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Is it safe to Fly during covid-19 while pregnant?

Coronavirus in Context: Is It Safe to Fly during COVID-19?

Travel Update During Coronavirus: How to avoid catching Covid-19 on a flight

Did you imagine you would still be wondering when your next international vacation or flight would be? You see, Air travel has certainly been hugely impacted by the Covid19 pandemic. As well as the Hospitality Industry and the unspoken small business owners up and down the globe. Yet, some people must travel as part of their day to day life begging the question: is it safe to fly during covid19? 

And for those who travel a lot for leisure, the question on everyone’s, mind?

Is it safe to get back on a plane

We investigated what Airlines are doing to ensure passenger safety During and Post Covid19… such a time will come soon, YES.  

The airlines have to clean the aircraft,  they have changed their boarding procedures, and even some of the infrastructure that’s been put in place in airports. This is all geared toward ensuring that people can travel safely and with confidence if they take the right precautions.

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And without further ado, let’s, share our findings on airline safety precautions.


How to avoid catching Covid-19 on a flight – Airline Precautions

The boarding procedure.

All airlines have installed glass shields at the boarding gates, separating the airline Crew members and passengers as they get ready to board the aircraft.

Also, it is our understanding that flight attendants are now handing out to passengers anti-bacterial wipes as they board the plane. These wipes can be used by passengers to wipe their hands and/or seats, tables, and armrests personally before they sit down. This is for peace of mind as well.  

When boarding, most airlines now start to board from the rear of the plane. Apparently, they don’t want people to have to walk past rows and rows of customers before they get to their seats.

By seating people at the back, they are trying to implement social distancing which is kind of difficult on a plane, to be honest. And the reason why we haven’t taken a flight yet, despite the bargain holidays to be had.

If you are new here, you might not know that I got Covid19 back in Spring. It was a horrendous experience I don’t wish to revisit. But you can read about the steps we took to recuperate and rebuild my immunity here


We know how physical distancing can be hard to implement on an aircraft. Despite what the airlines claim:

That the middle seat is kept unoccupied intentionally on most flights to try and maintain social distance between passengers.  

Truth be told, we have learnt from various travelers that flights are Packed full with No social distancing implemented inflight by most airlines. All seats are sold and occupied, the only protection for passengers is “A Face Mask.”

A friend flew into London from Uganda on a full flight and she paid the price. She got Covid. Fortunately, she is on the mend, thank goodness! 

Even if airlines implemented an unoccupied middle seat, you’re still within 6ft of other passengers. So, I guess that’s why they ensure that all passengers and flight attendants wear a mask throughout the flight.

Sadly with regular use of say the toilet facilities by passengers and touching taps, sinks, etc. The size of such facilities onboard aircraft, It’s a hard one to imagine passengers are protected from asymptomatic carriers of the virus…


Well, to minimize to-ing and fro-ing by attendants constantly serving passengers, you are given water and a snack bag at boarding.

At this point, allow me to share a great resource created by my friend Liz Franklin. This is book #3 of a series of books for children to help with dealing with Covid19,

I truly recommend you grab it for your children or young ones you know. 



Can you Catch Covid19 from airflow and air quality on the planes? Click to Tweet


Can you catch Covid19 from airflow and air quality on the planes?

Now, we have been wondering and I am sure you are too; isn’t the air on a flight circulated, and wouldn’t that mean germs are also circulated on a plane? How does the ventilation work on a plane? 

Apparently, there are HEPA = High-Efficiency Particulate Filters – air filters onboard aircraft. Especially newer aircraft, that screen out 99.97 % of air particulates.

These filters ensure that the air being circulated through the plane is completely recirculated.

Apparently, every 2-3 minutes you get a whole new air supply in the interior of the aircraft, very similar to what hospitals do. 

We understand that after every flight, the aircraft is cleaned and disinfected thoroughly. This is with anti-bacteria and anti-virus products, that are also kind to human health, for instance, Clorox.  

Airlines are also in a constant process of reviewing SOPs and processes to ensure the safety of passengers and staff.


Despite over 10 months with the world undergoing various levels of challenges with Covid19… Including whole nations locking down, there is still so much about coronavirus that we don’t know that makes us nervous to go on a flight.

Particularly after months of sheltering at home. So what we are trying to do is find empowering answers. 

And share them with you our audience so we can both get bolder and more confident about travel. 


What does air travel look like six months from now?

Since we have seen an unprecedented disruption in air travel, the physical distancing has definitely made it clear that out of sight makes the heart grow fonder in this case.

That people are ready to see fresh shores without masks and social distancing.

More so, we humans crave the human touch, the one or one conversation, the socializing. It is what makes us human and gives us a lot of confidence in the future of the travel industry. 

The thing is airlines have been hit hard by the lockdowns, and they need to make some money… Sadly they are not enforcing “physical distancing” onboard flights.

Meaning, people are sat right next to total strangers not in their bubble on a flight 1+ hours long. begging the question; Is it safe to fly during covid? 

YOU my friend, DECIDE. It is your life. You think about your state of immunity, your health, your loved ones, who will miss you the most who needs you alive. and above all…Are you happy to have a change of scenery whatever the cost? 


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  1. We’re in Australia and all international travel has been stopped since February. I doubt I’ll be getting on a plane anytime in the foreseeable future – and you couldn’t pay me to go on a cruise! I think our world is changing and there will be many people who choose to stay home and stay safe rather than risking a crowded plane to go on holidays. Maybe after the vaccine comes?

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