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JK Taylor of London Evienne Beauty Box Review - Products


An Unbiased JK Taylor Limited Edition Avienne Beauty Box Review

Hi, y’all welcome back to Pkjulesworld. It’s been a hot minute while we adjusted our business model and released some tasks and goals, to be honest.  And to kick off our return to the Lifestyle business even as the UK re-opens, we are sharing our unbiased JK Taylor Avienne Beauty Box review.

If you’re new here welcome, my name is Julie Syl and I love to care for my skin, like any other woman and mama of 30+ ;)

I wanted this review to publish pre-easter but the life of a mama huh… You know how it is. I also wanted to use the products for a month and give you a real user experience.


You may have seen beauty boxes before, or you’re just curious as to the efficacy of the Evienne Skincare range as well as the Avienne Toothpaste from the JK Taylor beauty products.

I absolutely love beauty boxes. I receive a GLOSSYBOX once every quarter. They usually cost £12 pounds and have all kinds of skincare goodies like EOS lip balm that tastes like vanilla ice cream, hand cream, pixie beauty products, clinique samples etc.

Those with clinique samples tend to be a little bit more in price, but no more than about £20.

You will find around 5 beauty products in beauty boxes. Some of them are travel sizes. Some of them are samples, but a lot of them are full size. In the Avienne Beauty box case, the contents are full size and all the products inside the box can be found on the jktaylor website as well.

JK Taylor Evienne Beauty Box Review


This box ships worldwide, but there are certain countries that they don’t ship to, I’d say personally to keep checking the website for the products that are available. 

Also, register on the website to get notifications and, if you’re, not already following Jojo K Taylor or me on all my social media sites, then please do if you want to get this box. Because these boxes sell out super super super fast.


Okay let’s get to the deets on the products in the Avienne Beauty Box


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Avienne Beauty Box Review – Are the Contents Worth it? 

Okay, let’s give you a sneak peek, come closer and listen… This was the most generous beauty box I’ve ever received since getting into beauty boxes 2 years ago. Its contents are also definitely way more than £20 as you’ll see in th price details.

The Avienne Beuty Box contains £80 worth of full-size products – NOT SAMPLES! Here are the content details: 


1. There is Vitamin E & Collagen Body Cream with fruits extracts. The tub is hugely generous at 700gm with super soft white cream that sinks into your skin and leaves it feeling nourished and loved on. You gotta rub it in softly for a bit especially your knees, Elbows and any areas that tend to be dry or seem to need that extra work to stay soft.

The tub will last you at least 2 months and your skin will thank you for it. Plus your skin does glow, bonus points! Retailing for £19.99 + shipping, it is worth the price point and your skin is worth it. 


2. The next product inside the box is Avienne Honey Soap. Let me tell you this soap lathers dang fast and leaves your face feeling like a baby’s bottom.

It also smells heavenly, like real fresh honey. I personally have very good skin, that said it does get the usual winter dry feel, and this soap has made my facial skin feel much more supple. 

When you take it out of the box, you don’t want to use it, it looks so good and smells oh so good, Just what you want your skin to smell before bedtime & morning.

I am a very picky woman when it comes to what I use on my face, and this disarmed me. I lather the soap on my face and rinse at night. In the morning I lather, then use my face brush.

It does leave my skin feeling clean and at £6.99 on the JKTaylor website it is worth it :) 


JK Taylor Evienne Beauty Box Review



3. Inside my beauty box was also Charcoal Salt Scrub all 700gms of pure velvet skin love.

Now, be advised that you should use this body scrub only once a month, that’s all you need.

It retails for £19.99 and will last you 6 months or more if you are a 10 -14 dress size. 

The scrub is actually black in colour, with essential oils, Dead Sea salts and it apparently removes dead skin and creates a new one…

My take on this is; it removes dead skin, allowing brand new skin to grow. When you use it, be sure to not wet your skin much and scrub from the feet working your way to your neck. Be sure to protect your eyes and be very gentle if you use it on your face. 


Your skin will feel super soft and smoother after 2 uses, esp. your legs skin. Take it from me, DO NOT shave your legs before using the scrub. 😆

JK Taylor Evienne Beauty Box Review - Body Scrub

4. I am a very easy woman to please when it comes to make-up. A bit of Lippy some black or blue eyeliner, or simply a lip balm and we are good to go. Roselyn Lips Repair came as a lovely surprise in the Evienne beauty box. It is green in colour and turns a different colour, based on your mood… Yep, you read right,  your lips will tell you your mood. 


Now to be honest, my lips seem to always show up a lovely light shade of pink when I wear it…Maybe I am too cool for school lol! My lips do tingle a bit on appication, that goes away almost immediately!

It retails at only £9.99, is lead-free, leaves my lips feeling moisturised and gives them a shine for hours. #Cherry ❤ 

5. And finally my favourite, the Avienne Toothpaste 

According to the package details, this is a Natural & Herbal Toothpaste. For someone with a sweet tooth and used to sweet-tasting toothpaste, Avienne toothpaste is an acquired taste. One I have come to acquire and get used to very fast because it leaves my mouth feeling so fresh and clean. 

While I don’t profess to have any oral odours (thank God), Avienne toothpaste has ensured I do not develop any. My mouth feels fresh all day long.

And here is the cherry… You use a rice grain size, it lathers pretty much like you placed a pea size, thus lasts for ages. This small tub of paste has lasted almost 2 months used by 4 people. 


I rest my case


At £20 apiece it may not be for everybody. That said, we get only one extra set of teeth after the age of 10 and must consider ourselves worthy of twenty bucks oral dental care. 

These products packaging look stunning, high end. Their fragrance is natural and even smells edible if I may say so.

Ditch the heavy-based and lead-based, fluoride-based products and try Evienne beauty products to help soften and maintain your skin and dental health & suppleness. And all the above are full-sized items/products.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of the products and if you found my Evienne Beauty box review useful.

I personally believe that this beauty box is worth £100.

That said, you can purchase any of the products alone or as a set for your self for £76. This is a fab box, Fantastic value isn’t it? We’ve seen so many subscription boxes over the last couple of years with mainly skincare.

But to get a beauty box that would cost you a total of £76 in singular products, and you can use them to create smooth, healthy skin and teeth, I think, is brilliant.

So I’m super happy with this box. I do think it’s really really great, but as always, we’d love to know your thoughts. What do you think of this box, or are you thinking about getting it for yourself? 

We’d love to know so please comment down below, I hope you enjoyed reading. If you did, please Go check out the JKTaylor Store and also subscribe to our YouTube Channel for lots more content lifestyle, digital stuff and social media fun. 


See, Do, and Be more!

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