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Joy – Recipes for Abundance

Joy – Recipes for Abundance Book Launch

JOY – Recipes for Abundance – A Pre-Launch Sneak Peek

The soon to be published book titled: “Joy Recipes for abundance” is a resource that I have had the privilege of Co-Authoring with 24 other amazing women across the globe. I am super stoked, excited, anxious, everything a parent feels when they are about to birth a nation…

Ever felt like this? 

Of course you have. You are a moma, a papa, an auntie, uncle, a Grandie, or Glamma…Or maybe a friend watching your bestie about to drop that baba! 

You know that this will be my 5th book… Oh well 4 1/2 as I am a co-author with 24 other amazing women. 😉 

So, I am just as excited to read this book because I have no idea what else is inside. All I know is these women are amazing having e-met them… And worked with them closely for the past few months.

Now, you too have a recipe for abundance, yes…?

What the heck is abundance anyway?  Don’t let me even start on Joy… It looks like every one and their auntie May is full of the Joys of living on Facebook… until you meet them in person.

So what is Joy…? Isn’t that when you get that brand spanking new pair of red heels you have been coveting for years?

Or that handbag you get on Valentines dayMaybe the Nike trainers, or win the lotto picks? 😉

The million $$ question though is; …

Have you ever asked yourself,

What does JOY really mean for me?

Even more interesting, have you ever considered Joy as a food recipe?


Well, guess what, creative as I am, if I say so myself, I never thought about joy in terms of food. And so it was a challenge in the beginning for me to think about it that way. 


Then the genius in the lead and visionary behind the book series Sabine Matharu of Reach For Greatness fame… And the lead author of “Rise – In Pursuit of Empowerment.” Stepped in to help kick-start my creative juices.  (Please do go ahead and connect with her on facebook here). 


So, what is Joy – Recipes for Abundance about and Why should You Care? 


Well, dont all go running off at once to grab your copy yet... 😉 You have to get in line for the launch and I hope you will. Why?


Simply because, in this fruitful collection of stories, 25 inspiring, entrepreneurial women share our recipes for joy and abundance, through tales of overcoming, determination and gratitude.

This book is filled with such joyous journeys through valleys of such pain and mountains of exhilaration, you wont want to put it down. 😲💁‍♀️


From nutrition, travel and community, to spiritual practice, compassion and self-realization… We each reveal our unique recipes towards creating a joyful and abundant life and Thrive, available to each of us. 💪🙏


What is Joy - Recipes for Abundance About and Why should You Care? Click to Tweet


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When can you Get a Copy of Joy? 

Joy – Recipes for Abundance, will be published by Reach for Greatness L.t.d Like Soonest Feb 2020.  It is the second in a series of four books that will span 100 contributors.

Okay Jules, enough with the suspense; how do I get my hands on a copy….signed if possible? #TYVM

Well get in line buddy. To get your half price copy of Joy, and they are going to fly off that e-shelf! Simply CLICK HERE AND  start your Joyous Journey every blessed day.

Its going to be such a fun read if I say so myself…. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your copy of Joy-Recipes for Abundance Now, you missed the virtual Party…

JOY_Recipes For Abundance_ JulieSylKalungi


You didn’t think you needed a visa did ya? Simply click your phone on, join the event and Bob’s-your-uncle! 😉

Also, did you know the Joy offering gets the Matharu book series Author number to the half way mark of 50. If you count the 25 authors of the first in the series, the curtain raiser aptly named  “Rise“. 😍 

Joy offers inspiring, lived ideas for all women to awaken to joy.

Joy offers inspiring, lived ideas for all women to awaken to joy. Click to Tweet


Through these joyful narratives, you will discover how to:

  • Nourish your joy through the grips of adversity
  • Stir up opportunities for joy in the small, everyday-ness of life
  • Create a strong and lasting foundation to keep bringing more of it into your life
  • Share the sweet taste of joy with the world and those around you
  • Become inspired to create your own recipes for joyful abundance.

I bet you cannot wait to get your copy of this life changing and inspiring book and maybe even grab one for your bestie? 😍😍

In that case simply click banner above and you will be in with a chance to Pre-Order your copy now.

And see you on the pages of Joy- Recipes for Abundance.

Whether you’re struggling in a job you just about tolerate, or your dream is to travel the world with a location free source of income. Whether you are a corporate mama or a suited booted papa, you in sales, customer service, legal, medical, law enforcement etc. you will find a recipe that tugs at your heartstrings in this book. It is a must! 👌🏾👍


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So, are you as excited as I am to dive into abundant Joy and never let go?

I guarantee you not as much as I am!

So share your excitement in a comment below or contact us, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to Pin/Save this post and Share on Facebook

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See, Do, and Be more!

Julie Syl Kalungi


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  2. I love that you have included stories and insights. I am so excited for you and so happy that you have shared with the Blogger’s Pit Stop.

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