called Joy – Recipes for Abundance. And can I just say, with such JOY #PunIntended that as you read this, the book is a BEST SELLER!


Oh My God  I can now say I know a Best Selling Author pretty intimately…Like really knowing you knowing me! 😉  Somebody pinch me and then pour me a stiff one, then find out Why Joy is your next Best Read  here

Joy – Recipes for Abundance


Where were we again, before I got all star struck? … Well, if you have known me for a wee bit, you’d know I had adopted the mindset that:

“Generic networking events don’t work, they are a waste of time and money!”

Mainly, because:

most attendees look super desperate, and hungry for their next sale, customer, client or commission, Period. They have a bundle of business cards that they shove them at anyone and everyone without really holding a proper conversation… And guess what, they then make the cardinal mistake of NEVER Following up…

Most generic events i attended were like that.#DontSueMeAtOnce

I am sure you agree with me, even a wee bit!


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So, I had, decided years ago to only attend networking events that I had invested in, done the research. Events packed full of people who I would like to meet Or  “be like when I grow up.”  You know…like I am still 18 in my head…

So, obviously, I felt like the Linked Offline Event organised by the beautiful and smart Pam Case and Ian Denny … (Okay don’t rush to tell them already); 😉 was worth my time investment.



 Why The Linked Offline Networking Event though? 

This is a monthly event and one I was told over that it is a must attend at least once by any business owner in the Merseyside region. More so, if you are a start-up, need to expand your network… OR like me, need human contact away from your PC. (This is for my remote workers or work at home peeps) 😊

So, the 28th January networking chinwag was held at Modo Paradiso in the heart of Liverpool party-central. And I must say it was a heart warmer on a cold and wet winter day. 

At first, I thought might it be the “scarcity tactics” being used… Every time I opened my WhatsApp, there was a notification that the event was selling out! 🤷‍♀️💁‍♀️

Thank goodness Mrs Skeptical was proven wrong, duh!

Because this event was a genuine sell out with an amazing turn out of Liverpool’s finest entrepreneurs. Men and women who keep the city wheels turning by providing much needed services and products.

So, you must have guessed by now, that this was both Paul (my trusty body guard) and I’s first time at a Linked Offline Networking event!


Every single face was new to both Pauli and I. Although many names were not. Based on our WhatsApp  group and profile images, I was able to connect a couple of faces to the name.

I was super excited to meet the LinkedIn Maven Pam Case, (she is such a darling), Helene Sewell, Ben Thexton, Venard the Pain Guru, Mandy of Namaste Interiors, I noticed the Paul Corke, and I was sat right beside Ben the Blogger

The Pam Case -Linked Offline
Revelers Oops- Entrepreneurs at The Event – Modo Liverpool
My Bestie and Body Guard Pauli Paying Attention
Ben the Blogger, Mandy and I (Dunno the 3rd dude.)


And who wasn’t amazed by our very own Copperfield… David Burgess “wallet on fire” trick?  

Okay whats the low down on this Jules? WHY Should I attend the next one? I hear you ask.

I promised I wasn’t paid to plug it lol…. Mind you, I don’t mind getting paid in bird kisses 😉 Pam you heard!

This networking event is worth its Ticket Price. End Of.

Its structure meant that I had the opportunity to connect deeper with at least 6-7 other business owners one on one. I didn’t have to speak at 100miles/hr speed about what I do.

I connected with whom I truly wanted to. And I learnt something. 

So, it is not the usual speed networking type thing, where everyone pitches everyone in 10 secs and no one remembers anyone.

The Linked Offline event also featured a couple of speakers. First was Pam herself. This woman can Grab the attention of a Room full of people… #nuffsaid. 

Next was Red Wigwam CEO Lorna Davidson who presented the Question of the evening, which went something like:

Will flexible/remote working ever replace Traditional full time office working or employment?

 Frankly for me the answer is No. WHY?

  • Some industries are not set up for remote working.
  • Others are getting more and more digitalised with AI so much less humans involved. 
  • Even others require that someone report to a place of work, no work around…lol.
  • There is the question of trust and tracking deliverables for some employers/employees.

It is a wonderful ideal though coming from a home bizzer esp. when you consider the CarbonZero2050 campaign.

Back to the event, the 2nd quick yet Powerfully impactful talk came from Dave Verburg of Asentiv. Now Dave’s short talk was worth the whole cost of the event, which I got all back by the way in food and connections.

As a life student, I definitely learnt something in a different way from how I knew it.

Dave Verburg shared a way to both start a conversation and introduce your offer esp. when you are talking to a prospect/lead.  

Clearly most of us when asked: what do you do? Simply say: I am a Nurse, I am a doctor, I am a marketer etc… duh NO, ala Dave.

Instead Answer with a Question:

Did You Know that…fill in pain point…and that you can…. fill in your solution… #Boom

Curiosity factor raised 200% in your prospect and they want to know more. And if they don’t…so what. You had a nice chat, yes?

Dave also reminded us all that; nobody really cares about what you offer, Until you show them that you care about them. How? By defining the benefits and transformation they get by accessing your product/service. This is a lesson I wont be forgetting again. 

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The Linked Offline Networking Event Liverpool – Is That All?

Well, what more do you need?

Surely based on just the above snippets, you are in, yes?

Come on, what are your thoughts? Worth attending yes?

Well there is more.

As a verified attendee you get the whole list of other attendees. This is GOLD I promise you, if you are a genuine networker, marketer and know what to do… Say no more Jules. 😀💯

We were also fed and had an opportunity to share exactly what we do with at least 7 other people.

Thereafter, we each could freestyle network the good old way… Aka accost reach out to that person you know you could definitely create beautiful magic in a collabo… Introduce yourself like a human duh! NO selling, not yet anyway! 😉  

Now you both have the face to the name. Go make conversation and you might make beautiful business babies.

So, what are you waiting for? Of course, dont all run off at once to learn More about the next Linked Offline event here.

Last but deffo not least, much love and appreciation to Pam for holding the fort while Ian got hitched. Those handmade sandwiches, were life savers, I was starving, cheers Pam, you rock.

And congrats to Ian for getting hitched on the day…Great cop out mate! 😉   

These two amazing entrepreneurs created the Linked Online community and then help us take the conversation offline, for more meaningful connections, whats not to love?

And everyone who made it their mission to make the event successful. Thank You, keep rocking.

And like Schwarzenegger said; we will be back.


See, Do, Be More

Julie Syl Kalungi

JuleSyl n Pauli_Pkjulesworld

I am a Life student, a Business Transformational Strategist, COO of a Social Media Management Agency K-Web Social. A most recent International Best Selling Author, who also coined These books: Art of Pinterest Profits, The Winning Planner etc. Each Month, I send out a free newsletter with my best tips on Travel, Healthy Living, and on the Business Side; Social media and Digital marketing, Personal branding, and a Winning or Leadership mindset to help your business or enterprise work succeed.

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